Sunday, September 19, 2010

men in white aprons..........

He was getting away from me fast which is why this shot is a bit blurry. Those delivery bags are filled with baguettes fresh from the oven and it was the smell as he walked behind me that alerted me to lift my camera and follow the source. I was told by a professional that you never directly photograph anyone in Paris (it is considered rude and unprofessional) without asking first but no one said anything about photographing them from the rear which I thought in most cases made for a more interesting shot anyways. Even if it is a bit blurry it is still one of my favourite photos.

Here at home I don't normally eat chicken as I find it bland and tasteless. Not so in Paris, the roasted chicken was incredibly moist and so delicious I am still thinking about it. This rotisserie chicken drips it's juices over a tray of potatoes, cooking them as it turns and the daily aroma of roasted chicken and potatoes can distract the entire neighborhood. This shot was taken in the Marais where our tour guide lives and breathes this delicious smell day after day. More about our entertaining tour guide who says he eats too much rotisserie chicken this upcoming week.

Fresh-squeezed juice anyone?
This lively waiter gave me permission to take his photo.........and I think he kind of liked it. 

All photos by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life


  1. Waiters in Europe are so fabulous. It is considered a true and worthy profession isn't it?

    I'd follow a French man in an apron anywhere!

    So fun to see your photos Sande. Thanks so much for sharing all the great fun.

    Cheers for a great new week. xo

  2. Gorgeous photo's as always. Your photos make me appreciate living in Europe (even if not in Paris!)
    I love the first photo.

  3. Dear Sande,

    Yummmmm....I can smell AND taste that chicken now...AND I KNOW that waiter with the Orange Juice...his oranges are SO so flavorful and make the BEST O.J!!!!!!!!


  4. Bonjour Sande~ poulet-roti in Paris c'est superbe! I love your photos, just everyday Parisians doing what they do, with style.

  5. Love these photographs, Sande! Now I will need to cook a whole chicken. I stuff the cavity with sage leaves, rosemary, garlic, lemon halves and onion quarters. I put the butter, salt and pepper under the skin and spinkle paprika on the outside. I cook the chicken with foil tented over it until the end, around an hour depending on size. You may need to use a meat thermometer. When it is done I turn on the broiler and crisp it, turning it to crisp the underside.
    It is SO delicious. Sounds like a lot but it only takes a few minutes. Now I am hungry.
    I love the first picture too, but the orange juice gentleman is too funny.
    I am happy you had such a wonderful time and can't wait to see the rest of the photographs.
    Have a nice day, Sande.

  6. This is just what America needs . . . more men in white aprons, oh, and sidewalk cafes, and . . .


  7. Sande I am really enjoying you trip through your images...they are so wonderful! Why is it that food tastes so, so good in other countries?!

    Art by Karena

  8. love this post... i so love bread,chicken and fresh squeezed juice... and i so love your blog... thank you for your kind comment... of course i will visit... often! (love the "layabout"... my favorite kind of day) xx pam

  9. Sande, you have captured the activity and precision of the French Waiter so well...the images tell a thousand words....and of course you've made me hungry for a poulet roti! The other thing I noted was the credit card machine in his apron pocket; I can't believe how they keep tech.

  10. So nice images...suddenly I feel hungry.

  11. Dear Sande,
    What wonderful photographs of one of the most important aspects of Parisienne life...,,EATING !! Quite an important part of my life too !!
    Fresh bagettes, roast chicken and, the French make some of the best roast potatoes. DELICIOUS ! XXXX

  12. What a lovely post about chic white aprons and juicy roasted chicken.

  13. I am loving all of your Paris photos and stories, Sande! So enjoyable. Have a great week, Sweetie! x0

  14. Wonderful images - thanks for the little sidewalk tour. It's all good. There is something special about waiters wearing white aprons.

  15. Dearest Sande,

    I've been dying to get over here and tell you how much I enjoyed your Paris pictures, especially while you were away, it was like we could live the experience along with you! Isn't Paris just the most wonderful place in the world?

    I am in love with that first photo, oh my goodness, stop that waiter! Je Veux un baguette, s'il vous plait!! xoxox


  16. Looks delicious to me! Have a beautiful day, Kellie xx

  17. These photos remind me of the Julie and Julia movie - just watched it again (over a sumptuous dinner - THE way to see it). Oh, these make me miss Paris and the FOOD. You have a good eye for what makes it unique!

  18. Sande - You have had the most magnificent travels - your photos are mesmeriIng and I have enjoyed them so much - they are dreamy and they make me want to go there even more than ever. I love these sexy guys in their white aprons~~


  19. The blurry image/ action shot makes it all the more atmospherically wonderful! (Almost) as good as being on a Paris street...

  20. I'm really loving your view of Paris - more, more, more, please!

  21. Sande, i'm glad you got converted to le "poulet rôti parisien" ! :-)
    can't wait to hear more about your guide in le Marais !

  22. I missed this post....I just love your shot from the rear darling, how streetstyle you are!

    Oh my gosh that chicken looks delish and yes I think the waiter is looking rather chuffed at being photographed.

  23. Yum and I love the blurry shot it looks as if it was done that way on purpose. Ina Garten does a great roast chicken recipe with a whole lemon and onion and herbs inside the cavity, now you are making me hungry for chicken and I think I am thirsty for orange juice. I am so easily influenced, KATHYSUE

  24. Oh my gosh, I remember those plump chickens and potatoes. There is one in Montmartre, too. All I wanted to do on my last day was bring one up to my room and eat it, but we went out instead. Next time!


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