Thursday, March 31, 2011

When I fell in love with Grosgrain Ribbon

I always liked grosgrain ribbon but I much preferred satin ribbon. Actually, I would say that I adore satin ribbon as you well know by now. Satin ribbon always moves easily in my hands when I tie a bow, cooperates in a smooth manner while grosgrain resists tight twists and turns more than most ribbon types. Gros grain actually means coarse texture. Because of it's weave (and signature horizontal weave lines) it is a stiffer fabric, it will fight with you a bit but in the end it does make for a lovely stiff bow. Some people simply like the crisp, classic look of grosgrain ribbon better than the more feminine satin sister. 

It wasn't until I received a 2.5" wide grosgrain ribbon recently that I changed my mind, the extra width made all the difference. Revealed it's unique texture better too. Ever since this 2.5' grosgrain showed up in chocolate brown, hot pink, black and turquoise, I have been using it like crazy (you know how I love a lavish presentation). I like any ribbon that holds it's shape a bit, one of the reasons I rarely use wired ribbon. Once a gift is wrapped, it should be wrapped. I can't stand fussing and fluffing with it on the way to an event. Truthfully, by that point I am more concerned with my attire than my gift presentation.

You may notice I have combined 3 gift wrap techniques, wrapped them all together in one presentation. I have re-cycled a Henri Bendel store box, used a magazine image(Fashionista Gift Wrap), and clipped on a stray earring as a jewelry embellishment (believe me, if I had the pair I would be wearing them). Oh, and I used a type of ribbon that you have rarely seen me use before, so technically that makes it 4 techniques as far as blog tags go. This view to the side and rear is to show the effect of longer ribbon tails. My guideline, the wider the ribbon, the longer the ribbon tails, even more glam if they trail off the package.

As I mentioned before, remember to scan your favorite magazine images and re-use or re-format in the future for gift wrap or gift tags. I would certainly want to use this costumed Cate Blanchett as Elizabeth (torn from the pages of Vogue) as a matching gift tag. And I will as soon as I figure out this new scanner. I promise to show you.

All photos by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life


  1. Sande,
    Thank you so much for the tip on using wider grosgain ribbon. I usually go for satin and sometimes organza however a champagne silk in the stash is a dream. I couldn't resist some narrow grosgrain in fun stripes and polka dots recently as my items are small but I'm not quite happy with how they turn out.

    Thank you so much for commenting on my blog.

    I am a fan of long tails on packages it seem to add that extra something.

  2. Hello, my name is Pamela and I'm addicted to ribbon. Seriously. And now you show me this wide ribbon and all the stores are closed. Ha! I don't often use grosgain but I'll definately give this a try. Love your package.

  3. Sand, this is lovely and has made me look at brown in a new manner. I have a surprise for you at my blog if you care to take a peek. X bonne weekend!

  4. Sande, I have always loved gros grain for all the reasons you mention...there is just something so lovely about the tying of it.....xv

  5. I just stumbled on your blog and what a find it is beautiful! I was also a fan of the satin ribbon especially in black or red until about six months ago a friend introduced me to gros grain and now there is no turning back. Enjoy the delights of this beautiful ribbon and keep posting us amazing things to look at. thankyou.


  6. You have the most brilliant ideas!!! I just love your blog!! I know, I know I already told you!!! But I really love to read and see your posts!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. absolutely gorgeous! anyone who receives a gift from you is so lucky!!

  8. Oh my goodness, the ribbon above, the cake below, the ribbon above....what's a visually hungry girl like me to look at first?
    One post at a time Lisa.
    Sande, I swear if I ever received a gift wrapped like this I would absolutely die! Isn't it amazing how the width of a ribbon changes everything!
    Sooooo incredibly yummy...see now I'm thinking about the cake in the next post below!
    Off to read more and catch up with you here.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    xo Lisa

  9. I thought of Bendels as soon as I saw that chocolate brown ribbon.
    Sighing from Homesickness~
    I have a Bendels shopping back in my dressing room here in Argentina.. to remind me <3

  10. Sande,

    This gift presentation is so rich and beautiful. The upcycled earring and the Shakespearean print work lavishly together. I agree the wider grosgrain does offer something extra here besides texture...maybe a touch of masuclinity and a touch of body??

    Bon week-end,

  11. I love the larger ribbon too! Been visiting for a while and love your blog! Added you to my blog roll!

  12. I am also addicted to's texture...the colors...I adore ribbon...especially vintage.

  13. Love grosgrain and am going to see if I can find the wider variety somewhere - it is really elegant. Your packages are truly little works of art - SO beautiful!! I think the Cate Elizabeth image would made a great gift tag - can't wait to see.

  14. Sande,

    The greatest gifts are of creativity you truly are giving of yourself a unique experience. That can not be repeated the same way twice. Wonderful.

  15. Dear Sande,
    Makes me want to eat French chocolate for some reason:) I think it is the rich dark elegance mixed with the regal gold.

  16. Sande,
    This is gorgeous!!! Definately fit for a queen, perhaps a wedding gift for the probable future Queen of England!

  17. Oh my goodness this package looks awesome! Love the ribbon the color really everything about it.

  18. I've always loved grosgrain ribbon. My mom used to tie it on the ends of my pigtails as a child. The chocolate brown grosgrain ribbon is exquisite. So is chocolate brown velvet and satin as well.

  19. Beautiful....all four elements together! I am a grosgrain girl!

  20. I can totally see why you're smitten. 'Tis a feast for the eyes!

  21. Salut Sande, yep, I'm currently a pretty bad commenter, too... These photos are stunning and I do like the elegant look of the ribbon. Hope you are well. Love from London xo

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