Wednesday, September 1, 2010

a good sleep tonight...........princess style in Paris

The most helpful front desk staff at this quaint and lovely hotel in the Saint-Germain des Pres (feel free to tell me how to do those accent lines) area of Paris have told me "absolutely no going to bed until at least 7 pm" or I am going to feel this sleep-deprived buzz all day tomorrow. But all I want to do is crawl into this beautiful Princess bed and ponder the fabric-covered walls, order in some room service and take a lovely hot bath. Can you blame me?

I have a most charming two-part bath, so I am going to do a nice soak, get changed, put on my walking shoes and head out for a long evening walk. Vicki Archer heads in tomorrow morning from St. Remy and I have the feeling she will be raring to go. Luckily I told her to give me one turnaround day. I have until noon.

Laptop is up and running so looks like I will be blogging from Paris. I can hear the street sounds and feel the breezes through my open windows and doors and it is the most perfect weather. Off I go......... and then a really good sleep. 

All photos by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life


  1. Oh how wonderful ... I don't know I could have been so good to resist that gorgeous bed!!! I can't wait to return to Paris!! HHL

  2. I see your Macbook Pro. I love mine!
    Oh Sande, it looks amazing there. Lucky you. Keep us posted on things.

  3. Enjoy all that Paris offers and Maison Object is a blast too. Wear flat shoes to Maison Object. What hotel is that it looks so pretty!
    MArie Arden Pink Living

  4. Oh, mon cherie.....
    Have a delightful rest! Enjoy the sights and sounds of the Grand Paris!


  5. I'm so excited for you!
    Keep posting... this is so fun!
    bonne nuit!

  6. Oh lucky lucky you!Would so love to join you in this hotel and crawl in such a bed now. Am so tired today! Have fab time!

  7. Pure luxury. Enjoy it...You're going to have a fabulous time!

  8. What a little
    jewel box that
    looks like, Sande!
    Sweet dreams and
    have FUN for the
    rest of us back
    xx Suzanne

  9. Uh Uh Uh!!! This hotel is fit for the Gift Wrapped Princess! Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful!!! Is that a little box of Laduree Chocolates I see you have bought already?

    Sweet dreams~~~


  10. Ah, jetlag . . . but that beautiful bed will surely help.


  11. it looks and sounds like heaven... wishing you a restful sleep... xx pam

  12. Bienvenue a Paris Sande! Glad to know you got here safely, your hotel looks great!
    I am really looking forward to meeting you and Vicki on Sunday. I'll be at M&O in the afternoon but I don't suppose we'll bump into one another there.
    Enjoy your week!
    My French Country Home

  13. What a lovely hotel...

    More charming than the budged hotel I am doomed to stay in for the 20th time next week. Hotels are so expensive during Premiere Vision & Texworld fabric fairs that even ** hotels cost the same than ***** hotels in some other cities... Well, I shouldn't complain, it's in good place in Paris, in the same area than your hotel.

  14. Have a wonderful time! I hope the jet lag wouldn't keep you awake at night, but in that bed I would mind being awake, or asleep, or just reading...

  15. Sande,

    I am glad that you have arrived safely. I must say forget about us while you're there and enjoy every.single.minute and don't pass up one opportunity no matter how tired you are!


  16. Glad you arrived and have had your first taste of the eternal city - or is it the eternal DAY? Glad you're up for sharing with us.

  17. Yes yes yes! Day after tomorrow I arrive: can't wait...see you Sunday!

  18. Your hotel is beautiful. Don't you love long curtains in the bathroom? Here's wishing you a wonderful trip.

  19. Lovely room, and the bathroom seems bigger than I expected. Hope you had a nice, tranquil flight - Paris both scares and fascinates me, have a lovely trip. Hope you can answer one thing for me: the shower....with that glass partition that doesn't really cover the whole space, doesn't the floor get wet? Another question, how do you feel about having that much light inside the canopy bed? don't you feel like the chandelier could fall on you while you're sleeping? Just things that go through my mind.....

  20. So beautiful! Thanks for sharing so I can pretend with more detail!!!

  21. Oh mon dieu, What a beautiful room! Have a most magnificent time. September in Paris! How could you not? Say hello to that lovely Vicki for us. And get as much sunlight on your face as you can. That will help!
    a bientot,

  22. It looks like you're staying at Hotel Verneuil, one of my favorite hotels!!! If you are, don't miss their breakfast in the cellar. Such a gorgeous building!

  23. Bonjour Sande ~ it's so exciting I almost feel that I'm in Paris with you ~ so good that your laptop is up and running ~ I'm really looking forward to your stories and photos. Enjoy Paris

  24. Hi Sande: So glad you have arrived safely. Trust you had a good flight. Your room looks beautiful, warm and cozy. Such a nice surprise on laptop to see your blog....looking forward to more. Marie XXX

  25. I am nearly green with envy my friend!!! You are indeed in heaven! I hope you had a good sleep and that you have a marvelous day tomorrow!!
    Thanks for taking us along with you,

  26. Dear Sande,
    The bed looks so comfy. My sister has a four poster that we always sleep in when we visit. I love it. Have a good old soak in that bath and, please say hi to Vicki and Janet from Jackie in the U.K.
    Have a splendiferous time and drink some Champagne for me. Enjoy yourself. XXXX

  27. Oh you are excited for you! The room is gorgeous and I'm so glad you are able to share these images with us. Sleep well...I am sure with Vicki as your guide, it's going to be fantastic!

  28. Oh how lovely, I'm sure you'll have the most fabulous time - after a most fabulous sleep ;-) Love from London xo

  29. sigh...........with gladness.......... at the beauty you get to experience these days! I am SO happy you have that laptop so you can share with us!

  30. amazingly gorgeous - enjoy this wonderful experience, well deserved I would say!

  31. You might enjoy some of my posts on Paris on

    I see to find the most design focused and special when I go to Paris. Ahhh, I wish I could go now. It is my favorite city in all the world.

    Actually going to Barcelona in October. Wish you'd go there and tell me what to see and do.

  32. I often think I would be very content living in a hotel .. if it were in Paris, then I am sure I would be content :)

  33. Oh, Sandi, how I long to be in Paris! I'm thrilled you are going to share this visit. I'm so excited for you. Sleep well in that beautiful room. ~
    Bonne nuit!

  34. ugh, beautiful. Enjoy your time in Paris, happy weekend!!

  35. Oh My Sande!
    My heart just fluttered a bit! Your room is just perfect. I am so happy that you arrived safely and you are set to have stunning weather. I was ready to be jealous of your trip but instead find myself leaping with excitement to read your posts and so happy for you!!! I can already tell this is going to be an amazing trip and for you to experience it with Vicki and Claudia, that is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity! Have fun, forget about us, and enjoy Paris, she is so beautiful!

  36. Oh do tell us what that lovely hotel is so we can all dream of a trip! I hope your techie blips get sorted soon.

  37. Hope you got a goodnights sleep Sande? Love the fabric on that bed heaven!! :)))


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