Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A favorite blogger...............wraps simply and beautifully

I have always loved how Gigi of The Magpie's Fancy  turns her words into something that gives me pause, how she sees everything around her at home in Portland, Maine.....the day-to-day wonder that can be just outside our door if we look closely as she does as she moves through her day. I knew that Gigi likes to gift wrap, she has often told me so as we comment back and forth, but I was charmed by her post yesterday on Simple Gifts. I thought her post captured the heart of gifting this holiday season, to give thoughtfully..............simply and beautifully. 

Photo by Gigi Thibodeau of The Magpie's Fancy


  1. Most definitely charming. Those pinecone candles are cute as cute can be. How I wish Gigi was my Santa, perhaps she'd adopt me?

    Thank you Sande for the reminder to hop on over to read 'The Magpie's Fancy'.


  2. perfect....

    and i hope your thanksgiving was wonderful... i love your blog all the time but this time of year brings extra joy.... thanks sande.... xoxo

  3. I love how she has created beautiful wrapping with simple items. I am planning on using what I have on hand this year as well. I think I'm using yarn instead of ribbon, and I'm going to try out some glitter.

  4. Beautifully simple!! I just ordered some black and white bakers twine!! I am going to go to her blog, I have never visited there before. happy Wednesday, Kathysue

    PS Sande I have a Christmas gift giveaway that I think you might like on my blog right now. You love a wonderful presentation and this gift comes beautifully presented! xo

  5. I agree...Gigi is always like a breath of fresh air. The packages are lovely.

  6. Thank-you so much for featuring Gigi's is lovely, photography makes me envious and her packages are lovely. I placed her blog in my favs and joined her followers. I was planning on using brown paper and white paper this year for my packages and this just confirms it!

  7. Packages are lovely, your photography is wonderful....enjoyed your blog so much I placed it on my favs list and joined your followers. Sande always knows about lovely things doesn't she!

  8. Oh, Sande, what a sweet surprise and an honor to be featured on your blog! One of the things that first drew me to A Gift Wrapped Life was how beautifully you often reuse items, giving them a new life and imbuing them with such beauty and creativity. I have taken so much inspiration from you ever since I received a gorgeous package in one of your giveaways via our mutual pal, DJ. To this day, it is the most exquisitely wrapped package I have ever opened. Thank you, my friend, for sharing my simple gifts with your readers. xoxo Gigi

  9. Sande, I like the way you present packages in the most unique and elegant way. Especially now at this time of the year I look forward to being inspired with my presentations.


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