Monday, April 11, 2011

warm gray feathers

Loving warm gray tones today, this gorgeous room seen at Trouvais, these feathery earrings especially.
Reminded me of this post by Lynn at Paris Hotel Boutique........ 
wearing feather extensions in her hair on a Steve Tyler whim.
I say have fun with style. 
And fun for me would be a pair of feathery gray earrings to wear with white linen this summer.  
Aren't they spectacular? The room too.

Happy Week and a stylish thank you to the new followers and readers who stopped by to comment. So sweet. 

Top photo from blog Trouvais/Bottom photo via Tumblr


  1. Thanks for the "nod" Sande! I'm still laughing every morning looking at my bird's nest complete with feathers!

    I am LOVING those grey feather earrings! Now if I was a big younger and had pieced ears, I would be parading those around!

    Have a great week!

  2. That first picture sure is lovely..and Steven Tyler well he is just an original and if he feels good with long feathers dangling from his lobes..then so be it...gotta love it.

  3. Oh, yes, feathers, feathers, and more feathers!

    White linen and gray do make quite a handsome pair.

    Wishing you a joyous week,

  4. I love the room and the feathers. Those tones are so calming!!!!
    xo Elizabeth

  5. I love the chandelier and of course the feathers.

    That was so hysterical, your comment....that should be the caption on the photo. I'm still laughing.

    lots of love DJ

  6. I just added it ha ha...and mentioned it in my comments page xxx

  7. I say hooray for grey! I adore it to wear and on walls, especially when accented with crisp white. And those feather earrings are glorious! xo

  8. Beautiful!! I love the idea of the feather gray earrings with white this summer!!

  9. I simply adore the Scandinavian color schemes, they seem to emit tranquility and allow one's brain to relax and go places one is not free to imagine in a color saturated environment. :}

  10. Just love this shade of gray. Painted my kitchen this color last year and I love it. Wish I had that chandelier to hang in my apt.


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