Monday, December 20, 2010

Vicente wraps in full color

I tell this story all the time, or at least whenever the subject of great interior designers comes up. My design partner and I met Vicente Wolf at a High Point, NC showroom years ago and it was the inspirational highlight of our trip. It was the end of a long market day and I am sure everyone wanted us out the showroom doors but Vicente Wolf spent a good twenty minutes leisurely chatting to us about the world of design. We pretended to be savvy and cool but all the long way home to Canada we kept saying" OMG, we met the Vicente Wolf, how can someone so talented and famous be so humble and nice too?" Then we worried that we had sounded like a pair of country bumpkins, and I am quite sure we did. When Vicente Wolf joined the blogging world, it really didn't surprise me. Nor does it surprise me that he shares his vast knowledge and experience with blog readers, many of them young designers starting out ................he has a sincere passion for interior design and is evident in every room he creates, every book he writes, every conversation he has, even the short ones. His newest release Lifting The Curtain On Design is certain to inspire me once again. And I love how he cleverly wraps his book gift with the title showing. Twenty years later, he was kind enough again to respond to my gift wrapping request for Gift Wrapping Holidays 2010 as he was rushing out the door for an extended trip. Somehow I assumed his gift wrapping would be executed in the layered, neutral palette that he does so perfectly.............surprise, surprise. When it comes to gift wrapping, Vicente Wolf goes for full colour. And lots of it. 

Your interiors are designed with a restrained aesthetic but always with an element of surprise Vicente. Do you gift wrap with the same refined style? Or do you incorporate an element of surprise?

When choosing my wrapping I prefer an unusual blending of colors. I also like to wrap up several items so there is a sense of discovery, but usually my gifts have a theme.

As an interior designer, so you think gift presentation is an extension of a designer's personal style?

I think anyone's gifts speak of who they are - how much energy they put into it and what their sensibility is.

Your interiors are influenced by your global clientele and travels. do you use any of these influences in your gifting or gift wrapping?

Yes, I do. Two years ago I was in the Sunday market in Bangkok and I bought gifts to put in my next gift basket. It was a lot of work but people loved the fact that it had such a strong Thai flavor literally and visually.

Your client Clive Davis invites you for dinner. Your favorite hostess gift?

He is a hard person to find a gift for, but I would say a book or one of the artists he collects, although he is someone who prefers to give than receive. This makes him even more special.

Do you have a gift wrap signature? Something that says this is a Vicente Wolf gift?

Yes it does, my gifts are like a string of wild pearls, all individual and unique objects strung together in a big gift package.

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  1. Great post, Sande! Love the mix of colors.
    Have a festive, cheer filled week.

  2. Sande - this series is just so much fun!! Like you, I was surprised by Wolf's colorful wrappings - but so wonderful - looks literally like eye candy!!

  3. Sande, I am loving this series and My dear you have really had some style icons in this series, I can only imagine how thrilling this has been for you as well as all of your readers, me included. Kathysue

  4. Love the colour ....the multi coloured tissue with the cellophane is just gorgeous....xv

  5. Dearest Sande,

    Are you referring to the trip you took with Judy...? Might be.
    Very humble interview with Vicente Wolf and nice wrapping; especially his book with the orange bow.
    Enjoy your days leading to Christmas!

    Mariette's Back to Basics

  6. His color choices certainly read very Bangkok! I also feel that he loves to share his passion for design. When I hosted his book signing, he insisted on a Q and A and was very candid with his answers and advise. Unfortunately, I missed his holiday party due to a late client presentation, but my assistants did enjoy it!! Now my turn to wrap probably on Christmas Eve before or after midnight mass..

  7. I have enjoyed all his books and learned so much from them. This interview was great fun and yes the bright colors were a surprise and yet clearly a reflection of his travels.

  8. I love the bright colors! They remind me of YOU Sande! I hope your week s being the best it has ever been to you!
    Merry Christmas!

  9. Hi Sande,

    Very cute story when you and your business partner met Vicente Wolf... Love to read that! I met him twice in person... They were both briefly, but I would say that he would show really strong presence in few minutes with you. My interpretation is that he is calm and intense when talking. I loved to read the interview with him about gifts and wrapping. Unique!
    Thanks for all,
    Renata Gross

  10. May you have a wonderful Christmas and terrific new year!

    Always enjoy your blog and what you show and tell.

    God bless,
    d from homehaven

  11. Very interesting interview! I can see why you admire Vincent Wolf.


  12. Hi Sande ~
    Such a treat to see some bursts of brightness amid the 'norm' of holiday wrappings!
    Your fingers must be so tired from being Santa's most devoted wrapping elf!!!

  13. What a fabulous blog you have...just discovered it via Vicente Wolf's Facebook. A new follower from BC.

  14. HI Sande, you could never sound like a country bumpkin too sweet and good. Love your story and your beautiful Christmas presents. The VHH sends his love and so do I. Have a wonderful Christmas and fab 2011. Much love Carla


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