Thursday, May 14, 2009

Red...and more red

This is the outdoor vibe I will be going for next year. It wasn't until I saw this photo from Domino that I realized I would want some red accents in my outdoor space and that wasn't what I was thinking at all! As a designer, I believe in pre-planning colour schemes so it is good to get this scheme in order for next year. I can take advantage of some end-of-season sales and not react to a seasonal whim. I also like to see some continuity when going from inside to outside, not precisely, I like to allow for nature. I change up our planter colours every year, some years it's pink, some years all-white, one year yellow and purple, but the exterior my house seems to sparkle a bit more the years I use red, or perhaps it is what draws my eye. I do have a Chinese red dining room so there is an existing passion for this vibrant accent. There I go.....decision made! This also made me want to wrap, thank heavens......I really got off-track on this gift wrapping blog this week.

In talking about gardens this week (or lack of as we all know by now), I went digging through wallpaper sample books and found these quaint papers that were reminiscent of Victorian wallpapers. Here was the opportunity to use some of my favorite check-pattern ribbons as they seem to fit the cheery mood of these gifts. I used a few of my butterfly stickers, one on the front gift and one on the black-wrapped one, both used over the ribbon. Just gives the presentation an added dimension.

The bottom gift shows that colour matching paper to ribbon doesn't have to be precise and exact science. There is no exact red in the paper, but somehow the vibrant red velvet ribbon works even with the more subdued flower tones. And you might not think a black-ivory check would work, but I find check ribbon go with just about anything. This gorgeous vibrant blue scalloped gift tag with a bird image comes in a assorted set of 36 cards. Handy to dress up your last minute gift presentations. They will be on the Wrap Room section of my website coming very soon.

I've turned this yellow wrapped gift on it's side to show you that ribbon doesn't always have to be tied in the same direction. I didn't want to cover the limited floral pattern (and my wallpaper sample sheets are not very big) so I simply went around the edge and tied the bow at the top. I did secure with small pieces of double-sided ribbon so it won't slide off, even I can't tie that tight! Here is another style of the gift tags, they come in different shapes and colours. This larger chartreuse bird tag could carry a gift wrapped in simple black paper. Hold on ......I'll just go do one real quick to show you what I mean.

Saddlestitch ribbons are one of the least expensive ribbons and one of the most effective. The small stitch detail goes a long way in making a gift look finished. And one bow is always better than two, at least around here. There's my favorite matte black paper, also very reasonably priced. In other words, there just isn't any excuse for a poorly-wrapped present. It's no different than home design, think it through and think ahead when buying gift wrap supplies. Be prepared. Don't worry, I am not going to lecture and leave you empty-handed. It's all on it's way.
Top image via Domino Mag Files at Flickr/All other images by Sande Chase ~ Oooh la la Cadeau


  1. I love red too! It is such a vibrant and happy colour. Thank you for the gift wrap suggestions. My gifts are looking better and better, thanks to you!

  2. so pretty! those wrappings look amazing!

  3. I am gravitating towards red in the garden this year as well. I even did a post on red accents in the garden recently. The gift wrap as always is sublime.

  4. I love your blog, I love your style. I have a florist in Texas and I too carry the Cavallini line. Your boxed arrangements inspire me. Have a great day, Heidi

  5. Oh, now this is scary, my red post is all ready for friday!
    Funny when we find our thoughts align on the blogosphere.

  6. Loving the red too! It adds such depth! You are the one that can make it look just right.

  7. The outdoor color scheme you picked is beautiful - that shade of blue red always reminds me of wild cabbage roses - nothing is brighter or more beautiful than those.
    The black wrapping paper is great! I was expecting it to look a little somber, but it's anything but!

  8. Red sounds like a must! I am longing for some red too. Love the gingham & saddlestitch ribbons. The packages as always are stupendous!

  9. LOVELY wrapping as always... LOVE that outdoor living room... I painted it long ago... see it here...

  10. Yummy yum yum! I hadn't seen that Domino photo, they always nailed it didn't they? And your wrapping is exquisite as always!

  11. Sande, I am in awe every time I look at your packages! I love how you tie the ribbons off to the side and that butterfly sticker! Oh my!! I want to see pictures of you Chinese dining room now!

    xoxo Noel

  12. I am just thrilled by your blog! It's so beautiful and informative. That's a tough combination to attain. Thank you for sharing your obvious experience and eye for beauty.

  13. Sande!!! You are the so talented at finding inspiration from beautiful images and transferring that beauty to wrapping gifts. And I can't wait to see your wrapping paper, ribbons, embellishments, and tags in your store! (I think that you will have MUCH success with this:)That chartreuse bird needs to fly south and land in my pretty paper drawer! Oooh la la love it!

  14. Ok seriously this is an amazing picture. I would give anything to gift wrap like that. I stick to gift bags because I am so awful at gift wrapping.

  15. what a lovely site you have! Such wonderful ideas for packaging...
    it's very nice to meet you!


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