Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dammann Frères.........and a hip gift wrap technique

Photo by Chris Everard

This photo has been sitting in my photo file for some time. With the intention of wrapping something that would capture this sleek but luxurious interior vibe. But then I noticed, someone beat me to it. I know you think I have forgotten all about gift wrapping haven't you? But I haven't, not at all and if you let me ramble on with the sights and sounds of what inspired me I can promise you this............more creativity ahead. It just works that way for me. Just in time too, we have a big gift wrapping season ahead.

Gift wrapping is all in the details and what this gift box shows is that there can be simple details layered into an elegant and understated form.............and I am crazy for the detail and execution of this product wrapping from Dammann Frères. Sometimes gift wrapping requires a bit of thinking outside the box so to speak and if you look carefully you will see some of the wrapping elements I have talked about before but something I doubt I would have conceived on my own.

No doubt Dammann Frères is working with some pretty remarkable design elements that add to it's sophisticated packaging and presentation. A blind-embossed and hot foil stamped logo label and a blind-embossed (which give the Dammann Frères logo it's raised look) and suble logo on black ribbon aren't exactly run-of-the-mill packaging in anyone's marketing book. You have seen me use both these basic gift wrap papers many times so it just goes to prove that it isn't always the materials but the detail and thought that shows your gift giving creativity.

But this is where they surprised me the most, they wrap their gift boxes right side up. Then they use a contrasting piece of black gift wrap paper folded like I have shown you a million times but they lay it over the top seam and tucked into the folded end. Are you following me here? This is not only a brilliant way to avoid jostling a box and it's contents (by turning it over so it is face down) but they actually work with a top seam as a design element. They simply do it in the most perfect way. 

The narrow logo ribbon is simply brought around the whole box and then overlapped at the top and sealed with the logo label. I don't know about you but I can see endless possibilities with this "flat" technique, all types of colour variations. This "no fuss" gift wrap style would be perfect for masculine presentations and travels well as you can see.

The Dammann Frères store located in the Place des Vosges in the Marais district of Paris is a retail designer's dream as well, artfully blending old-world and hip at the same time and if you are a tea lover this is your retail mecca. The wall of teas, caddies, and chests are displayed in a visually repetitive but organized manner which works perfectly with the overwhelming selection and the courteous staff know their trade. We found this store via our tour guide Richard from Eye Prefer Paris who is pictured to the left, but I will tell you his story next week.

My package ready for pick up.

I can't think of too many gifts that are more special that the Dammann Frères selection of Tea Chests. Wouldn't any tea lover adore their own traveling set of teas? Visit the Dammann Frères website, watch the video, and explore their long and interesting history. And if you are in the mood for some serious virtual travel inspiration then link over to the Hotel Gritti Palace in Venice where each afternoon they serve the Dammann Frères teas in the Bar Longhi at a civilized High Tea Ceremony..............along with a selection of traditional Venetian pastries.


  1. Sande, how wonderful and what a great shop to visit and pick out a gift such as the traveling tea set!

    Art by Karena

  2. talk about tres chic! I do love these posts, Sande! It is a real treat to see through your amazing viewpoint!

  3. Dearest Sande,

    Leave élegance to the French... all the way into the detaille!
    Thanks for putting this on your blog for us to enjoy...

    Sunny greetings from Georgia,


  4. Dear Sande,
    Dammann Freres is the Goyard in tea to me! So dark & rich is this handsome gift wrap! Waiting anxiously for your Cire Trvdon post:)

  5. How absolutley elegant ~ Oh! to receive a beautiful gift from "Dammann Freres" and the colouring is gorgeous. Attention to detail is what the French do best ~ and I love it because it shows that they care!

  6. Looks like really good quality! Love the design elements. Thanks for sharing! :)

  7. Hooray! Wrapping photos... much appreciated.

  8. Sande, this is very chic. Shiny and textured but in no way over the top.

  9. What can be better to gift than French tea? Oh yes, perhaps chocolate, but tea is indeed wonderful...:)

  10. oOOooo, Sandi, you have done it again! I have fallen in love with this post. Ahh, Paris, mais oui, j'adore Paris. Just gorgeous.

    I hope you are having a wonderful weekend,

  11. A most stunning store and a perfect example that packaging is everyone. The wrapping is so stunning that you may not care what treasure it may contain. Thanks for the introduction.



  12. Love reading your blog! Oh how I would love to visit that store!

  13. I loved "being" in Paris with you. I would love to go to this tea store sometime. It looks very interesting. Thanks.

  14. unreal... so beautiful... i am having a layabout day in my big white bed... reading all of my favorite blogs and wanted to say hello... x pam

  15. Bonjour Sande, thank you for the warm "welcome back" to the online world and likewise a very warm "welcome back" from Paris. That packaging is simply beautiful, so elegant and sophisticated.

    I hope you have had the most wonderful time in Paris, now need to read your older posts.

    Lots of Love from London xo

  16. What a brilliant technique. I am in love with the colors! This also proves that simplicity is often the most elegant and sophisticated choice.

  17. Oh that is really classic wrap. Lovely colors and I just love that first gorgeous!!

    hugs DJ


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