Thursday, September 23, 2010

Shopping with Bad at Zara

While we worked ourselves up to a shopping frenzy behind this groovy sales girl at Zara, we speculated that maybe she was talking to Zara head office in Spain "there is a run on long brown skirts, ship more". There was a Zara run on many stylish and affordable items including faux fur vests, peg leg pants (been there and so not doing that look again) and long brown skirts. I would have liked the faux fur vest had it fit but stock sizes were going fast and furious.

Apparently we have Zara in Canada and certainly one must be closer than I knew across the border in the US. In other words, I have to do some distance to get another Zara fashion fix.........I can do that. 

What I won't find at any of the Zara stores in North America is a canine shopper checking out the fashion groove. Those adorable dogs go everywhere in Paris, even evening shopping on the Champs-Élysées in the pouring rain. He was giving me the look that said "lady that skirt is so not age appropriate". So I put it back on the rack. He was so right.

On the other side of his monogrammed collar was the word BAD. So that's what I called him.

All photos by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life


  1. True, true, Parisian doggies are taken around everywhere, even in coffee shops. Sooo chique. And that pup is simply adorable. Don't know about being bad!

  2. Zara is great! I know we have a few here in Toronto (Yorkdale Mall and Yorkville) ... HHL

  3. I love that first outfit on the salesgirl. Definitely my kind of look! And what a cute puppy love! Zara USED to be 20 minutes away, but it closed... sigh ...

  4. Looks like one of my former doggies! I'm with you on the peg-legged pants. Can't do that any longer.
    Have a nice day, Sande, and keep the photos coming.

  5. How cute, I wish we could bring doggies into cafes etc here in LA. Unfortunately health laws being what they are....grrrr...dogs are cleaner than some of the patrons;)

    We have a Zara here at The Grove near my house. I love that I can shop for my 2 yo daughter, my 4 yo son, myself (45) and my Mother-In-Law (67), all in one store. How cool is that and we all have different styles.


  6. I always love the things I see from Zara on blogs. Wish we had one here. Cute pooch. Are they the 'new' poodle? They were everywhere in NYC, too.

  7. Sande, LOVE all the photos! I noticed a surge in French Bulldogs since my last visit; seems they were everywhere this year; are they the "It" dog again? ...though I think I have yet to see an badly behaved dog in France....looking forward to more and more posts!

  8. Oh, how I love Zara. I remember walking through San Sabastian in Spain and being so desperate to find a Zara that I stopped a gorgeous Spaniard and asked for directions in Spanish (with a French/American accent). Apparently Zara is not pronounced the same in Spain and France! Nonetheless, I found it and I haven't been back since...I.miss.Zara.

    Bad looks like quite the shopper!

  9. There are Zara shops all over Buenos Aires, every neighborhood has one.
    I am an equal distance between 3 that are big and really great shops !
    My dog ( Standard Poodle) can go into one of the Zara shops but not in the malls. They are pretty dog friendly here .. and we have many little French bulldogs here as well, they are great apartment sized dogs.
    Mine is more house sized :)

  10. Zara is the best when it comes to affordable and oh so chic!

    Love the civility of Europe and how they treat doggies! We took our pug with us to Paris for 2+ months, and it was a wonderful experience (for her and us!).

  11. bad is so cute ~ I think he has style and that certain~ Je ne sais quoi? Love the caramel skirt in the top pic!

  12. Love the photos of the chic dog and windows, but particularly like the last one!

    Looking forward to more!

  13. Zara rocks, Sande. My daughter lives for each new piece she finds. Dogs & Paris go together perfectly, don't they. We took our poodle, FiFi, with us one year (of course, she's French royalty), she sat in my lap in the restaurants & behaved like a princess. No wonder "Bad" is's raining outside! xx's

  14. I adore that skirt in the top image. The colour is just fabulous and your dog is so adorable. Perfect companion for day of shopping;-)
    Enjoy the weekend!

  15. Ha ha that is funny with the dog BAD....don't mess with me lady.

    Zara is finally coming to Australia, thank goodness. It's a bit frustrating being so far from everything, we get a bit left out :(

    xoxo DJ

  16. Dear Sande,
    I first came across Zara about 15 years ago ( give or take a few years ) when we used to go over to Calais for the day, on the ferry, to shop.It was long before they had shops in the UK so, I loved to buy clothes there as they were different from things we had at home. I used to go into a buying frenzy and buy myself, Mr. Home, the children and other people's children gorgeous little pieces. I still love it and now have to investigate Zara Home a bit more.
    Good to see that you had a fashion advisor on hand to steer you to the appropriate items !!!!
    Have a stylish weekend. XXXX

  17. Sounds like we all love Zara, me included. The prices this year have dropped and are definately affordable. Sandie check out Mango as well, I believe there is one in Toronto, possibly the Eaton Centre or Yorkdale. This is another Spanish company not unlike Zara, I am sure you will find something in that store to covert as well.

  18. Even in the rain, Paris is beautiful! The last photo almost looks like a lovely painting of the city! I haven't visited there since I was just 12, but I have never gotten her out of my mind. I was aware of her beauty even then. Someday, soon...

  19. I love Zara and still wear several pieces of clothing I purchased at Zara in Paris. The Zara's in the US are nowhere near as cool as in Europe. I need a real job to make real money so I can travel again. Thanks for the lovely pics.


  20. I can't get enough of Paris!
    Sande please keep feeding me little morsels such as your last photo here! It's been almost a year (October) since my last visit and I'm getting desperate again.
    Oh I love her and you will understand I'm sure.
    Zara is great - another reason to return to the City of lights, she has a soul and she will always have a part of me.....
    Thank you!

  21. Oh, how I love Zara! I discovered it a few years ago while living in Mexico. A couple years passed before I ventured into one again in Greece. Sadly, there are none around me now. That dog is simply adorable! I hope you are having a wonderful time. These pictures are great!


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