Friday, November 4, 2011

Getting ready...............for Holiday Gift Wrapping

Remember the recent post when I told you about my talented blogger friend Lala from My Castle in Spain here? We share a love of presentation and when I saw her sweet home made gift cards I thought it fit in well where I am heading with my holiday wrapping this season. As you will see in the weeks heading towards our biggest gift wrapping day of them all, I will be mostly using natural kraft paper and black gloss gift wrap. Keeping the paper base simpler and more economical but more personal with easy and fabulous embellishmentsToday's post is just a glimpse of the ideas I will share in the weeks ahead. 

I love my bows as you know. Any size, any fabric, anyway at all and I think I could actually use these to wrap a large gift or knit little mini ones. But what I am really liking this year is a neutral gift wrap palette and I am going to experiment with embellishments and bows of a different nature as well. Two years ago I tried mini ornaments strung into a ribbon nest and will look to expand that idea this year into a more vibrant direction.

Aren't these the sweetest felt bows? Let's see how I can fashion these for the girls and women and a bow tie version for the men this year. We can all do this and I will show you how to make this humble bow a gift wrap favorite. 

There will be an affordable abundance of glittery and sparkly baubles for the holidays so this is the time to start stocking up. When used with strips of torn silk which is a truly glamorous way to wrap a gift. I have rolls and rolls of it from my designer days and love the wider "tear' for a voluminous and elegant bow. You can often find a few yards of silk fabric marked down at your fabric store. Grab a few yards now if you like this idea. My drapery seamstress is going to refresh me on how to "tear' fabric into yards of gorgeous ribbon and I will pass it along.

Here is the same idea with a narrower version of torn fabric. Pick a silk fabric colour of your choice and go with it. I will show you many ways in the coming weeks to glorify simple gift wrap with lots of style and sparkle. I did say sparkle didn't I? I will be using a bit of glue and metallic glitter this year too so I can embellish my neutral papers with some artsy flair. One of the best ways to de-stress the gift wrapping part of the holidays is being prepared.................let's get ready. I have lots of gift wrap ideas this year. From the looks of it, a holiday gift wrap party and you are all invited to wrap along with me.

Next week will be busy here at A Gift Wrapped Life. I will have some wonderful news to share and will also be introducing the first contributor in the new Gifted Giving series. She is talented, gorgeous, and stylish and I love her "favorite gift" and it's personal meaning to her. I think you will too. 

A warm and thankful welcome to new followers. 

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  1. Love the knitted/crocheted scarf...Share the pattern?

  2. Sande,

    Looking forward to all the lessons you'll be sharing with us. Thanks!


  3. Love all these ideas! I also use a lot of torn (and stamped or sewn) fabric "ribbons" and find it gives a lovely "rustic" feel to any wrapping. Have a lovely weekend xo

  4. I do love the natural approach to gift wrapping. Can't wait to see what you do. Lala's tags are so perfect on those knits! Happy wrapping, Sande.
    Catherine xx

  5. Sande,
    I look forward to reading your holiday gift wrap series.
    It looks like you and I have a current appreciation for the same accent color-You will have to read my next post to see!

    On a gift wrapping note, I found a GORGEOUS interior decorating fabric and bought a long strip of it to wrap around gifts. Little did I know that the fabric was over $50 a yard, so my little strip turned out to be quite an expensive "experiment," and I still do not have the best paper to match it...I guess that gives me an excuse to shop for more paper, right?!


  6. Sandi, I am looking so forward to your wonderful Holiday post. I too am looking forward to gift wrapping and always need new ideas!! Can't wait, Kathysue

  7. Hi Sande,
    what an honor to have my gift tags featured on your fabulous blog! Thank you so much ! I've got to make some cake packaging this week end and i love this mixture of torn and glitter..And yes, kraft is always good!
    Have a great super creative week end!

  8. Oh Sande,
    What wonderful ideas for the coming season. I love Christmas and wrapping my sister is the same. I have already bought ribbons but not paper yet. I love the idea of the torn fabric too. Looking forward to more of your Christmas ideas. XXXX

  9. Oh, this puts me in the Christmas spirit, Sande!
    So beautiful. Love the scarves tied into a bow.
    As always, your work is amazing. Can't wait for the wraps.

  10. Such pretty lovely things here! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us. Have a great weekend!

  11. l'm really looking forward to our ' gift wrapping ' classes. l really love your creative, gorgeous wrap ideas !

  12. Fabulous, as ever...

    Jo xx
    Eliza Interiors & Design

  13. I love your bows, all sorts and sizes. I have the Kraft paper so I'm ready to go!!

    Looking forward to your news and new series too.
    hugs to you my friend

  14. I like the torn ribbon and used to stamp on it. Soft linen I think is my favorite. I didn't fare well with silk it seemed hard to tear maybe, I was going against the nap/grain.

  15. I always love all of your creative wrapping ideas. Can't wait for more and your wonderful news - whatever could it be?! Not to mention your latest contributor - lots to look forward to!

  16. Did you knit those bows? I am in the middle of knitting projects now and would love to do the scarf. Of course everything you do is FAB!


  17. Greetings Sande - I am always and forever amazed how you never run out of ideas, FAB ideas. I too am among the numbers of us that look forward to all you have to share with us for this holidays gift wrapping techniques. I adore the felt bows!!

    Hoping your weekend was a terrific one and looking forward to your wonderful news too!

    xx Deb

  18. Love the bows and all the inspirations, Sande. I want to take some time to look at your Pinterest boards.

  19. I LOVE your blog. Looking forward to getting inspired here! ... those felt bows are just adorable.

  20. I cannot wait to hear more, Sande! Lovely inspiration—I am definitely bookmarking :)

    Hope you are having a wonderful new week...


  21. This is just what I need
    right now to get inspired
    and light a fire underneath
    my procrastinating self to
    get going! I just received
    three brooches that I
    ordered from a friend's
    easy shop, today, for adding
    to packages. I love sparkle,
    too, and YOU are just the
    person to show us how to
    do it with style. Thanks,

    xx Suzanne

  22. I can't wait to see your gift wrap brilliance for the holidays Sande.....Chat next week?? xv

  23. You are so creative and gifted yourself! Thank you for sharing your talents with us!

  24. YOU have FAB ideas... j'adore bows!!!

  25. This post is getting my mind racing for holiday wrapping...can't wait! Hadn't thought of the felt idea, but so cute!
    Those lovely sweaters make me want to slide into one and curl up with a cup of hot tea, a shortbread cookie and my Sweetie for a romantic evening in front of the fire...
    --Lee Ann


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