Friday, May 1, 2009

Part Three ~ photographer Carla Coulson

As someone famous always says " everybody has a story". I love these stories, women who make changes when life needs or wants to head into another direction, whether it be by pure serendipity as it was for Vicki Archer or by pure determination as it was for photographer Carla Coulson in 2000. She had a glamorous well-furnished city apartment, an established and successful ( non-photographic business), and a single girl's designer wardrobe......and then one lonely Christmas Eve in 2000, the turning point in her seemingly-perfect life came in the form of a gift ( I have to admit to loving this part). This single gift, a silver jewellery box (click here to read the story on her website) had Carla Coulson putting her life in storage, selling her business and boarding a plane from her chic life in Darlinghurst, Sydney to Italy with two suitcases and a second-hand Nikon.........her passport to a whole new journey. Passionate about learning photography, the 35-yr.old immersed herself in Florence, the food, the language, the people, photographing her personal journey as she went along for what sounds like the ride of her life. As a reviewer said of the award-winning book Italian Joy "we feel her gioia" (joy in Italian).

One of the charming images from Italian Joy ~ Carla Coulson

Along with photographing the stunning photography for A French Life, she has also done the drop-dead gorgeous and intensely-coloured images for My Amalfi Coast by Amanda Tabberer (who also has a good story to soon share).

A stunning montage of Carla Coulson's coastal staircase photographs seen in My Amalfi Coast.

Carla's second book Paris Tango (writing and photography) has a release date here in North America of June 25th (but can be pre-ordered at or ). The Paris-based writer and photographer aimed her lens directly into the heat of contempory Paris, the vibrant Marais neighborhood where she now resides, and behind the steamy stage at the Moulin Rouge. She interviews some of the high-design names in Paris, couture genius Francois Lesage, renowned florist Djordje Varda, lingerie high-priestess Chantal Thomass and architect Renzo Piano. Local and neighborly flavour comes from her salsa teacher, landlady and boulanger.

Fantastic image from her blog Carla Loves Photography

Last week, Carla's blog gave us a sneak peek of an upcoming magazine spread she just finished. Built in 1656, La Pergola became the stunning Florence location for a magazine spread Carla shot using naturally-filtered light.
Gorgeous talent don't you think!

"La la Loves You" Giveaway ~ Tonight's Post

While I zoomed in this week on inspiring women of style who I thought might inspire you as well, I will return to gift wrap blog status on Tuesday, remember Monday is my new weekly Gorgeous File post. Tonight I will announce the winner of my "La la Loves You" Gift Giveaway in a separate post. For those of you who commented and emailed your feedback, it was a most gracious thing to do and I thank you dearly. You have no idea how you helped me along, your input and suggestions were remarkably insightful and thought-provoking. If I can ever help you along in some way, please let me know.

Photo 1 and 4 from Carla Coulson/Photo 2 via Flickr/Photo 3 from Amanda Tabberer/Photo 5 and 6 from Carla Love Photography blog.


  1. Another beautiful and inspiring post Sande! You really never do cease to amaze me! :) I love the images and even more so the stories. It's so true, we all have a story. Understanding that makes you truly appreciate people and gain tolerance. Have a beautiful May Day and fete du muguet!! Much happiness and health to you!

  2. Stay gorgeous
    I love all you post
    X0X0 ^j^

  3. Not only is Carla amazingly talented, but she is the nicest, nicest person. I am so excited to see you feature her in a special way. Lovely post.

  4. Such an interesting post....and yes, we do all have a story and that is what makes blogging so wonderful. I find that when I take some extra time to read the blogs of my commentors - I find lovely smart creative youself.

    I follow Vicki and vice versa...but don't know Carla. And now I will take the time - Thank you

  5. Hi Sande,

    Am amazing post of an amazingly talented lady. I love stories about people that follow their dreams and passions. I have admired her work in Vicki's book, My French Life. I am equally in love with Italy as I am France and will definitely look for a copy of My Amalfi Coast.

    Have a lovely weeekend!
    Nola @ The Bloom Girls

  6. You have a gorgeous blog header.
    Nice style.

  7. Just a wonderful and enlightening post .. .
    I so enjoyed getting to know a bit more about
    that talented Carla!


  8. Salut, Sande,
    I'm just stopping in to show my mom your lovely blog! Have a great weekend!

  9. I love reading about people that follow their dreams, especially when it happens mid-life. What a fabulous photographer she is!!

  10. Fabulously talented Carla! I love the beauty she captures in her chosen corners of the world. Her work always leaves me feeling uplifted and inspired. Lovely post.

  11. I've stumbled upon your blog through a comment you've left on A 1000 Clapping Hands - I'd seen your name/photo on various comment boards in blogs I read and today with a little extra time on my hand I popped over and was immediately smitten. From your gorgeous blog banner to a series of interesting posts, you've intrigued me and I'll certainly be back time and time again to ponder your words.
    This post of all that were up on "current posts" was my favorite - indeed everyone has a story to tell and I can't wait to discover yours! Plus you've just added to my amazon order I'm placing this afternoon!

    Best Regards,


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