Thursday, September 9, 2010

Paris keep me going

When in Paris you need certain things to keep going. To sustain your energy. Lots of expresso, American coffee, and Coca Cola Light of course.

And then you need to hunt down the Toilettes.

A few croissants to snack on in between. I told you my sister-in-law Louise would keep me going at a breakneck speed. Don't you love how the French make even a humble pasty bag clever with a few corner twists?

The real fuel in Paris is the visual candy, the beauty, the endless supply of incredible beauty. 

The petite floral shop near our hotel.

Louise was sitting here at 5:30 am this morning watching the sun rise, the joggers go by, the workers begin their day. Her quiet time while I slept in a bit.

Cafes for waiting out a few short bursts of rain.
And seeing a fun pair of red shoes.

~ Luxembourg Gardens ~

Thank you to the readers and followers who have been leaving such lovely
 comments while I am traveling. And welcome to new followers. Though 
it is difficult to see too-much Paris, if it starts to get boring, just let me know.

All Paris photos by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life


  1. It all looks so gorgeous! So many wonderful photos :)

  2. Oh's never boring, I'm living through you at the moment my sweet....I really should be in Paris you know :)

    The forth and fifth pic are my fav's...gorgeous.

    Take care,
    xoxoxoxo DJ

  3. Loved this post! and especially those beautiful flowers right near to your hotel. I understand about ~les toilettes~ I have a little note book which I call "Paris Loo's" It is paramount to my survival in that magical city. Thank you for posting us a little of the captured ambiance ~ I never tire of Paris!

  4. I'm so happy you are there having such a grand time. No one deserves it more than you :)

  5. Sande~
    Yes, visual eye-candy and delicious treats are the perfect fuels for the miles and miles of walking (or cycling). I see you have also been putting this energy to great use- Your photos look beautiful. I love the shot at the cafe with the blurred red shoes in the background-It looks like a cover of a book!

  6. These are wonderful photographs. Very evocative.

  7. Luscious images Sande and I can't wait to hear even more of the trip!

    I have a New Giveaway from The French Basketeer I think you will love!

    Art by Karena

  8. Oh Sande, who could get to much Paris? I am so happy that you had a nice trip! Such BEAUTIFUL images.
    Have a nice evening.

  9. Sande....what a beautiful post! We depart for Paris in 12 sleeps and seeing your photos has made me very excited to get my feet back on Paris soil. It looks as though you are having a great time!!!

    Linda x

  10. Boring!!!??? Every post is a thrill and feast for the eyes! Thank you!!!

  11. beautiful, sande. I seem to remember that when we were in italy, those cokes were about 7 american dollars!

    hope you are having a wonderful time. safe travels...

  12. Boring? Never. I will never make this trip...I'm enjoying so much seeing through your eyes!

  13. Such happy reminders of our trip there this summer. I can't wait to go back!

  14. Is it possible to get bored in/of Paris?
    Don't think so!
    Thank you for taking your precious vacation time and sharing your thoughts and photos with us!

  15. I am so happy to found your lovely blog.
    Beautiful photos. I love everything. Why everything in France so pretty? I asked myself..(smile)
    Have a wonderful day!


  16. Gorgeous, gorgeous images - you have managed to make even a ubiquitous glass of Coke look arty and beautiful! I can almost smell the sunset-tinted roses - mmm.

  17. I am taking off to Paris tomorrow morning. This post reminds me to stop once in a while just to admire the little details and not just run like crazy to take in as much as possible...

  18. Paris boring? Are you crazy. Am enjoying my trip SO much! Keep posting away.

  19. Paris could NEVER be boring, Sande.
    Your photographs are beautiful. .... a real snapshot of all things Parisienne.
    Enjoy every minute. XXXX

  20. Gorgeous photos - and you are right - there can never be too much Paris! more, Sandee, more, please!

  21. Ah Paris - so good to be reminded of all the loveliness there. Enjoy your time!

  22. Sande, Safe travels tomorrow...sorry that our Parisian interlude is over....I had the best time and miss our late night chats... actually, I miss all our chats. Speak soon... xxxv

  23. You can never see too many pictures of Paris. Have a wonderful weekend.


  24. All your Paris photos just make a girl happy. Would of given anything to be there, but this is the next best coming from you.

    Over-joyed you've had such fun!

    xo xo

  25. Hi Sande: As always, you have such a way of bringing your beautiful world into ours. Love, love the photos, waiting to see beautiful Parisian Blue!! Marie xx

  26. I could never see too much of Paris. Keep posting the photos!
    ~ Sarah

  27. Boring? Oh no - we will never get there so it is lovely to see all in your travels - your pics are amazing :-)

  28. Wonderful photos and no, I could never bore of seeing such gorgeous sights around Paris.
    Love the pretty roses at the shop and thanks for showing us.

    Safe trip back

  29. lovely pictures! I hope you enjoy the last bit of Paris :)


  30. Hum, des petits croissants au beurre !
    Avec un chocolat chaud, c'est un plaisir tout simple mais divin !


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