Thursday, September 16, 2010

Working the Paris a beautiful white shirt

Yes, if I was 25 years younger (and thin and rich) this stunning creation would be mine. I am none of those things but I love the smooth silhouette of the simple top in contrast to the black-dipped edges, the pinned layers, the weightlessness of the fabric. Would I wear them with those fur embellished Paris shoes I showed you last week here? You bet........if I was young, skinny and rich. 

This one too.

This pic was to remind me to start wearing my high-collared Anne Fontaine white shirts and to style them in this simple fashion. Bring out the brooch pins too. Anne Fontaine has 9 stores in Paris, many more across Europe and in select US cities if you are looking for the most beautifully constructed white shirt made of the most wonderful of fabrics. And if you appreciate classic purchases that last for a very long time. If lucky you is visiting the Anne Fontaine store located at 370 Rue Saint-Honoré in Paris, you can also quietly descend the lower staircase into the Spa Anne Fontaine where you can immerse yourself in soothing and luxurious spa treatments. I am all for indulgence when traveling (whether it be a box of macarons or a seaweed wrap) and I think this might be the place to do it. The restrained but creative interior was a collaboration between Fontaine and French interior designer Andrée Putman (who has a intriguing website here). The Parisian designer is best know for the conception of  the "boutique hotels" opened by Ian Schrager in the 1980's, the interior of the Concorde (could the airlines bring back a bit more of that comfort?), and product design for Christofle, Chivas and Louis Vuitton to name just a few.

Something dapper and classic for the guys.

And in case you think all I did was window shop, next week I will share the Paris neighborhood we almost missed, the tour guide who got us there, my two favourite stores, the hotel where I stayed, another hotel with a cool vibe, why I bought Gap in Paris, who shopped with me at Zara, and my favourite fashion window display. I am saving it for last. Oh, and a few more photos from the Maison et Objet show. Happy weekend....................and feel free to tell me when you have had enough.

Photos by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life


  1. Ooooooh, Sande, that first photo is perfection. I love the weightlessness and the draping! If I were thin and rich, I'd make that mine, too, even though I'd have nowhere to wear it in Maine! :) I think you really know how to travel and to shop. I LOVE your Paris posts! xoxo Gigi

  2. Oh, I love that tailored courtyard and very couturesque, feminine frothy skirt...The many looks of Paris. I miss that store! Some of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe came from there!
    I'm looking forward to the rest of your posts! I am happily living vicariously through your posts and images!
    Bon week-end,

  3. Had enough of Paris? Never, I say, never!

  4. I simply love the pic at the very top, of that gorgeously feather light skirt ~ yes if I were slimmer and younger and richer ~ I would definitely buy it. I never tire of Parisian photos

  5. What great photos Sande!! If I were young and rich I would wear the SAME THING (especially the first image) we would be twins in our chic parisian style:)
    Big hugs to you today my friend!

  6. One can never have enough Anne Fontaine white shirts...and so much more fun to buy them in Paris. I never get tired of Paris posts, so keep 'em coming, please.

  7. Thank you for sharing these with us - I am in the midst of planning my wardrobe for going away. I never have before and always chucked this and that in and been disappointed with the result. This time I will write a list but of course leave plenty of room - an Anne fontaine shirt sounds perfect!

  8. That dress in the first picture is to die for! Love your Paris posts, seems you are having a great adventure!

  9. I am loving your posts on Paris. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Never enough! These posts are fabulous!

  11. Lovely memories of PAris. I hope you are feeling better now. The music on your blog is inspiring & relaxing. d-stress time is here. have a good weekend

  12. Fabulous, so classic and elegant! Sande I adore whiteshirts!

    Art by Karena

  13. Witaj!! Zupełnie przypadkowo trafiłam na Twój blog i już dodają go do ulubionych. Masz wspaniały gust, bardzo wyrafinowany, ale nie przesadzony. Jestem też zachwycona Twoimi pomysłami na opakowania prezentów, które stają się same w sobie prezentem, "wisienką na torcie". Cudowne, wyszukane zdjęcia. Pozdrawiam :)

  14. I have always loved white shirts, esp with black cashmere & pearls :) Never never never have enough of Paris....can't wait to see more of your pics, Sande. May it never end!

  15. Dear Sande
    Thanks for your comment at S.P. I hope you can convince your husband to take you to Bhutan next!
    But wow, wow and wow! Love all your pics from Paris!!
    I love that city so.
    It also makes me happy that you feature Ryuichi Sakamoto on your blog music- I adore him. I can't listen to Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence without tearing up.

    PS. Lastly, I do have to share something slightly embarrassing - those dapper shoes you showed for men?? I have them. :(

  16. Please... more gift-wrapping photos!

  17. Oh that first outfit is heavenly my dear, very very stylish.

    I love all your pics and news...please don't stop :) I'm looking forward to more stories.
    xoxoxoxo DJ

  18. reading back thru your blog posts of paris have truly been a gift today... i needed a hit of happiness... xx

  19. Never enough!!!! Can't wait for the next installment!!

  20. Hi dear Sande, me too i'm so sorry not to have met you ! time...absolument..!yes it was raining when we arrived. We dashed in salon de thé Ladurée, rue Bonaparte, after checking in at the hotel, to keep warm and happy during all's true, i found there were less taxis than ever before but one of them told us, it's because on their side, they find less and less clients..
    And no, one can never have enough of Paris !!
    Much love to you

  21. Sande, you have me obsessing over the dress in the first photo!! I would totally wear that~if I could afford it. ;) Who is the designer??

    Loving your Paris posts!! Keep them coming!


  22. Sande, Love love the white blouse with the black scarf and the wonderul piece holding it together so classic and pretty, KATHYSUE

  23. So many lovely images of Paris you have here. Just wonderful :) Paris in Pink


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