Sunday, September 12, 2010

Home from Paris..................and the three C's

My body clock is all whacked about but I am home. I walked in the door, hit the shower and then hit the pillow with wet hair and that is all I remember from last night. I have totally given in to this first day of jet lag, been back to bed two times and it is only 3 pm. Just went hunting for the gift chocolate I brought back which is really weird since I don''t normally crave chocolate. I am kicking myself for not picking up a bag of fresh croissants before my flight because I am really craving those as well. I can't even think of unpacking though I did find all the goodies I brought home for my husband. We all know he deserved the stylish loot. Maybe he will send me back to get more?

This is a blog about gifting but for the next few weeks I am going to tell you about Paris. I will tell you not because I think I am the only person to ever travel to Paris or that I know that much but because I want to share some great stores and some fabulous people who I think you would like to meet and many of these deserve a post of their own. To do so will mean I need to be on my game and right now all I can think about is the three C', chocolate and croissants. And sleep. 

This is one of my favorite photo shots because when I think of Paris I think of the people, how they own their streets, by foot, by bike, by stylish scooter. I never did get to cycle which is probably a good fact, what was I thinking? I hope to cycle tomorrow but realistically and I can say this with total confidence, I will probably nap instead. Or unpack. Maybe. 

So as soon as I unpack, reset my clock, tell more stories to my husband, hug him again and again, and catch up on some emails, I will be open for blogging. My body is here at home where it should be now, but I do have to head is still in Paris. 

Photos by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life


  1. Dearest Sande ~

    Welcome home! I have SO enjoyed your journey through Paris and am tickled with glee to read all the upcoming posts, for I know they will be spectacular!

    Wishing you a day (or two) filled with the 3 C's and a bit of cozy comfort sleep too!


  2. Welcome back Sande, Oh what a wonderful trip you had, now fill up on the three C's and sleep and we will be here when you awake, Kathysue

  3. Dear Friend,
    Welcome HOME!! I so know about those 3 C's...but I have to add steaming hot tea to my 3 C's. For some reason the water in Paris seems to be hotter. Is that even possible? Tell me about that second image? Is that at Cire Trvdon??? Where exactly is this shop? I went searching...I was standing in front of the address that I had in my hand where it was but it was not there! Is there a special secret as to where it is?
    I know Mr. RR is so happy to have you home...Rest up so you can show and tell us some more~

  4. Well get some rest, Sande. I can't wait to see the photographs!

  5. Welcome home...your head may be in Paris for quite some time!

  6. Sande,
    I am glad that you have returned home safely. Isn't it wonderful that you will have the opportunity to relive your trip to Paris through blogging?! I look forward to all of your upcoming posts!

  7. Cant wait to hear it all. Happy sleeping!Fiona

  8. Never thought of the 3C before....sounds delicious. I also miss my morning pain au chocolat. i have had no chance to take any pics of Paris but cannot wait to see this fabulous city through your eyes. Enjoy your nap, being home, your husband...francine

  9. Ooo welcome back sweetie...I have missed you of course :) I really am looking forward to your posts on Paris and your photo's...I'll pretend you are telling me your stories over coffee and croissants!!

    Big hugs honey, take it easy.

  10. Welcome home, Sande!

    I cannnot wait to hear about your adventures in Paris!!

    Til then ~ enjoy napping and those delicious 3 C's. They are the best.

    xoxo ~Dana

    ...sorry if this posts twice as I think I lost it the first time!

  11. We will be here when you wake up! ;)
    Dream of Paris and then share with us your adventures.

  12. Welcome home Sande! Can't wait to hear all of the stories (and photos) about your trip!!!

  13. Oh Sande,
    It sounds as if you had the most wonderful time in Paris but, it's always good to get home, isn't it ?
    Such beautiful photographs and, I can't wait to hear all of your stories from the beautiful French capital.
    Sweet dreams and hugs ! XXXX

  14. Welcome home, Sande! Those 3 C's sound good to me, too. Looking forward to hearing more about your Paris adventures, and so glad you made it back safe and sound. xoxo Gigi

  15. welcome Home, Sande! Can't wait to see more of your pics; Paris is a new discovery each visit, no matter how many times you have been. It will be nothing short of fascinating to see it through your eyes!

  16. Oh it does take awhile to get the head back to the states...

    and the heart Well, Bonne Chance.

  17. Enjoy the hazy lazy days Sande........glad that you made it home safely....xxv

  18. I spent all Sunday face down in bed. I don't know who made up the wives' tale that you can't make up for missed sleep! Welcome home, it was a joy to meet you in person and can't wait to hear some of your stories and see those pics! But it all can wait, sleep is the most important, free and fantastic thing you could do for yourself right now, enjoy!

  19. And now I want a croissant! Or possibly a chocolate croissant... can't wait to see the rest of the photos! Welcome home!

  20. I so love that statue/candle? of the woman. Please elaborate!

  21. I hope it's a cat-nap, Sande! Can't wait to hear.

  22. Can't wait for your tips about Paris. I leave for the that gorgeous place in early October. Need tips for travel. Also going to the Loire.

  23. Welcome home-can't wait to hear all about Paris! That first image is inviting.

  24. Enjoy your dreams as you reset your clock! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  25. Oh Sande! What a fabulous time you have had, indulge us as much as you want about Paris and we will wait with baited breath. I am an openly out there "Francophile". Off to Paris myself in 4 weeks and can't believe it, it truly is a wonderful city, to share it with friends and make some new ones, how fabulous.

  26. Happy to hear that you are home safe and sound! Looking forward to reading about your Parisian adventure. Sweet dreaming ...

  27. Can't wait to hear more about it!!! Be nice to yourself with the jet lag - it's rough. I try to just stay up until normal hours, no matter how exhausted. It will get you back on track after a painful day or two!

  28. Welcome back from Paris, Sande! I am enjoying your Paris blog posts! Thank you for sharing your memories with us!! I like the stylish loot photo that you posted. hugs, Jenn

  29. dear sande...

    i have so enjoyed your journey and sharing all of the fun with us. and i completely understand the 3 c's... however, i crave croissants and chocolate all the time... xx pam

    it is always nice to go away but coming home is so amazing...

  30. hi Sande,
    i am your newest follower, I have to say your blog is great, i can't wait to sit down tomorrow morning with my cup of coffee and read some more!


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