Sunday, March 6, 2011

Paris to New York....................bananas awesome

I started here, loving this venue-prep shot at the Grand Hotel in Paris for French designer Roland Mouret (known for the curvaceous Galaxy dress) Fall 2011 preview this past week. You can feel the anticipation and excitement that would proceed the season showing of a collection in this one shot..............

.............that somehow led me to this remarkable and mesmerizing glimpse of New York sparkle from From Me To You where the talents of NY photographer and Rue contributor Jamie Beck always takes my breath away. That sparkly stop led me over to Oscar PR Girl where I found satisfying solace on yet another snowy afternoon. Erika Berman really is the PR girl for the fashion house Oscar de la Renta and her behind-the-scenes blog is truly "bananas awesome". Her fun term, not mine, though I just might borrow it from this point forward to describe anything too clever for words. 

The workroom of Oscar de la Renta. 

The forms. The patterns.

The buttons.

The shoes. "Bananas awesome"...........for sure.

"Fashion is only fashion once a woman puts it on"
                                            ~ Oscar de la Renta

Photo 1 from Twitpic/Photo 2 from FromMe-ToYou/Photos 3 to 6 by Jamie Beck for  Oscar PR Girl


  1. Sande,

    This is a Sunday morning treat Thank You! Love workrooms they carry within them the essence of awesome, dress forms, patterns, sewing machines humming, buttons, thread and embellishments. Hopes, dreams, and wishes linger in the air until projects are completed. Magical!

    Those shoes are to die for or with while wearing them.


  2. Love those photos - the second one really is "bananas awsome" (I actually laughed at that expression - fantastic) and the peek into Oscar de la Renta's workroom is heaven... thanks for sharing xo

  3. Dearest Sande,

    Your first photo is not showing up as a thumbnail on other people's blog. I've fixed it with mine with these simple steps:

    Here we go!

    To have the first picture of your blogpost showing as a thumbnail on other blogrolls, you go back into Edit post and click the HTML button, Scroll down until you find the HTML code for the first picture in your post. Within that code you will find, once or twice this:


    You need to make a couple of modifications, this is what you want -

    Lots of love,


    To RECAP https becomes http:/ / and becomes

  4. Those cream shoes are so heavenly I could hang them as a mobile!

  5. Wonderful journey these sites you have shown.....xv

  6. Wow, that glimpse of Paris sparkle really was quite mesmerising (you might want to spellcheck that ;)
    I sat and watched the cars to try to see how it was repeated...all too hard. I enjoyed it though!
    The only Oscar de la Renta that I wear comes in a bottle with a atomiser spray top, and sits with my other perfumes on my dresser.
    That first photo taken at the Grand Hotel in Paris, is amazing. You just do not get anything like that here in Australia.
    Thanks for sharing Sande!

  7. Sande ~

    Don't you just love how one great find leads to another and another and another?

    Some days, I find myself being lost for hours on the interwebs!

    Beautiful finds and shares...thank you.


  8. I loved meandering through your bog today -- thank you
    Have a super Week.

  9. ohmygosh! This is amazing, I wish I could walk through here!

  10. The gowns being created are awesome.
    Mary Ann

  11. This is a fascinating post, Sande - what beautiful images. Have a great week! xo

  12. So pretty! I love the workroom photo!

  13. Great post - you pulled together many of my favorite spots to visit. Love bananas awesome - I'll be looking for it in your epistolary future!


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