Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ponys, Puppets, and Carousels..........and innocence

Vintage Puppet Theatre at Jardin de Luxembourg.
Performances every Wednesday afternoon and weekends too.
Playground and Pond for sailing toy boats and model yachts.
Clapping hands, climbing feet, and push-offs.

Pony Rides at Jardin des Tuileries, the oldest park in Paris.
Ice Cream stands and trampolines too.

Innocent pastimes. Fine gravel dust and shaded chestnut trees. 

Chilled Brass Domes. Fresh Ice Cream.

Three flavours only, probably more than enough.
Something for the walk home. All ages.

A draped and gilded carousel in Jardin des Tuileries.
A menagerie of rotating ponies, ostriches, cars, and wagons in bright colours. Tea cups too.
There are over twenty-five carousel parks in Paris. All unique.

Music and lights. Simple pleasures. 
Going around and around as the generations before.
The royal toy of Louis XIV.

No glitter, no sparkles, no Britney Spears.
Children dressing like children.
In beautiful classic styles.

Children acting like children.
Polite and well-mannered too.

All photos by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life


  1. What an enchanting place! I've never heard of it. I love the lil carousel. Kids should act like kids & be able to play! I love the photos & I didn't know Louis XIV had a carousel. How amazing! Loved this post! When I get to Paris one day I'll be sure to want to see this!

  2. Sande,
    I decided to have croissants instead of granola this morning because, like I said about an hour ago in your previous post, I am now in Paris, not in Lexington anymore.
    I am not at my desk, I am riding this carousel and playing like a child. Tonight I will soak in a warm bath with some lovely lavender soap that my daughter's sweet friend Ali brought home from Paris just for me this summer.
    Thank you for bringing the magic and charm of Mary Poppins to my more thing...isn't that Peter O'Toole serving that icecream? Hmmm.
    xo Lisa

  3. Lovely photographs Sande....beautifully put together, xv.

  4. Dearest Sande,

    Indeed, this is very enchanting and the pony ride in des Tuileries under the chestnut trees is very romantic from charme d'antan... Kids should be kids and nothing else. But it are the adults that often put them in that role; for money, just for selling certain images and designs. Our Holywood people are already for decades not a good role model for our precious kids!

    Sunny greetings from Georgia,


  5. Fantastic photos, Sande; makes me want to go for a stroll through le jardin; the children are all so adorable!

  6. Oh, I love the carousel and the brass domes! Thank you for sharing.

  7. So perfectly perfect ! You had me with the innocence ... miss that here in the states ! Hope all is well with you. Sorry to have been such a stranger ! XO !!

  8. Oh my goodness! What a magical place and such beautiful images! I want to just jump into the photos like Mary Poppins did and take a ride on that carousel! Dressed in one of those classic outfits ... and be 5 again.

  9. Isn't it so lovely there? I love watching the children sail their boats on the pond. European children ARE still just children, something we need to work on here. xoxo enjoying YOU enjoying Paris.Lidy

  10. I love the simplicity of 3 flavors only. I couldn't get over how many children's clothing stores there were in Paris...and how exquisite the clothes were. Everything seems to be perfection there, oui?
    Catherine xx

  11. Dear Sande,
    Thank you for the ride~ Your words are all so true. My time in these parks have truly changed my life because of each word you have written here. Thank you for confirming.

  12. Children dressing like children! Yes! That shot of the ice cream vendor is wonderful, Sande. You've made me so, so crave a trip to Paris. I can almost taste it! xo

  13. Tres enchanteur Sande....from the children's clothes to the three delicious flavours of ice cream. It is so refreshing to see children enjoying the simple pleasures in life in the fresh air rather than playing electronic games !!Beautiful images of young Paris at play. XXXX

  14. I mourn the fact that North American children wear Juicy Couture sweatsuits and their hair in "mulletts." But more and more, French children are following babies and kids across the pond and dressing down... way down.

  15. Love the pictures and love those outfits! I love to see kids dressed like that!

  16. Paris is so wonderful for children it is like a storybook. French are so attaached to the past and respect these old ways of enjoying yourself. Thanks for posting. Carla

  17. Sweet, magical photographs. I can almost feel myself going around and around on the charming carousel.
    ... and your words are so true. Thanks for the enchanting ride.

    Have a lovely weekend~~~

  18. the "children dressing like children". A fading class in itself..Thank You for sharing...lovely!

  19. I agree totally. I wish we in Australia would follow the European way of life, i.e. quality over quantity, manners, etc.,rather than the rubbish that is foisted on us by trashy magazines and Hollywood movies...

  20. What a sight!
    Thoroughly enjoyed each gorgeous image and your accompanying words.

  21. How sweet! Love the domes!!!



  22. This post makes me want to bring Amelia to Paris one day...before she grows up!
    The joys of childhood and raising one!



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