Thursday, May 21, 2009

Linen On My Mind ..... again

When I buy roses, I head to Costgo where I can afford to buy masses of them if I have any kind of gathering.
I like to mass them, but also love it when they are used in a flat layered fashion. Just the heads, all lined up in a square flat container. There is a floral product that you add to water which turns to a gel, this is how the roses stand in position. I wanted to replicate that look with these paper roses (if you had them you would be using them alot too). They come in a package of 20 and literally come out of the bag this way. I slide them out and wire each row together and I have a square arrangement. I like the colour combination here with yellow striped cotton ribbon and these coral paper roses. I like it best on this taupe linen, but it would probably work on my matte black paper as well.

You can see the gel in the background holding the roses. I also used the same material and a low flat square container to do roses in a heart shape, but couldn't find the image. This was way before I knew how to store photos.

Give me a armful of roses and I will hunt down every container I have and fill them. This was for my neice's bridal shower a few years back and she loves pink and peach. It does make for a beautiful colour scheme. I must have used that criss-cross scotch tape method to hold this mass of roses. When it comes to roses, nothing is wasted, I also used all the excess petals across the table.

A simpler neutral version of the same idea.

There are the paper roses in green and some new organza roses I am trying out, they come in this green, a bronze, chocolate brown and black. They come with ribbon attached so you simply tie around a box. At $3.50 each they are certainly a more stylish gift wrap choice that a store-bought bow. But, that just seems too easy and I was inclined to try them in multiples and see if I liked them better that way.

I am not sure what I think about this, but I thought I would show you anyways. All you can do is think I have lost my gift-wrapping mind. I will keep experimenting. My issue is with the 6 ribbon tails, so I gathered and braided them so it would look like a bouquet stem and just let it trail down the front. Their assumption with these gift box toppers is that you will tie the ribbon to the bottom of the box. I never cared for a knot at the bottom of a box as it won't sit straight. Silly and overly-particular I know, but there must be a better way. This final presentation reminds me of something, but can't for the life of me find the words. Maybe it's just plain crazy?

All photos by Sande Chase ~ Oooh la la Cadeau


  1. Sande-Very French and very lovely. I like the green roses-quite unexpected and chic. You are always thinking!

  2. You & I would get along famously! My wrapping/packing room is full of all manner of tissues, wraps, ribbons, bit and pieces. And I absolutely adore it when I get to wrap things up for customers.

    If the six ribbon tails bother you on that last box, could you simply cut them off even before adhering the roses to the top of the box? Or perhaps cut the tails short with a "fishtail" end, arranging them on the box in a straight line with a very tailored look?

    What you've already done is beautiful, too, though! Reminds me of a wedding bouquet or "tussie mussie". Even keeping the braided finsih, you could alter that by shortening the braid so that it falls just to the edge of the lid and stops.

    Listen to if you even need on speck of "advice" -- see, I do love this business of wrapping, don't I?

    Beautiful work, friend!


  3. I am a rose junkie as well Sande. Today I have filled nearly every vase I could find with roses from my garden - they are slightly overblown but the scent is heavenly and will be lovely for the weekend. I love your packages with the small paper roses and the linen cloth - very pretty and I would love to receive one just like that. xv

  4. I love the look the neutral version, but I am always partial to cream, whites, browns & black. I also adore the look of the organza roses, their shimmer is beautiful.

  5. Sande, that Apple Green Package is to die for. I love how you tied that bow into a stem. You can help me pack if I can put my shoes in your packages! That is NOT plain crazy, it's brilliant!

    xoxo Noel

  6. tres chic! the last one reminds me of Rapunzel....
    I love to lose my mind over roses too....lots of them or just one is fine too.

  7. I agree with just keep the great ideas coming, Sande! I love your style and this effect with the roses is stunning!

  8. Sande,
    you do not cease to amaze me with your endless vision.
    Wow so pretty. I love the peach and pink and the top linen wrap just tops anything I have seen.

  9. Sooooo beautiful! I too am a costco devotee - but I don't think any of my projects have turned out like this! The green is especially pretty - you have such a gift.

  10. Just found your blog and it's lovely! I love roses too! In fact, I've requested my arrangements for my wedding next month to be almost entirely roses! They're so classic and beautiful!

  11. Those are so pretty I would never want to open them. The wrapping itself is a gift.


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