Saturday, September 4, 2010

kiss, kiss from Paris

Bonjour........and my apologies for not posting as planned over the past few days. A laptop that is not cooperating, email server problems, a phone that won't charge, a fried hairdryer, a camera that is acting strange and the joke around here is that there is some tech-cloud hanging over my head here in Paris. Example: I finally get on the internet tonight at 12:45 and open a new post and where is the photo download on dashboard? But, boy have i some gorgeous pics for you to see from the show when this all sorted out. I will use Vicki's laptop tomorrow to post with photos. I refuse to let these pesky details stop me from having what is a most wonderful trip with the most gorgeous weather. And what a fabulous travel partner! I use her laptop to email home, her hairdryer to do my hair, she graciously takes photos for me (hers are stunning), and makes the best dinner reservations and even orders for me. The most pleasurable part of this trip has been to meet and spend time with Vicki Archer of French Essence. She is a stylish woman with an impeccable command of the french language, a generous spirit and is warm and wonderfully fabulous (she will be totally embarased when she reads this).You should buy her books........all of them and as fast as they come out. Her new book French Essence is going to make the best holiday book when released in North America late October. She is the real thing ladies and everything you would imagine if you read her mega-popular blog. Our late-to-bed-and early-to-rise schedule is now over and the next few days are going to be exploring Paris. In the meantime while I am posting with no photos (a first), please head over to to see Vicki's wonderful show photos (surprise, surprise, link also not working) so if you are not a follower then link through to French Essence my Blog Favorites sidebar. I have my own fun, fun show photos which I will post tomorrow or early Monday, on Vicki's laptop, yes again.
Thank you for your kind comments, see you tomorrow.

Bonne nuit ~
to my two guys JPC and APC.............miss you, miss you XOXO


  1. Looking forward to your photos and hoping you continue to have a wonderful trip.

  2. Oh Sande, I am so happy to be the 1st comment. I adore Vicki, read every post she does. Her writing is brilliant. You sound like you are in heaven, full of love & admiration for her & a wonderful friendship + being in Paris. Nevermind the tech problems, I read your entire post and just imagined the lovely experiences you are sharing. xx's Marsha

  3. Bonjour Sande,
    I can't wait to see your photos. The show must be a dream. Glad you have a gaurdian Angel to guide you through gorgeous Paris! Loving the updates and dreaming I was there.
    The best of best wishes to you and Vicki! Hope many memories are being made.

  4. Oh you are so funny...that is fantastic that you are enjoying yourself.

    I love Vicki's books and yes I do read her blog...of course!

  5. Can't wait to see them. Have a wonderful time!

  6. Sande, don't let the tech issues cloud your day. Just enjoy every minute of your trip. We'll all be here waiting when ever cyber space begins to cooperate. I'm off to see the photos at Vicki's. Look forward to seeing yours later. ~ Sarah

  7. Hello to you in lovely Paris, just thought I would drop you a line about BHV ~take (Bazaar Hotel de Ville)don't know if you are familiar with this 5 floor must visit store right in the centre of Paris. they are affiliated to Galleries Lafyette with all the DIY and crafts that is really inspiring..don't miss the hardware in the basement and you can also enjoy a quick salad or coffee in between the looking around..even the drawer pulls and French brass adornments(on the 4th I think)is a must see.
    BHV is on the border of MARAIS and if travelling by Metro, stop at Hotel de Ville, right in front of the store.
    all this info and perhaps you know it already!! enjoy your visit and looking forward to hear what you have been up to. Greetings Colette ~Afrique du Sud

  8. What is the name of your hotel? Beautiful!

  9. B O N J O U R~~~ Mon Aime~

    I. Am. So. Excited for you!!! This sounds like a dream come true. I know Vicki is way more that we can imagine and the two of you together make such the pair I am sure. I can't wait to see your photos!!!!
    kiss kiss Madame Sande~

  10. Your trip sounds glorious, regardless of technical snafus! I am looking forward to the photos, and I'm so glad that you and Vicki are having such a marvelous time. Two amazingly inspiring and talented woman traveling together must make for a remarkable adventure! xo Gigi

  11. Sande ~

    Just reading your words, I can sense the bubbling spirit of pure happiness! What a treat it would be to see you and Vicki together ~ two fabulously talented women in one magnificent city!

  12. RATS! Just arrived in Paris, myself - missed you and the other bloggers and fans at the 2 magots by one mere day. *sigh* If any more meetups, please post them here on your blog - I'm in town 'til Thursday AM.


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