Thursday, April 7, 2011

the home stretch.............and a surprise blog

Photo by Jessica Nichols 

The week simply got away from me over here. Our son has been home for a few weeks and off he goes tomorrow to Florida for his final home stretch. In four more months, after a few more exams and a few more hospital rotations, he will be at the finish line. I find I am holding my breath for him right now as mothers tend to do. Somehow I thought older children would be easier, the worry eased, I find it is not. Someday, when he lets me, I will tell you our son's story, why we are so remarkably proud of what he has accomplished. It is not my story to tell, but it is one of facing huge odds and I do want him to inspire me. xo

photo by Rodney Smith

I just finished reading The End, the fascinating blog written by photographer Rodney Smith. Yes, that Rodney Smith, the very famous and talented photographer has a blog and it was a delightful and surprising discovery. Over the past weekend, I read each and every post he has written since he started it back on July 13th, 2009. He is one of the most talented photographers of our time............and his writing, his stories, his honest and human writing style had me wanting more, the feeling of reading a wonderful novel which I didn't want to end. I am in awe of both his talents. Rodney Smith posts every Monday, from home in New York or from location anywhere in the Monday can't come fast enough for me. 

Photo 1 from Jessica Nichols photo 2 and 3 by Rodney Smith


  1. I can not wait to hear the full story...but of course he will succeed, with such an inspirational and talented Mother behind him! xxoo A

  2. I'm sure he will be a great success and I'll look forward to hearing his story one day. Your words do, however, make me worry slightly - does that mean the worst worries are yet to come with my (for now) 12-year old...? Hope the sun is shining where you are xo

  3. Lovely photos... and thanks for the link to The End. Look forward to reading some of Rodney's postings.

  4. it looks fascinating ... can't wait to dive in Rodney Smith blog ...

  5. Oh I can't wait to read his blog - thank you!! The photos you've featured here are magnificent. And I look forward someday to hearing you son'g story - sounds like an inspirational one!

  6. I think that if you have raised a child and the child grows into a man who you are proud of and inspires you, you've done an amazing job. I hope his home stretch is swift and filled with happy endings and new beginnings.

  7. Those images stopped me in my tracks this morning! Thank you for sharing.

    I think every mother reading this around the world knows exactly what you are talking about! And I agree, the older they get I think the more the mother's heart aches when things are tough for them, as they indulge so much more of their thoughts and dreams as they age ~ so there is even more tenderness and shared experience than when they were little and seemingly vulnerable.

  8. OH that is just so fantastic about your son, the end is so close now. I'm so happy for him and you both.

    I love Rodney's work, he is such a huge talent. Thanks for the tip about his to have a look.

    much love DJ

  9. Looks amazing and how can it not be? The pictures are fascinatingly beautiful..thanks for sharing. Have a lovely evening!

  10. Gosh those flowers are beautiful. It is something when our sons grow up, I am in awe sometimes when I look at mine and see the men they have become. My heart swells and I know yours is about to burst. Enjoy every moment with him.

  11. Sande very exciting and I can hardly wait to read as well!

    Oh and I never stop being concerned for my grown children.

    Art by Karena

  12. Hi Sande,
    congrats on all of your sons accomplishments! That's huge! Sending lots of good thoughts for the home stretch! Off to check out this blog now.

  13. Sande ~

    What an amazing son you have...and I know you must be radiating with sheer pride for him.

    wishing you a wonderful weekend (with little worry!).


  14. I too am a huge fan of Rodney and love his blog. This man is so full of beauty - inside out, and his work reflects that.
    I love that he shoots with a regular SLR - no digital help here.
    Have you bought his book 'The End'? It looks magnificent and it is definitely on my wish list!

    Your son.
    I wish him luck and am sure he feels the loving support from his mother, despite being a big boy now. x
    Though my kids are still young (just 5 and 8) I know that they will for ever more be 'little' in my heart and that I always will 'worry about them' in that way only a mother can..

    I look forward to the day he decides to share his story. I am sure we'll all shed a tear of pride and happiness for him and for you.

    x Charlotta

  15. Hello Sande; Boy I couldn't agree more with what you said about worrying about our older children. I too thought the angst would ease as they matured...NOT! I'm so happy for your son, what an amazing achievement to become a physician. I'm happy for you and your husband as well.It will be an over-whelming moment when he's achieved his goal won't it? Moments like that I bawl like a baby. I love Rodney's photography too and can't wait to read his blog. Thanks for the intro and have a good weekend. xx Deb

  16. Can't wait to visit Rodney Smith's blog...gorgeous photography!! I can feel your pride in your son - such an accomplished you man ~

  17. Head over heels in love with your blog. I'm a new follower, hope you're gonna follow back. All the best, talk soon

  18. I visited your blog enjoying the beauty . I was surprised to read today about your son in a Florida school. My son is also in medical school in Florida . I can hear your pride in your words. I wish you the best :)

  19. My husband (and it felt like I) went through that eons ago. Match day. Internships, Residency. A long road. Hard work. But saving lives and making a difference. Congratulations and best wishes for your son (and you!). Trish

  20. Hi sande wow your son sounds I treating. Looking forward to hearing all. Love Rodney green. Ctraordinary pics will check out is blog. Carla x

  21. Sande,

    I hope that this final home stretch is brimmin with victory after victory. I can only imagine this long journey and how easy it would be to give up and quit. I admire anyone who can stay the course in the medical field.

    I hope all is well with you and your new regime. Enjoy the cycling and the fresh air!


  22. I just love the idea of posting every Monday... I am stretched so thin these days that it would relieve some pressure. I must drop over to see this blog. Thanks for this tip and all your beautiful posts.


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