Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Cake Opera Co...........creations of a romantic nature

~ Chinoiserie ~

If I get caught buying a wedding magazine, I just say I am doing research for a young friend. I don't dare say the truth..............I am fascinated with the creativity of today's weddings and just love looking at the bridal gowns, the settings, the flowers, the cakes, the favours, everything really........I just can't explain it. Mostly, the brides (or their planners) astound me with their attention to detail. I have been meaning to do a post on a Canadian wedding talent for some time. Feast your eyes on the creations of the Cake Opera Co. of Toronto, Canada...... this is eye candy of the most intense flavour and style.

Browsing the stunning website is such a visual feast that I thought it best to let you savour their talent for yourself. Conceptual drawings give you a peek into the story and inspiration behind each creation. 

~ Hall of Mirrors ~ 

Just a tasty bite........each layer of Hall of Mirrors is made with cast sugar tiles with the handmade crown painted with 24-karat gold.

~ Confection Towers ~

~ Operettas ~

 The clever name for the Sweet Table Confections 

~ Milk Glass ~

Inspired by the creators milk glass collection.

Enjoy.............Cake Opera Co. 


  1. Sande,

    I am right with you on the wedding decor, planning obsession. Just the other night I was flipping through one of my favorite Martha Stewart Weddings magazines and I thought-I'd get married every 5 years (to my husband, of course) if I could have the pleasure of planning the whole thing each time!
    These cakes are stunning! I am so inspired by this post. Thank you for sharing.


  2. Oh Sande, I love these photos with the picture frames! Going to have to check the website out now, and "pin" a couple of these! :) Lynn

  3. What amazing culinary creations!! And the styling for these shots is phenomenal!! Will have to go check out the site - I wish I had a special occasion on the horizon!!

  4. Gorgeous! And my brother's wedding, he keeps telling me how nice I am to help? No. I just LOVE weddings:). And those frames too...

  5. This is JUST GORGEOUS! I am glad I am not the only one with a major crush on all things wedding! I am fascinated by both the cakes and the dreamy gowns...and yes I too despite, being married 25 years have broken down to buying a wedding magazine or two! Love the pictures above..all totally beautiful. Makes you just want to get married all over again (to the same guy of course)

  6. Bonjour Sande - these cakes are so delightful but my very favourite is the macaron tower! tres elegant! xx

  7. The confection towers are so pretty. wonder if they are hard to take apart. All of the images here are so stunning!

  8. These are beyond stunning Sande! I love the Marie Antoinette cakes they have made, drool!
    I thought I was the only closet wedding magazine buyer, I dream of having a ten year anniversary recreated from my favorite tear sheets!

  9. Gorgeous...these are amazing Sande!! Who doesn't love a wedding?!

  10. wow! if they taste as good as they look - double wow!

  11. I do the same thing buy bridal magazines. I also watch that show Say Yes to the Dress on TLC I love looking at cake and bridal gowns. This company is fantastic. I wish lived closer to them!

  12. Dear Sande,
    Wow! So amazing! Nothing like a touch of gold to all things beautiful!
    Off to check it all out:)

  13. Those confection towers made me instantly think of Faberge boxes! Don't know why but they are so pretty! The bird & the cake, not my favourite but the milk glass I adore. Would love to see her milkglass collection!!!
    Thank you Sande!
    xo Lisa

  14. Totally do the same with wedding magazines! The flowers, the beautiful cakes, or the colors draw me in... I could be a wedding planner in my next life.. I don't keep the magazines out... my daughter who is single and 21 would think I'm rushing her!

  15. Sande,

    I agree I love it also it's the best of the best. Inspiration is triggered and leads to even more thoughts of celebration and designing your own re-wedding to the same dashing husband after many years behind us as well. Could be a new trend to those in wedded bliss for those married over 20 years. Love this post.

  16. Sande ~

    sean and i eloped, so no wedding cake. but let's just say, i often dream of a wedding type cake for my birthday. something so indulgent just to celebrate my special day...and of course, lots of friends and family to share the enormous sweet tower of deliciousness with.



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