Tuesday, November 1, 2011

By Invitation...............look inside my dream

When I was asked to participate in By Invitation, an international group of women bloggers who post on a common subject each month, I was more than intrigued by the subject this month. 

"Let's name the thing/person/place we've always wanted to experience, but haven't. Dream that money is no object. Tell the world what you've always wanted to do or wish you could do, but just haven't done it yet." 

Now, I know that I wasn't being asked what I am dreaming about when I am fast asleep but in my case my rem-stage dreams really do fit in with my real day-today "dream", the kind I would need to be fully awake to enjoy. At the risk of sounding like I ingested way too much cold sryrup one night let me ask you this strange question "have you ever flown over your neighborhood in your dreams?" The kind where you can see your neighbors houses from above, where you can feel a soft breeze as you effortlessly fly? The first time I had this exhilarating dream I was totally freaked out and wisely kept it to myself. The second time I actually began asking other people "have you ever had a dream where you actually fly?. Since then I have kept my weird dreams to myself and am patiently waiting for the next one.........because it really is one heck of a interactive dream and I wouldn't mind another. Apparently I am not alone and you can read about "lucid" dreams here that's a relief. I find dreams to be an fascinating subject, so fascinating that I read this article about dream groups here, the latest group trend to compete with book clubs for the most interesting conversations. The informal group looks closely at what your dreams are telling you and then you get to discuss it with other dreamers in the hopes of interpetation. This might be a safer place to ask about flying dreams because I am darn sure there are weirder ones than mine, or at least I hope there are. Regardless of whether I ever get to "fly" again in my dreams, it did tie in well with what my real dream would be.............to hot air balloon in France. See all those castles from way on up. Perhaps those lucid dreams weren't telling me I was weird, just that I need a vacation, a really good one.

If this colourful up, up, and away experience sounds like something to add to the your bucket list, you can start planning it here..............See you way up there. 

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  1. Haha, you're not the only one who dreams about flying (unaided of course) and seeing the neighbourhood... That first picture is so nice and I can see why it would be something to add that to a bucket list. Yes, one day I'd like to fly in a hot air balloon... Love from London xo

  2. Oh Sande,
    What a great 'By Invitation' post. I have never had that flying dream but, I desperately want to now !!
    I have been in a hot air balloon and it was wonderful. The most glorious golden light, champagne and silence, only broken by the hiss, now and again, of the rush of hot air. A great experience and one that everyone should do. XXXX

  3. OMG, Sande...can you believe it? We both posting about dreaming of hot air balloon rides over the Loire Valley !! What a brilliant and beautiful mind you have, ladybug, now I really really really LOVE you. Come over and link up at the bottom of my post. So happy you're "IN" our group.

  4. I have definitely had that flying dream - you are not alone!! And what a marvelous in real life trip the hot air balloon ride would be!!! Just beautiful!

  5. Dear Sande,
    What a BEAUTIUFL dream you have! It would be heaven on earth for sure:)
    You have sent a magical and Sweet Dream today for us all! Merci Beaucoup moi aime!

  6. Let's fly away Sande.....I'm game if you are....Let's start dreaming....xv

  7. I have had that dream a few times--the feeling was always so peaceful, never frightening to be up so high above. That feeling would stay with me after I woke up too which is lovely. I also have several imaginary "neighborhoods" that show up from time to time in my dreams--another form of decorating perhaps?

  8. You're a much braver girl than I. I do have flying dreams, though...where I am just skimming over the surface...more like swimming in the air than flying, really. I need to check out some dream interpretations on that one! Hope your dream comes true, Sande.

  9. Sande,

    While it's been years since I've soared over beautiful places in my dreams just by leaping up and floating away, I still hold those dreams as the most exhilirating I've ever experienced. I'm sure there is a scientific physchoanalysis for this type of dream-but, to me, they give us a glimpse of something we have never known, yet yearn to experience.
    Aaron and I actually hot air ballooned over Napa Valley on our honeymoon- and it was magical...However, the Loire Valley is so full of history and so romantic; it would make any woman's heart pitter patter...Here's to floating over the Loire!


  10. Just simply beautiful!

    To fly - to see the world from above - also one of my dreams!


  11. Ah... to spend life looking down as this beautiful world. This is food for thought. I think I would love to take my own balloon ride, Sande.
    Thank you for sharing.

  12. I have never had that dream...but it sounds very intriguing. Many days I would like to "fly away". Lovely post. Mona

  13. Up, Up, and Awaaaaay...Nooooo waaaayyyy unless I drink a bottle of champagne first! I'm a scaredy cat when it comes to heights. You know what I would really love? To lock myself in your wrap room, with you of course dear...and champagne would be nice too!
    xoxoxoxo Lisa

  14. I have to say, I am a
    bit envious at such a
    marvelous night-time
    dream! Wow! I truly
    hope you are able to
    turn it into a dream-
    come-true as I can't
    imagine anything much
    more fantastic! Fun
    Post, Sande!

    Happy November,
    xx Suzanne

  15. I'll go up with you....may be slightly hysterical, but I'm game!

    Love it Sande,

  16. Absolutely magical - I am sure your dream will come true


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