Monday, November 26, 2012

Let's go to New Bergdorf Goodman

One of the Bergdorf Goodman ~ Follies of 2012 store windows.

The Follie girls almost ready for their unveiling.

I am crazy fascinated by the creativity behind artful window display these days. Just a few weeks ago I wanted to fly to Paris to see the Louis Vuitton and Dior windows and yesterday I casually hinted to my husband that a quick New York getaway to see the holiday windows would be an quick flight for us. Just window shopping honest ........Bergdorf Goodman, Henri Bendel, Macy's, Bloomingdales, and that crazy Lanvin-wearing Minnie Mouse at the Electric Holiday window display at Barneys. If I actually do get on a flight to New York this month it would be due to the BG background story from The Coveteur. Once I saw the exclusive, gorgeous, behind-the-scenes photos of the Bergdorf Goodman Follies of 2012 taken by the coveteur team, well, I was entranced and motivated. If you are heading to New York for a nose-pressed-to-the-glass experience of your own, then make sure you read the inspiration behind Bergdorf Goodman's 2012 windows from designer/creator David Hoey, it just adds to the background story. Don't forget to have your Instagram app ready this year, seems Bergdorf Goodman loves this social media thing and is having a BG Windows ~ Instagram Contest and your clever instagram photo entry could win some cool prizes, real BG window props  (they mostly re-use and re-fashion props in case you were wondering) from the holiday displays or one of the final photos from the Coveteur photo shoot. Interactive window shopping..................I can do that. I'm in. 

thousands, thousands of white feathers

photos via The Coveteur


  1. Good - imaginative window dressing like this is a true art form.
    My Daughter, Son and I are taking my Granddaughter to see the windows in downtown Toronto. I know it's not the same magical style of windows that my children enjoyed years ago, but it is our tradition to share the experience together. What retailers need to know is that we will come in and shop for the whatzmacallit - and will be more likely to if they roll out the red carpet with traditional old school window dressing rather than fill the glass with products.

  2. Yes let's check them out...:)
    Seriously... you must Sande... to share with us...xv

  3. Please jump on a flight to New YorK! We could have lunch at Bergdorf or Barney's...then you could come to my Luxe Magazine event for cocktails...these windows are breathtaking. I Phone in hand, I took some detailed photos of the windows or my current post. Simply amazing.The depressing thing can I now tackle my own Christmas windows? Wish you were here to consult as my tree this year will be designed with gold wrapped boxes with bows and presents.

  4. Please jump on a plane to New York! We'll have lunch at Bergdorf or Barney's, then we'll go for cocktails at my showroom for the Luxe magazine event. The windows are amazing, Iphone in hand, I took details for my current post. How can I possibly work on my own Christmas windows after looking at these glamorous extravagant magnificent displays...Wish you were her as in lieu of a Christmas tree, we will have a giftwrapped boxes tree sculpture..,at leaf we have the gold wrapping paper, gold ribbon,orange and orange will be the theme.

  5. I would LOVE to go see the windows! Thank you for the preview, Sande.
    Happy Tuesday.

  6. What fabulous Christmas windows Sande ....... you MUST go to New would be rude not to !!!! XXXX

  7. Those feathers are fantastic. There is really something special about store windows dressed up.

  8. Yes, please go...and share lots of pictures!! Katie x

  9. Utterly fanciful window displays!
    I can just see the crowds of wide-eyed women studying all of this beauty!


  10. I'm all for you going and taking lots of your gorgeous photos for us all to see...:) I miss NYC this time of year, the windows especially, but not all the bell ringing please. I LOVE Christmas anywhere in the world! xxoo~

  11. Love the stick figures ladies! So fun ~ thanks for sharing!

  12. Love the new colours and header Sande... and Bergdorf Goodman too...:) xv


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