Friday, October 12, 2012

Pretty iphone Photos.............and keeping it safe

These were the first photos I took with an iphone over three years ago. Since then I am still surprised at the ever-increasing quality at my fingertips.............which brings me to a travel reminder. My iphone 4S was stolen in Paris about 5 days before I left. It was so fast and so slick that it took me minutes to realize it was missing and only because I was going to take another photo. Travel reminder #1, do not ever leave your iphone (or any phone) on the restaurant or cafe table even while you are sitting there and think you are guarding it. In my case, two strange girls shoved a white paper over our cafe table to distract us (I had just sat down and had not put the iphone away yet) for a few seconds and then it was gone and so were they. The second thing I learned is that I was really happy that I had downloaded my daily photos each and every night. All I lost was that morning's photos, my new Kate Spade iphone case (which I loved), and my What's App free non-stop texting ability with the guys at home. It can always be worse but iphones are an easy target these days from what I hear so don't leave them on the table...........anywhere. It is way too easy for them and you don't want to lose your phone or those pretty pictures. 

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iphone photos by Sande Chase


  1. It is amazing what nice photos the iphone takes. Sometimes it's better than my big camera. I'm sorry to hear that someone stole yours like that. Very brazen.

  2. Oh so sorry to hear! I have been in a situation like that once (my purse was stolen straight from my bag while I was on a bus) and although I lost cash and ID it didn't upset me as much as the fact that somebody actually thought it was totally normal to steal....

    The photos above are magical. I think it's the rose that captured my attention and added that special touch... And I also loved the shoes... :) and ribbons.

    Have a beautiful day and great weekend!


  3. Thanks for the reminder! And always good to download. Your trip otherwise sounded fantastic, from both you and Vicki. Hope to glimpse you there next year, camera in hand/pocket, French fry in mouth.

  4. thanks for the timely reminder, sande. i actually left my phone on the sink in a public restroom today "for just a second" can you believe that? it was fine, but I learned a lesson! donna

  5. What a good piece of advise. Thank you

  6. What a shame, but thanks for the reminder to be great that you had most of your photo's though...these ones are so clear, as you say, amazing quality.

  7. That's a great tip. I never thought about the desirability of my Iphone. And the thought of losing all the precious pictures it holds!
    Have a beautiful weekend.

  8. I think I've become too casual with my possessions when in Paris. Thank you for the wake up call. These iPhone photos are wonderful.
    Warm regards

  9. Such a good reminder....I left mine in SF on a table in a restaurant...for the first time. I was very fortunate I was barely down the street and remembered. Europe is a different thing...

  10. Did you ever have a person suddenly appear in front of you wih a gold ring asking if it was yours? First time I was confused, second time I asked them to leave. Still not sure what they wanted. Maybe my husband discourged them.

  11. Those photos are amazing, I cannot believe the quality the i phone takes. I am sorry you lost your phone, it is sad we have to be so careful when travelling. I lived in the Middle East for 5 years and used to dance Tango, everywhere we went to dance, we would leave our phones and handbags on the tables and go and dance and never once did any of us have anything stolen.

    In Italy once I was getting ready to get off a train and had been looking at a young woman's jewelry, I thought I wonder how she is wearing such expensive looking jewelry as she was only about 18. She was by now standing behind me and I had suddenly had a feeling, I turned around and she had her hand "inside" my handbag and was about to steal my wallet, I didn't even feel her touching my shoulder bag and everything was crammed in there, she was a pro. She quickly removed her hand and ran into another carraige and as the train pulled in was off like a shot. I don't know why I turned, intuition I think and thankfully it saved me loosing all my money and credit cards.

    I now always have my handbag to the front of me when I am travelling.

    I am sorry you didn't get your phone back, it can spoil a holiday but thankful it was at the end and not the beginning but I guess you lost all your photos :(.


  12. A great tip - thanks! I always see phones sitting on tables- you are so right! Susan at Romancing the Home

  13. What a treat to see beautiful images each day. Thank You!

  14. Beautiful photos and a good reminder about safety. I haven't been as careful about my phone as I should be but will do so with your reminder. A few years ago I had my purse stolen from my shopping cart when I turned to pick up a flat of pop. My phone, my keys, ID, everything! The money lost was the least of my concerns. Now, whenever I see someone being sloppy with their purse at the grocers, I make a point of sharing this story. And I always secure my purse (and make a big show of it) when I first pick up my cart.

  15. These things are especially harder when they happen so far away from home.
    Thanks for sharing - the tips are good to abide by.

  16. I know two different Parisians who had a similar thing happen... they should know better! But it's so easy to be casual with the iPhone. Glad you had saved your pictures!!

  17. Sorry to hear of the theft Sande, but glad you rebounded; I would be totally lost without my phone!

  18. Thank you for the great advice, what a sad world we sometimes live in. I was lucky to leave my iPhone in a restaurant and they had it for me 5 hours later. I was the lucky one.
    You so inspire me with every post thank you, thank you.
    I read Beautiful Ruins because of your post and really liked it. Great summer read.

  19. So sorry that happened to you. I am getting my first iphone today. I will be careful. Lovely photos love the word on the ribbon--do you sell that ribbon? Always enjoy your posts.

  20. Great images! I love this post!

    Love, Jamie Herzlinger

  21. Just found your blog, lovely! xo

  22. Sande,

    Your snaps are gorgeous! Especially now as holidays are approaching it is best to be reminded and keep reminding our friends and loved ones about how some have and some don't and we become the new sporting event (being a victim) of theft especially with iPhones.

    One reminder from my husband: when someone asks you if "you know the time" as you reveal your iPhone to check that's when it can be grabbed from your hand and the thief takes off running. So think of your actions, reactions, and change them today. The holidays are coming and busy days mean staying alert in all surroundings.


  23. oh dear! so sorry to hear about your phone -- quite along the same line, was just in paris, and took a million shots with my iphone 5, some my all time favourites, and at the end of december, p very accidentally reset my phone, causing all of the data, and some 4,000 photos, including the paris ones, to be lost forever . . .

    nothing was backed up at the time, as a wifi connection is necessary, internet was set to be installed that very morning, but it was too late; needless to say, have been carefully moving photos over since.

    happy new year, sande! hope you had a beautiful holiday season xo


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