Wednesday, April 13, 2011

the way you move your hips.........ready to dance?

isn't it just plain wonderful when the sun is shining and you start moving more? movin those hips? outside where we are meant to be? seeing the grass turn greener by the day? the trees bud? and the days get longer? it makes me feel all sparkly and new. full of sugar and spice and all things nice. it makes me feel like dancing. ready?

top photo by Emma Freemantle via Sarah Kaye/Bottom photo via Hip In Paris/Video-You Tube/Mayor Hawthorne


  1. What a happy tune ! Thank you for spreading your sweetness around !


  2. I Loooove your attitude more power to YOU!! sweet Sande, Happy Spring, Kathysue

  3. FUN video!!! I want a body like those and to hang out in a place like that!!!

  4. Lotsnofnsmilesmhere Sande, thank you x

  5. meringues and feathers mmmmmm fay xx

  6. Definitely dancing time - with a little sweet treat to follow!

  7. I am ready baby...I am really ready! Love Spring too Sande. We really do get that lift in our step.

    Thanks for the giggle. xx

  8. Spring definitely puts an extra "spring" in my it!!

  9. soooo wanting to get the hips moving... great post sande...xx

  10. Ok.....after watching this....The price tag on those Nike's that I spotted the other day doesn't sting quite so bad. If you want it bad enough you have to be willing to work for it, right? Cannot think of a better way to work it off than dancing!
    Gosh, and I was stopping by to mention a link that I thought you might like, called Paris By Mouth!
    Love this Sande. Those photos and video and just the kind of treats I always find at A Gift Wrapped Life!
    xo Lisa

  11. If that doesnt' get you in the mood..what will? I am feeling it! But wait backtrack..are those freshly baked macaroons in the second picture.....I think I might want to first move my mouth to gobble them up and THEN I will move my hips and get busy exercising..the dreaded "D" word (yes diet) started yesterday..ugh!

  12. You're the best! Even with my nasty cold I feel like dancing now!

    Hugs to you, Sande!

    xo Gigi

  13. I love the vintage feel of this song; it reminds me of "You Can't Hurry Love" by the Supremes. (I love the Supremes).

    Thanks for sharing this song. I'm going to go try to find the MP3 to download for future happy dancing:)


  14. Oh Sande you are always so up for Spring and moving your body!! I love that about you... so uplifting and inspirational. Oh how I've missed you...
    Sorry I haven't been by for some time but please know you are never far from my mind!
    Thanks for being you :)

    Lots of Love,

  15. I DO feel like dancing now... and, the sun is shining too! Have a great weekend!! ox Barbara


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