Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A $75,000.00 ride in the Park

Yes!!! You can actually order this La Belle au Bois Dormant Coach for your magnifique little Marie Antoinette! For $75,000.00..... but what's a few francs when little Marie needs a ride? Made by artisans for Virginia-based Post Tots, the solid cherry quarter panels are hand-tapered, beveled, and bent to create this desired shape. See the heart-shaped detail on the wheels? I just had to share this gorgeous extravagance when I found it on Sweetmama, the mama spinoff to Sweetspot ~ Canada's stylish fashion and city guide website. Have you ever!!!! Come on and take a peek inside........ Upholstered in pure silk, the interior is worthy of the most discriminating princess. Her well-trained eye won't find any flaws here. A fabric-tented ceiling, plump seat cushions, a fabric carpet, and yards of patissmentrie......oh my! Lots of room for well-attired doll friends.

Catch a light breeze sitting in the slightly shaded rear section. Don't forget her bouquet.

I couldn't help but think that stylish Amelia, the little blogger-in-training at A la Parisienne is entitled to this type of transport. She has quickly developed a love of all things French, how could she not? Mom Mandy created this gorgeous birthday hat for Amelia's 1st birthday a few weeks back, she's just ready and waiting for a lovely coach ride around the grounds of Versailles. Click here to see Amelia's Marie Antionette birthday party....I want one!

A princely frog to go along for the ride.

A pink quilted silk perch for the driver attendant.

The silk canopy is shaped to resemble flower petals.

She might be a little sleepy after her little Versailles jaunt, she'll need a princess-worthy bed
to promote sweet dreams. Guinevere's Four Post Bed & Bedding at Post Tots for $4,200.00.
A Canopy is available extra.

The Guinevere Crib version for $3,650.00 painted in an old world palette of antique blues and roses, with a touch of purple. The moulding-detailed crib be personalized with the child's name or favorite phrase.

The Palace Round Crib for $1,330.00. Adorable.
Her sweet little corset outfit... you can even buy that at Posh Tot too.

Top photo via Sweetmama.ca/All other photos from PoshTots.com


  1. Oh to live back in an era where this would have been "normal" for our sweet little ones! Ever feel like you were born in the wrong time period?? :)

    Thanks for sharing! Though I fear I'm past the point of ever being in the market for such items, they were incredible to see just the same! :)


  2. Oh my goodness! I have never seen anything quite like that! So gorgeous!

  3. Well look at all that sugar and spice, girl!
    My little girl is "Amelia" and she would love something sumptuous and posh like that carriage and the glass slippers to go with!

  4. Sande, Ohhh, my husband is going to hate that you have raised the bar for my next baby (I don't know when or IF another baby will happen!) I'm going to have to recreate one of those sumptuous baby beds! If I can't rent the coach, I'd settle for the pink silk tufted perch! And those flower petals for the awning! They covered every detail. Beautiful post. I can just see little Amelia, Mommy, and Daddy riding inside one of these coaches through gardens of Versailles!*Sigh*

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing that!

  6. Wow, Sande, this is so decadent! What a dream for a little princess. XO

  7. Ahhhh! I was strolling down my blogroll while eating my oatmeal and saw this picture and died! Sande this is gorgeous! What a beautiful ride. I think all us girls should rent it for us and sip on some lemonade. ;)

  8. Wow! I would feel like Cinderlla! You've got a great blog, I've added it to my blogroll, and thanks so much for commenting on mine!
    xo Katherine aka. Urban Flea :)

  9. Sande! What a fabulous post! I love Posh Tots. My sons bedding and lots of goodies are from there. They have some remarkable items. Thanks for sharing, those pictures are amazing! I want one! :) HAve a great week!

  10. This is THE Ride for the Adorable Amelia!

    In reality, it's beyond the beyond Wretched Excess ---- but, who cares about REALITY??


  11. Thank you for sharing in this fabulous post! What some Princess will have in the world, I'm sure!


  12. I would find so many reasons to object to such decadence and spoiling for little children if... oh, it's so pretty!!! I take it back! This is how I imagine Marie Antoinette as a child.

  13. Thanks so much for stopping by Chinoiserie Chic today. Your blog is stunning. I will be back daily!

  14. Oh My! This one is over the top Beautiful! Thanks for sharing this interior designed live-able art with us! Sande could you even imagine owning this? Of course when the princess's outgrow it we could always use it for an office~ ummmm...

  15. p.s.
    Thank you for my mentionable Thank you on your side bar!! You are so very welcome and so deserving~ It all came so easy to do for you. Thanks for being my inspiration to think of this.

  16. Congratulations Goddess! So well deserved SANDE!!! I had so much fun with it!!!

    What a fun POST! Posh has lots of Goodies for all those little Marie Antoinettes.

    ~Miss Kris~

  17. Hi Sande! i love Posh Tots! one of my favorite children home decor place. they always have the most exquisite items. i love the coach, beautiful! great post.

    God Bless,

  18. hi sande,
    what beautiful beautiful stuff! my daughter would have "needed" all of this when she was born, ha, she's now 21 and i showed her and she laughed and said "of course for my daughter!" lol... i'm a retired designer and picked up to be a social entrepreneur creating fully inclusive playgrounds around the u.s., i spoke to a group a few years back in ontario who wanted to put one together there, i hope it has happened for them! anyhow, i'm following you hoping to find more "fabulous" things in the design world!


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