Friday, May 15, 2009

La La Giveaway Received

" La la Loves You Giveaway" winner Debra from Providence, Rhode Island would have received her gift by now. Here's an inside photo of the gift she was sent. In our shipping correspondence I found out she has a 5 year-old daughter, so I did up a petite surprise box for her as well. Mommy can't have all the fun! What are all those gift-wrapped goodies? The portfolio box included 9 items: A linen candle. A perfumed bath pouch. A perfumed box of Bath Fizzes. A Paris paperweight. A tube of Pencils imprinted with inspirational words. Paris File Folders. Boxed Paris Thank You Note cards. Black Crystal Key chain. Pink Silk Floral Ribbon Pen. Debra is having a virtual "la la" gift opening party on her blog, I'll post the link when she's ready.

The Petite Box included 4 items: A Paris Pink mini-notebook. A Eiffel Tower Eraser. Sweet Cream Lipsilk. A delicately-braided "Dream" bracelet. Being that it was late at night when I wrapped it, I forgot to take a shot of the completed gift box, but it was done in the fuchsia pink, aqua, and black as well. For customers, I always take an inside/outside photo to email after the order is shipped so they can see the actual gift they are sending. This came about because I was never comfortable ordering long-distance flowers, what did they really look like? Based on the order details, sometimes I make colour adjustments if requested (or if I think it would enhance the experience) so to send a photo just seems like the polite thing to do for customers. They get to share in the pleasure of their gift-giving experience, especially when it's out-of-town and they can't be there to give it directly.

Check in next week for Glamorous Monday and on Tuesday I will show you a Linen Fabric wrapped gift I did for a special Mother's Day gift. The customer said I should show you and my husband did as well! I'll show you the over-the-top version and then change it up to show you a few variations.

Both photos by Sande Chase ~ Oooh la la Cadeau


  1. Congratulations to the winner! I am so jealous...what a wonderful package she was sent. BTW, is Oprah paying attention?


  2. I think that you and I must be cousins.
    Is there a dna test that would wrap it all up?
    We would wrap so well together.
    (and wash down the drive too!)
    I thought I was the only one.....

  3. What a lovely idea - to take a photo of the gift. I never thought of that. When I packaged up my random acts of kindness gifts, I paid special attention to the wrapping (something I've never done) and used several of your bow tying ideas. Thanks again Sande for your daily dose of beauty and inspiration!

  4. This is absolutely gorgeous, Sande! I am amazed by your endless selection of gorgeous creations! Have a terrific weekend!

  5. Sande-I couldn't bring myself to open one of your gifts-the wrapping is so gorgeous.

  6. So very lovely indeed

  7. Well if she isn't the luckiest person around I don't know.

    Beautiful and thoughtful.

    Renee xoxo

  8. They are the lucky ones~~ You make it all so special bug or small~
    Have a good week-end Sande & Thanks you for your sweet wishes to me & mine!

  9. Wow is just such an impotent word, But that's all I could come up with. Your attention to detail is beyond anything I have seen and just so thoughtful. I cant wait to see the opening pics. Fortunate little girl. That will be more than she has ever dreamed I'm sure...........Beautifully done!

  10. What gorgeousness! The package is part of the lovely gift. You are amazing. I would love to see what sits under your Christmas tree.

  11. Hi Sande!

    What LUCKY winners! What a delightful box to open up...I just LOVE your attention to the little things! It is really ALL about the details! Ooooo….I would love to see their faces when they get these!

    May you have a nice weekend!
    ~Miss Kris~

  12. You know that receiving this beautiful package in the mail just made the mother and daughter's day! That was some give away! You went way over the top, as always! Taking photos of the gifts before sending them off really is a great idea for the buyer, but I like the fact that you get to SHARE the beautiful package as well! Have a great weekend, mon amie!

  13. A lovely gift for both Mommy and daughter!
    Happy Sunday!

  14. Hi truely was a wonderful package to receive....absolutley gorgeous. I do plan to post all about it but unfortunately I have had a sick little baby boy for the past few days so I have not had a chance until now to even get online. I will let you all know when I have my "opening party" on my blog so you can all see the beautiful details of Sandes amazing gift to us.
    Thank you Sande...I truly hope the advice I gave was worth the happiness your gift brought.
    Debra & Keeva

  15. You are the ultimate wrapper! You know they sure were happy when they opened that box of goodies. I bet they didn't even want to untie the ribbons and mess it up!


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