Monday, May 11, 2009

Gorgeous File- Turquoise on Monday

Vogue photographer Arthur Elgort captured the vintage mood right down to the well-manicured canine companion with his highly-civilized owner. Taken in 1999 at the Patisserie Cadorin in Paris. Image via Conde Nast.

Just a glimpse of a silk strap..... The Strap ~ an image by Jane Heller at Etsy. She loves to photograph the small, unnoticed details of life with a dreamy quality and grainy blur. Not so unnoticed at all.

I love the look of a chunky necklace with an open shirt collar, when it sparkles even better. And I love the delicate hint of colour in this JANIS necklace by Janis Savitt, it would go with everything.

Of course I can't wear it category, but isn't this Tulip Dress dreamy with these funky coloured eyeglasses. Silk Fabric Petals layer in a dreamy Robin's Egg Blue by Sarah Seven at Etsy.

Look how these patterns work together, who would have quessed? And keeping that shameless look of well-worn upholstery on the head and footboard, it's so glamorously shabby chic. Photo by Polly Wreford.

Dogwood photograph by Kristy Bee at Etsy

This Carmen Marc dress and that Janis Savitt necklace shown above?
Perfectly glamorous.

Jay Strongwater designs always capture my attention and this Krya compact is one of the loveliest I've seen. I'd be checking the lipstick every chance I got, yes.... in public! A perfect and personal gift for a wedding attendant or the bride. Much better than a cakeplate.
Ghost Story photo by Jacqleen Bleu at Etsy.

More petals, this time by Valentino. Wouldn't this Petal Dome Bag look great with
the pool-lounging outfit below? It even looks wet.

This photo makes me smile and want to buy pool toys, great big fun ones.
And I don't even have a pool. Photo by Emily McGregor (no source found).

Working beads from Amy Butler Studios.

If someone gave me this aqua leather Symthson sewing kit, I would learn to stitch properly once and for all. I borrowed this sewing kit from Stylecourt who had it on her blog last week. So tidy and gorgeous, I just couldn't resist.

I love it when dogs turn their head and look at you like this way.
This bulldog looks positively glam sitting in this well-appointed entry
from Domino Mag Files at Flickr.

I was never too fond of verdigras as I thought the faux application got so overdone way too quickly and in all the wrong places, but I would change my tune pretty fast if I got my hands on these gorgeous sconces. And look at that stone tub (comfy?) so gorgeous and perfect in this distressed setting by New Orleans designer Ann Dupuy of Holden & Dupuy (via Southern Accents). I take my verdigras-bias back but only because this talented designer has done it perfectly.

Everybody can have a piece of John Derian these days, a limited collection of his tray designs are available
in melamine at Target. The Paris Crystal Dome paperweight is the real thing that collectors covet. $60.oo on his website.

Though there is obviously a photographic colour adjustment here, I love my hostas even if they aren't this turquoise colour. It also reminds me they are well-overdue for a splitting as they got too big last year. When this road construction is over I plan to add other hosta varieties and get my garden splendor back. Photo by Lisa Cohen.


  1. I love your Monday posts. Gorgeous glamour is such a beautiful way to begin the week!

  2. Stay Gorgeous
    Love those pictures
    Love Turquoise
    Love Jeanne

  3. This is one of my favorite colors, Sande. As usual, you have put together a collection of beautiful things your eye! Thanks for the very sweet comment and have a great day!

  4. yet another beautiful post! each image is wonderful.

    i actually have a janis savitt necklace and it always gets compliments - my favorite piece!


  5. Oooo Sande!

    What LOVELY images! Each and EVERYONE...not sure if I ever could pick out a favourite. Such a soft and pretty colour...I LOVE IT!!!

    ~Miss Kris~

  6. Turquoise - gorgeous as ever Sande, xv.

  7. I found you through FrenchBlue ... so glad I did ! Just lovely !!! Lisa

  8. My favorite pool toy, as a child, was a giant inflatable Swan: I haven't thought of it in
    at least 40 years!

  9. Oh, what a lovely collection - so soothing and civilized!
    If you really want a J.Savitt necklace, I know her and can find out for you! She is amazingly chic and has stunning things!

  10. Sande,
    Congratulations for being the unveiled lady at French Blue! You are indeed amazing! This post is drop dead GORGEOUS. I just love the image of the white room with the turquoise headboard. I have a little surprise for you on my upcoming post over Amelia's birthday party! It's right up your alley!

  11. Sande,
    It's all Breathtaking! Love it every bit! These colors get me going...that patisserie in Paris and green ghost building... I say we should go there now to celebrate the very wonderful YOU today!

  12. Regarding the first photo, the bakery shot by Arthur Elgort, that's EXACTLY what I look like each morning at the boulangerie!! Amazing!

  13. Gorgeous images Sande! I love the swan in the pool and also love John D. New Paris France dish. Congrats on your Goddess award~ You well deserve it!!

    xoxo Noel

  14. I LOVE this post... beautiful color!
    FUN to find out you were the mystery woman on French Blue!
    ENJOY your week!

  15. Hi Sande! well we have yet another absolutely, outrageously, beautiful post! i love every single image. you know turquoise is one of my favorite colors. you have such great style and taste. i love that chunky necklace too, beautiful. i just saw a post about your beautiful creations on the lovely Noel's blog. i'm beginning to see a lot of your creations around in blog land. keep inspiring! oh, yes my Mother's Day was fabulous! how was yours? talk to you soon.

    God Bless,

  16. thank you Sande for your sweet comments about me on Noel's blog! i just read them. you are so kind and i am very happy that you are my friend. i really appreciate kind people like you. you are such an inspiration to me. you inspire me with your beautiful creations and great style. thank you!

    God Bless,

  17. The chunky rhinestone necklace... fabulous. Strongwater, every woman should have a few pieces. Then, my favorite bag of all time... the Valentino. The ghost turquoise building. Are you serious? Then, you hit me with the bath. Geez... You are a Goddess!

  18. Such a softly beautiful collection of images -- adore the first one especially.


Your comments are such a lovely addition to my day. Thank you.


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