Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Love, Pray, Japan

Illustration by Japanese artist Tatsuro Kiuchi

We are all praying for Japan in our own way, in our own language, but it just doesn't seem enough.
But maybe it is, prayers can work in strange ways and I hope you will
join me in giving this Japan.
I will be joining fellow blogger Dust Jacket Attic and the long and growing list of bloggers
who will participate in the 
For Japan With Love ~ Bloggers Day of Silence 
in the hopes that our individual readers and followers will give to this most worthy cause.
We are hoping you were just waiting and praying for a meaningful way to help.
I was. 

 For more information please visit  For Japan with Love and 
you can donate directly by clicking here.
More information about the worldwide disaster assistance of ShelterBox click here.
Should you make a contribution (and any amount helps), please let me know in my comment box 
so that I can include you in an upcoming thank you post.

And please......... keep praying 
Especially for the parents who are trying to feed, shelter, protect and comfort their children 
during this most devastating of events

Top photo via Pinterest.


  1. That's just great Sande, when we band together in our wonderful blogging community we can help...much love DJ

  2. Thanks you Sande for a beautiful post...xoxo Kit

  3. We just have to believe that prayers are always answered positively.
    What a caring post ♥

  4. It is such a sad state I know we can help and yes, pray!!

    Art by Karena

  5. We must all do what we can to help.....lovely tribute Sande....xv

  6. my husband is a Navy helo pilot responding to the tragedy, please keep Japan and those providing assistance in your thoughts

  7. we'll definitely keep them in our prayers!

  8. A thoughtful and lovely post...thanks for sharing xo

  9. Prayers produce miracles and a miracle is what's needed right now!
    God Bless

  10. Posted for my readers, thanks for helping to spread the word.

    Debby Brock


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