Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Do they wear scrubs in Paris?

Our son is far enough along in med school now to answer most of my silly medical based questions. Such as "If I sit next to a lady on an overseas flight and she is non-stop coughing what are my chances of getting sick when I get home?" Actually, I don't need him to answer this one and I have the kleenex box to prove it. Don't you hate it when that happens? Today our son will put on a pair of scrubs and officially starts his most demanding rotation which will answer his big question "do I want to be a surgeon?" I think this is a question that has been over his head for three years now, maybe longer, and as he starts those long days and on-call hours, I wanted him to know I was thinking of him. 

I was also thinking of our son when I saw this most interesting booth at the Maison et Objet show in Paris during my first week. The entire booth was filled with a fascinating collection of medical objects, dimensional slices of the body, drawings, charts, and yes........eyeball sockets. This booth was a medical students dream. I better find the booth card for this one. Just not today. 

This is where the perfect gift got away from me. At the charming bookseller stalls along the River Seine.  I was hoping to find an old medical book or print for my son and found the perfect print of a 17th century surgery operatory but in one regrettable move at the beginning of my trip when the days where stretched ahead of me and I thought I had lots of time, I did the unthinkable, something a tourist should never do. I clipped it back on to the hanger and said to myself " I will think about it overnight and can come back later". And I did go back on my last day but never did find that perfect surgical print. But I will one day. Maybe we will go together. 

Photos by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life


  1. Maybe you will find something even better; it is a hard thing and I am guilty of doing it so many many time. Stopping, thinking and needlessly going back only to be disappointed when the item is gone.
    Do not fear there is always something lurking behind another turn.....
    Enjoy the trip!

  2. c'est triste! I think we all have a similar story that haunts us!

  3. This looks fabulous. I can see why it's your favorite.

  4. Have done that many times. We all have, and it is frustrating. Hope you find something else that will be even better.

  5. I have gotten so many great books and posters from 'les bouquinistes' !
    Perfect gifts to bring back home.

    My husband has always wanted a good phrenology head .. the one in your photo would please him :)

  6. Sande ~

    Your son is so lucky to have a mama who thinks of him in such a perfectly beautiful way ~ and I do believe you will find the ideal 'print' on your next visit! Fingers-crossed!


  7. If you are interested in medical objects, dimensional slices of the body, drawings, charts, and eyeball sockets, you can find them on your next trip in few shops on Rue Monsieur du Prince, behind Ecole du Medecine.

  8. I Love the pic of the bouquinist~ with beaucoup de livres~ You have captured the ambiance beautifully because I feel like I'm standing right there looking for your little medical book!!

  9. I hope your son holds up under the hours and no sleep!

    My mom taught me long ago...if you love it, buy it now. I try to do that always.

  10. Hi Sande,
    I love to find Canadian bloggers and I am so happy to find your blog. I believe I am going to enjoy it. I am sad to hear that you missed the perfect gift for your son.
    Hugs, Cindy

  11. Hi lovely Sande, so wonderful to have met you in Paris. Forgot to tell you my boyfriend thought you looked like a cross between Marilyn Monroe and Kim Basigner. He murmured in his Italian english accent as we left you at Les Deux Magots "she is so bootifuul". Hope you travel safe. Love Carla xxxx

  12. I wish your son all the best in his profession and I do hope he becomes an excellent surgeon, too. I adore that the first photograph, the others are equally charming, too;-)

  13. Wasn`t the booth also with globes filled with shells and other interesting things?

  14. You are such a thoughtful mum, Sande! Sorry that print got away. I've done that at markets more times than I can count. You'd think I'd have learned by now, but alas, no. I'm so, so loving your Paris photos! xoxo Gigi

  15. Dear Sande,

    Isn't that just the worst!?! BUT we all know from our high place that it is was your amazing thoughts & heart that was with your son in your every step {even though I know this doesn't stop kicking yourself:}

    Beautiful images and I love your story~ I know you will take him back on day for sure:)

    I hope your getting rested up and I am praying for you that your withdrawal aren't getting too bad~~


  16. My sister-in-law lives in Paris and her husband is a surgeon. I would be happy to ask him for a book or something tres francais!
    Hope you are having a glorious day.

  17. Best of luck to your son as he starts his rounds! You're such a sweet momma looking for presents for him :)

  18. Ahh-- so true - nothing like the spontaneous for that perfect something.
    I sure you will go together sometime and perhaps he might then find the perfect something for Mum :)

  19. ooooo - love the outdoor Paris stalls! They're so charming.

  20. What an exciting time in your son's life -- and there's no way to know for sure if you are meant for something until you try... I hope he feels at peace with his decision, as I am certain a successful career awaits him!

    As for the objets -- very interesting, aren't they? I love the photos that you have been sharing from your trip, Sandi... I can close my eyes and remember being there. Thank you for that. I'm sure that this trip is one that you will never forget :)


  21. Thanks for stopping by; I will get more tubes this weekend....the roses are so pretty, and they would all be useful....I can't wait to see how you would gift these....I will have a selection for you on my return....bisous from Beaune....

  22. helllllllooooooooooo doll! I am still wondering about this son of yours :-D It was simply just way way way too cool to meet you in Paris...come back soooonnnnn. Love your Parisian pics

    xoxo Haleigh

  23. Oh Sande
    I'm loving seeing Paris through your eyes - you make a great tour director (not that I've ever done a tour as such)!
    I spend a lot of time in France as our daughter lives there, but in the country. We love the vibrant life of Paris...ooh la la, and the shops, and food, well everything!!!

    Your son will love this post with the medical photos - how amazing.

    Please come and visit my blog as I've just put up a post on our Canal trip there last year!!
    Keep posting your Paris photos PLEASE!!!!!!!!!
    Hugs from New Zealand
    Take care

  24. Sande congrat's to your son. Such a proud moment it must be for you all knowing he will now being wearing those coveted scrubs. Lot's of hard work went into being able to wear those with pride. I would of loved that booth. I in fact saw bust much like that at a Urban Outfitters store (of all places) & so wanted to take it home.

    Again, wishing your son all the best in this next phase of his career. xo


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