Tuesday, September 21, 2010

High Colour Alert.............at Maison et Objet

It seems like weeks ago that I walked the aisles of the Maison et Objet show in Paris. Well, actually it was but when I downloaded a second set of photos from my smaller camera yesterday I felt like I was there again and having fun with Fabulous Vicki from French Essence as I personally refer to her now. If Paris is where the trends and colour direction start as claimed in the world of interior design then I would say there is a High Colour Alert headed our way................

Don"t you just love these decal-embellished and die-cut acrylic chairs?
The shoes are pretty good too. 

Gorgeous vases of brilliant colour were everywhere. A clever way to add sleek doses of high colour to more neutral environments and complement fresh floral arrangements. Look at that orange and pink together. Tell me that wouldn't be fun to set a party table with those colours?

Makes me want to have a colour party soon.

This chartreuse wall answered a question I have had for some time. What single colour to paint the long office wall I face each day. What colour will stimulate creativity for me and work with all the colours I work with each day? Read my original post here on Chartreuse here and why it will be my perfect paint colour choice. Think I should add one of those acrylic chairs in orange? Or chartreuse?

More vases and they make me want to design a high-ceiling room with matte black walls and ornate trim and mouldings painted high gloss black. I would line up masses of these vases on the huge stone mantel and let the exuberant colour mix and pattern take the room away. I have no idea where that thought came from but I like the room that just popped into my head.

Peeking through a display window and note how that coral orange wall sets off the more subdued taupe tones and weathered wood frames. Now this is what I came to Paris to see............ inspiration.

 Maison et Objet photos by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life
Photo 6 by Vicki Archer - French Essence


  1. those acrylic chairs are fabulous! oh i love them...i want one! they would be perfect at my boutique!
    xxo aliso

  2. Dearest Sande ~

    This post makes me want to add color to everything! So vibrant and happy!

    Surely hope your path leads you to California soon ~ my little Reverie trio would LOVE to spend some time with one of our favorites!

    By the way, I can't get enough of your Paris posts, and I surely hope they are not over yet!


  3. The acrylic chairs are so fun and I love the orange walls with the pale furniture!

  4. Bonjour Sande ~ what beautiful vibrant colours! and your lovely photo 3rd from the top is so... gorgeous ~ who would have thought orange and pink could look so very elegant. C'est superbe!

  5. Dear Sande,
    It was inevitable that colour would make a comeback after all of the white and off-whites. I still love the neutrals, but these acid greens and oranges are so fresh..... and, you are so 'in the know', being fresh back from Paris !!!! Beautiful photographs of some special pieces. XXXX

  6. Dear Sande,
    Thank you for stopping by on my blog, it was so lovely seeing your comment there. How fabulous getting this inspiration from Paris- everything you would want to know about trends in one place. I love the vases, they would set off any beautiful fresh flower arrangement.
    What fun you had!

  7. Sande how fabulous , I am thrilled to see so much gorgeous color!!

    Art by Karena

  8. Loving your photos from Paris. All this colour is just in time for our Australian spring. Those decal chairs are gorgeous.

  9. I love these! Those chairs in the first photo especially... I can't wait to see how all your inspiration translates to your gorgeous wrapping!

  10. Love the solid colored vases! The last image is my favorite, Sande. Just many beautiful things. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Ohh..those acrylic chairs...absolutely beautiful and so unique. It would be great for a contemporary boudoir! Love it so much!

  12. I love the acrylic chairs. All your posts about Paris have been so wonderful, it looks, and sounds like you had a wonderful time.
    Thank you for sharing

  13. Hi Sande

    How nice that your visit here is still inspiring you and feeding your imagination.
    That chartreuse is spectacular!
    My French Country Home

  14. Yum, yum, yum! Bring on the colour! Glorious, saturated summer-sunshine colours that can raise a smile even on a dark winter's evening. Love the pink and orange combo - always looks fab especially when used with either very matte or very shiny textures.

  15. Yes I was bedazzled by the lovely colors, those chairs are fabulous...and very cute shoes in the background.

  16. Divine vases - they don't even need flowers in them to be appreciated. Have recently posted about a museum in Paris that needs support to save it from closing down....

  17. I would love to know where to get a hold of those acrylic chairs! Any ideas?

  18. dear sande...
    keep the photos and posts coming! this is so fun! LOVE the color and orange and pink together is so refreshing... xx

  19. The acrylic chairs are beyond fun. All the burst of color in this post left me smiling!! Sorry I have exclude orange but all the others are divine!! KATHYSUE

  20. Oh, du capitonné sur les fauteuils, comme sur mes tableaux roses !
    Fantastique espace que Maison et Objets... On y trouve de vraies merveilles...

  21. Everything looks so shiny, new, and fresh. Chartreuse is so WoW. I want those chairs!!

  22. Hello Sandi! Beautiful post -- I recognize glassware by my favorite of all: Henry Dean, anywhere... adore these pieces -- such fantastic colors, shapes and designs. Thanks for sharing, and also, for your lovely comment the other day :)

    I hope you are having a fabulous week,

  23. Did you know that you can read an entire blog post with your mouth wide open? Only if you are in awe of each picture...wow, just wow!

  24. So happy to see some color! Can't wait to finally check out Maison et Objet myself soon. Now back to paperwork, thanks for cheering me up for a moment.




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