Friday, September 10, 2010

Phone Home............ready to leave Paris now.

We saw these adorable vintage items in a very cool store in the Marais today. Impossible to believe, but like ET I am ready to phone home..................I mean go home. I leave Saturday and my bags are packed with the most wonderful new friendships and lots of stories. Oh, and about 900 fabulous photos of Paris if I do say so myself.

This vintage doggy in the window almost came home too.
He isn't the real kind, but I have some photos of some real ones too. 

Wave goodbye to Paris..................until the next time. 
Get ready to see Paris over the next few weeks.
I cannot possibly save it all for myself.
Too beautiful for words.

I will back track and add links to stores and hotel next week.

All Paris photos by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life


  1. Safe journey home Sande. I for one cannot wait to see & hear all about your magnificent experiences.

    Have a wonderful last evening in Paris.

    xo xo deb

  2. Sande,
    Have a safe trip home. We can't wait to see the photographs.

  3. Dearest Sande~
    There's no place like home Dorthy said even after visiting the land of Oz and Glenda.... You have been gone from Mr. RR for too long now and I know laying in his arms is sounding real good about now. Have a safe flight home my friend. I will be patiently awaiting your wonderful stories and photos~

  4. That ET is just like the one my brother got for his birthday way back in the "day" - can not wait to see you photos!
    Just spoke with hubby today about saving for a 2012 trip... it's already been 6 years... will live thru your photos!

  5. "Ready to go home" and "Paris" almost do not fit in the same sentence, but everyone gets homesick for their loved ones and for their own bed and bathroom!

    I hope your return flight is safe. Bid "adieu" to Paris for me!


  6. Wished i could have met you in Paris....unfortunately i just flew in and out but always look at any time spent in Paris as a real treat. Can't wait to see your photos.

  7. What a perfect aesthetic match - you and Paris! Can't wait for more visual treats! Tree

  8. What lovely memories to take with you home - every photo cherished.

  9. Sande,

    I'm a french canadian living in Ontario!!! I just discover your site through the "French Essence" newsletters...I LOOOOOOOVE your website...Your so right...Beautifully wrapped gifts is a gift in itself!!! Sometimes...I'm spending more money on wrapping than the gift value!!!! I had to put your link on my Blog...Please let me know if it o.k.

    I started doing beautiful paper flowers...If you ever need them for your beautiful gift wrapping...

    Anyway...I'm a BIG fan of yours... :o)

    P.S. I miss Paris...Beautiful city of light and love......

  10. ого какие забавные куколки!))

  11. Dearest Sande,

    How I regretted the "apero" though did get a report and saw your picture.

    You are absolutely beautiful. Perfect LBD too.


  12. Have a safe trip home Sande, I was so happy to have met you last Sunday, and look forward to visiting your blog to see all your Paris photos.
    My French Country Home

  13. Ha ha that last photo is hysterical!!!

    xoxoxo DJ


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