Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Turquoise and Red

If you read yesterday's post you would know that we were wrapping up a large book gift order in two styles to see which we liked best. The wrapping elves over here think they prefer prototype number two in Turquoise and Red. It might be the hand-dyed silk flower that gives it it's competitive edge and the mix of colours which just happens to match the book cover. Each gift will alter slightly as I am working with 6 colours of silken ribbon roses so the production line and ribbon variation will get more interesting. So might the conversation, we'll definately be opening a Chardonnay to go along with the after-hours task at hand. I am certain that even real elves put something in their eggnog each year.

Photo by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life


  1. Love it - number two! As much as I liked yesterday's contestant, this is wonderful!! Wishing the elves lots of chardonnay!

  2. The colours in this prototype really sing a happy note. But they are both fabulous.
    I adore silk flowers in a gift. I still have not been able to use the silk flowers I bought from your wrapping gift pack... I just cannot bare to part with them.

  3. Oh Sande.....How can I choose....they are both divine. All I can say is, the Chardonnay will help you decide !!!! haha XXXX

  4. Sande,
    This package is absolute stunning. I LOVE turquoise and red together.

  5. They are both so gorgeous of course...I think I do love the turquoise and red though!

    Art by Karena

  6. How DO you keeping doing it..... every package just gets more beautiful and interesting and filled with delightful surprise for the senses!

    You're OUR gift............

  7. I will take one of each please, there is no way I could choose. I think you would have to choose for me, Love your talent!!! hugs Kathysue

  8. You know that you are the best....don't you? Loving this one.....I wish those elves would send you over here to help me .....xxv

  9. Dearest Sande,

    Just seem to lean towards the one from yesterday... But of course, if we had no choice; this looks very pretty on its own. That's always with too much of a good thing; one cannot select anymore.
    Enjoy your Chardonnay approach!

    Mariette's Back to Basics

  10. This one definitely gets my vote!! Absolutely ADORE turquoise with red!! Don't even know if I could bear to open this present it's so beautiful!

  11. Your are making this a hard decision! Red and turquiose are a favorite of mine, but I love pink and would love to use it on my tree one day!

  12. Not a red person but I love the flair of the combinations so I vote turquoise and red for the flash of the package! Jennifer peek in on my post if you have a moment...hahahahahaha! Jennifer jensthreegraces

  13. Sande you are a wonder. I wished I lived in Canada so I could order all my Christmas presents and have them wrapped by you.. So divine. Carla xx

  14. This elf would be popping some bubbly! This is lovely but I think yesterday's was my fave though!

  15. Love it - number two! As much as I liked yesterday's contestant, this is wonderful!! Your blog is simply gorgeous!!!


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