Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Barbie and Chocolate 3 am

All of these photos gave me a giggle this morning. Was there anything better than your mom's Devil's Food chocolate cake and then playing dress-up with Barbie? I am assuming I ate my yummy birthday cake, along with a glass of chilled milk, then dressed up my new Barbie and that is why these two things go together in my reminiscent mind today. I am kind of loving this upscale Barbie couture, though I must admit way, way my young mind my Barbies were certainly dressed this glam. I am sure I mentally enhanced their attire in all sorts of creative ways. Let's admit it, this is my mature version of how to serve chocolate cake and how to dress Barbie. Doesn't it look like fun? Something to serve while watching the Royal Lovefest at 3 am this Friday? The gorgeous cake photography and recipe is from a blog named What Katie Ate, a really yummy place.

Photo 1 from What Katie Ate/Photo 2 and 3 from Pinterest


  1. That sounds like a great idea Sande! How are we going to get up that early?? Cake may motivate me! LOVE the new Barbie clothes...I can't believe how chic they have become! :)

  2. Adorable post. Such pretty Barbie's and who can resist cake???

  3. Beautiful, the barbies I mean. I´m going to send this to my daughter who collects barbies, I´m sure she will love the "glamorous air" of these pictures.
    Regards from Spain

  4. aww cute I love vintage barbie...and chocolate cake :)

  5. I got no further than the picture of the cake.....

  6. It SO does look like fun!! Funny you mention Moms devil food chocolate cake! I loved it so much I just had a devils food frozen yogurt today:) Is this the new Cate barbie doll? So festive! I will be there with bells on to watch this wedding with you! Nothing sounds better than some gold bubbles and cake to watch this royal wedding:)

  7. I am forwarding this to my sister who has all her original Barbie's from the 60s or 70s with a black patent leather carrying case in perfect condition!! Oh that chocolate cake looks divine!!

  8. Fabulous stuff. And oo~ooh I am so excited to see a champagne SAUCER not a flute! yay! Completely impractical, but so much more elegant!

    And this is how Barbie should be ~ drop dead glamourous with that wicked look in her eye!

  9. love this post! I have to say, I had the world's chicest barbie. My mom would sew clothes for them from the 50's (when my oldest sister was born) to the 70's (me) and kept them ALL! They had everything you could imagine. My favorites are the couture dresses she copied in the 50's and 60's. I may have had the only barbie with a slinky evening gown and a fur stole.

  10. Soooooo cute!


  11. This sounds like the perfect treat for a royal slumber party. The magnitude of this Royal Wedding is incredible!
    I'm looking forward to every detail.


  12. OH MY LORD! I had to stop here at the bottom of your page and catch my breath! If there is anyone that I would have adored watching the wedding with, it would be YOU!
    Sande, you do everything with such feminine style. I know this will sound corny but you always remind me to take a bit more time for myself....just me....the wife & mom....the teacher, gardener, dog walker, house keeper, etc...
    Thank you so much for that and for sharing your beautiful and very inspiring gift wrapped life with me!
    xo Lisa


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