Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mini Thoughts...all tied up

Pink and Brown Mini Books tied with Hand-dyed Silk Ribbon.
An Etsy find ~ 3 books for $14.00 US
Write a poem. Draw a picture. Send a letter. Announce a celebration.
Or hide surprise someone.

I happened across these at a little Etsy shop called Little Put Books and just love this idea. I would use it as a greeting card gift that would fold out to all the all the reasons you love, like, or admire that person. No excuses that you didn't have the budget for a gift, this could be the gift, one they can keep beautifully tied and open whenever they want to be reminded how special they are to you. Wouldn't this be a wonderful Mother's Day gift? Or as a thank you to that friend who always helps you out? If you are worried about your handwriting (and I wouldn't be, it will make it all the more special) you can do a cut-and-paste too. It appears there are 14 accordion pleats so 12 lovely thoughts, leaving 1 top line for their names and 1 bottom line for yours. A package of 5 assorted mini notebooks is $20.00, that's a lot of positivity to send some one's way. It would also be fabulous used as a wedding card......list 12 reasons why the newlyweds are perfect for each other.


1. Because your kids will be gorgeous.

2. Because you always look for each other in a crowd.

3. Because you hold hands when crossing the street.

4. Because you both talk about each other way too much.

5. Because we can't picture you with anyone else.

6. Because you finish each other's sentences.

7. Because you tease each other so lovingly.

8. Because you love both your families.

9. Because you work at your relationship.

10. Because you know the value of humour.

11. Because you know the meaning of romance.

12. Because you make us all want to be in love.

Look how pretty this Cherry Blossom series is when all folded and tied up. Gorgeous colours and patterns.....gorgeous thoughts.

All photos from Little Put Shop at Etsy


  1. What delectable colors and pretty ribbons. I love these sorts of things -
    like the song "The 12 days of Christmas" - I feel like swan a swimming
    in those books!

  2. What a BEAUTIFUL find Sande! I am loving all the pretty colours! What a FAB idea also!

    ~Miss Kris~

  3. Sande,
    Oh how cute these are! They look like little perfect presents! AND you can make a pretty paper fan package topper for those newlyweds~
    come over see my contest when you have a minute~

  4. I LOVE this. Was just trying to think what on earth to get my boyfriend for his birthday and this is most definitely it!

  5. I absolutely love this idea, Sande. What a perfect and gorgeous gift. Brilliant!

  6. Such a great and lovely gift idea!


  7. You could do a sensational love note in one of these little books, a few words teasing each line!!

  8. Charming! Love the colours and patterns.


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