Friday, May 29, 2009

Hermes ReGift ~ No. 1 and 2

I find it fascinating that gift boxes can become so iconic. Hermes Orange, Tiffany Blue, Kate Spade Green. As you know I have this little series going where I re-gift store boxes as I think they should pass along and be enjoyed for what they are, something in which to put a special gift. So when my friend passed along her little Hermes box I wondered if I should even the iconic box category, they are at the top of the box status as we all know. Then I I crazy? Of course I going to try and have a fun little time doing so. I admire refinement and understatement a great deal, but I love ribbon and the art of gift wrapping even more! And I absolutely love orange.

I think I have only used this orange striped ribbon once, but boy did it call out to me when I went hunting for the ribbon of choice for my Hermes re-gift project. The double face satin was the perfect colour, not an exact match, but a luscious pumpkin variation with the Hermes orange. I couldn't resist a length of the striped ribbon around the round base of this petite box. It happened to be the perfect width and seemed to balance the voluminous over-the-top presentation I would try first.

Why use one crystal heart when you can use two? That these had an orange tint was only a bonus. You could use silver or gold charms, anything sparkly and pretty. Just attach to a finer ribbon and tie tightly so they sit up all perky and don't get lost in the ribbon.

When leaning twoards a simpler, more casual presentation, I always go for my cotton striped ribbon. I have this ribbon in about 8 colours and love the crisp bow tie and visual appeal. There are only so many ways to cover a logo so I do need to rely on my favorite Paris stickers. I simply loop the ribbon and on goes the oval sticker. You really can do a gift this simple with the right ribbon. A fresh sprig of rosemary or lavender at the top (on the ribbon) would be lovely and if I hadn't just used my rosemary today when roasting our chicken dinner I could have shown you. Sorry about that, but I can do a sample of this idea next week.

Another sticker, another way to use these bronze crystal hearts. I was trying to get them up towards the top, but then figured they might be pretty just dangling in the front. This thin red and orange duplex ribbon would also look great on red or black gift wrap. I just have this sticker taped down (to allow more experimenting) so the edges would be neater when affixed properly.

Interesting that Hermes has two slots in the base bottom, these slots can be used two ways and keep in mind you could do this to any good-quality box. I suspect they are using these (and sadly I have never received a Hermes gift so I'm not sure) to enhance the inner presentation. If you are really, really into gift presentation, an inside ribbon securing pleated tissue is the height of gift wrapping technique and sophistication. Ribbon looping through these slots would reverse depending on whether you want your ribbon inside or outside. Getting ribbon to tie around a round box is a slippery task, so these slots could help you to secure it. Some hatboxes come with side grommets, but I think this Hermes position might be a more discreet way. Just take an exacto knife and carefully make two neat slots. There is another Hermes variation I want to try, something a little bolder and colourful, so I will post when it all comes together. And I certainly know I shouldn't talk about inside presentation, pleated tissue and ribbon, without showing you a good how-to, so that will follow as well.

All Photos by Sande Chase ~ Oooh la la Cadeau


  1. I adore the detail in your work. Beautiful.

  2. Just beautiful! I love the first version best because as far as I'm concerned more is NEVER too much. I am new to your blog but I am SO enjoying it! Thank you for a lovely post.

  3. Sande-You are so topical with everyone showing orange in fashion and interior design. I have never gravitated toward orange, and now I love it. You have done a stunning job-I especially like the one with the striped ribbon and Paris sticker. So chic and sophisticated!

  4. Orange ya glad you showed us this one? Truly stunning!
    I think I would have a hard time giving them away- wrapped so special!

  5. I was really looking forward to seeing what you would create with the Hermes's beautiful, just perfect!
    Simone :)

  6. You never cease to amaze me! Just gorgeous!

  7. Sande,
    LOVE this HERMES presentation you did!! You always amaze me! I wish I weren't so greedy with my boxes... I would use them for presents too but I can't part with them..Noel told me to frame them for my studio wall...what do you think?(Laduree, Hermes& Chanel)
    Have a great week-end!

  8. I love the striped orange ribbon - a truly stunning ensemble!

  9. How brave you are ... . to take on the iconic
    Hermes Orange.
    It's status seems to make it untouchable -
    but, you've done it PERFECTLY!


  10. I also adore the striped ribbon ! Did you and Lynn at Paris Hotel Boutique coordinate your postings today ? So delicious as always ... Merci ! Lisa

  11. So beautiful it stirs my heart!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. Box redo # 1...exquisite & plush, better than their presentation.
    As simple a I can adore some things in life...a box with gorgeous ribbons in all widths & textures is heaven!!!
    Have a lovely weekend.

  13. Hi Sande! Wow! only you could make this iconic ox even more fabulous!!! Wonderful post. I am very excited at the prospect of learning more about the inside presentation as well! :) You're amazing! Have a wonderful weekend


  14. I love that you have dedicated yourself to the art of gift wrapping. They are all so creative and beautiful. It's always these little details in life that mean so much. I get lazy sometimes, but when I feel that way I'll just pop into your blog and shame myself into beautiful packaging.

  15. Lovely, lovely blog!
    And there's nothing like Hermes orange!

  16. WOW! (And your blog header is fabulous!!)

    m ^..^

  17. Now I just need to find a rich friend to get me something from Hermes so I can have the box...

    Also, this is totally random but I saw you commented on the post about wire dress forms on the Style Redux blog and you said you had a tiny one. I'm actually looking for two small wire dress forms at the moment and I was wondering where you got yours.

  18. Orange, orange, nothing rhymes with orange... who cares when it comes packaged like this! Simply smashing!

  19. To French Blue ~ I think boxes would be gorgeous framed, just wonder if that means you would just frame the lids then so they aren't too deep. I brought back a ton of business cards from Paris and always intended to frame them. If you do this, please share Janet! Would love to see this.

    To Katy ~ The wire dress forms were brought by my friend as she had them for awhile so not sure where. But I can keep you posted as I research a bit. I do want to do this beribboned dress form so wish me luck in finding and sharing it.

    Orange in another version on this Monday's Glam post. Lots of it!

    Thank you for all your lovely comments. I will keep playing with the Hermes regift.

  20. Such gorgeousness Sande...and those crystal hearts...Wonderful! Hope you have a lovely weekend, much love: Evi

  21. OK - seriously.. love this blog.. Once upon a time, I had a little more time in my life and used to gift wrap pretty much everything.and I was good..but it didn't come close to looking as stunning as some of things i have seen here..

    Glue gun, here i come !!

    So glad I found you on VT interiors.


  22. Good morning Sande:

    Someone should be getting there gift soon. So exciting.

    I haven't seen it wrapped yet, did you get my email address okay.

    Love Renee xoxoxo

  23. God this is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your great tips! Sande, can you email me directly cause I'm trying to send you a note and it's being rejected. xoc

  24. You're quite right about what the slots are for - Hermes does things so well. I love the box with paper tag on top - it takes full advantage of the shape of the box.

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