Monday, May 25, 2009

Glam Monday ~ Shades of Gray~Grey

One of a series by British fashion illustrator David Downton for Wyndham Grand Collection Hotels.

Now.....that's a rock. If I had a John Hardy Kaya White Topaz ring like this on my hand, I would never get anything done. I would be staring at it all day. $1,495.00 at Neiman Marcus.

Something about this shoe by Herve Lager that I just adore. It's not a dressy shoe, but I just love the combination and height. Something to wear with taupe linen perhaps? Available at Neiman Marcus.

Gray is a challenging colour scheme for interiors. Too much and it's a chilly and unwelcome environment. It takes a highly-skilled designer to successfully work with gray, but designer Amanda Nisbet gets it just right with warm stone and the dose of yellow silk. Photo from Southern Accents.

Unless you are looking to achieve an industrial interior, watch the tone of gray you use. Gray can be gorgeous and wonderfully neutral but there's a fine line between cool and warm in the colour gray. It works well with ivory tones, seems to soften it's cool tendencies. Photo by Claire Richardson.
I received an email from Beth at Style Redux who sent me this exquisite gray dress after she read my post this morning. I think that meant it was alright if I borrowed it for the day. She says this is her favorite gown, period.
The tulle tiered gown with 1,000 layers is by Versace Couture and was made for Carrie in Season Six ~ Sex and The City. I don't know how I missed this gown (in the DVD or blog), but thanks to Beth who passed this frothy creation along. She notes it is actually a celadon gray, close enough for me. I would take it in any colour. Beth also has a second blog Chinoiserie Chic which focuses on all things with the classic Chinoiserie pattern.

Earrings by Lanvin with grosgrain ribbon. You had to know I would love these.
Available at Neiman Marcus.

I went hunting for the black wedding dress I heard that Vera Wang introduced at her last show. I found it but I much prefer the gray one shown above. She has this whole colour thing going for bridal dresses.

Gray is at one of it's best with yellow. This gorgeous Aviary desk set from Elum Design includes all manner of correspondence. The fabric box with magnetic lid holds 315 well-organized pieces. Gift tags, foldovers. stationery sheets, flat cards, and enclosures, for $150.00. Graciously stocked for life with no excuses that you didn't have a card on hand. Nothing is better than having a lovely little note or letter come in the mail, it's just a more heartfelt and thoughtful manner in which to thank some one sincerely. Besides that, it's just good manners......still.

A Bow Pendant by Herve Leger. Remind me to show you my Herve Lager 6" wrist band one day. I thought it was the coolest thing ever until my son asked my if I had strained my wrist and embellished a tensor band. He just doesn't get it! I still wear it all the time and I still think it is the coolest thing ever. I do kind of look at it too much when I am wearing it. I must get easily distracted by anything I find glamorous.

Looking pretty glam for a gray palette isn't it? Who would have thought? That white painted trim and mouldings adds a crisp counterpoint to the silver and gray tones. Looks like even the rotary-style telephone is a platinum gray. Photo by Polly Wreford.

A portrait of Catherine Deneuve by British fashion illustrator David Downton.

I'm cheating just a tad as the room isn't totally gray, but enough to fit my gray criteria today. All I know is this luxurious bathroom is where I would love to start and end my day. Nothing more glam than mirrored cabinets or furniture, especially when they are slightly aged. Photography by Pieter Estersohn. No design source given. Photo from Southern Accents.

The softest shimmer of ice gray. Isn't this Nicole Miller Satin Bust Metal Gown simply gorgeous?

Leave it to Charlotte Moss to offer her trademark gray Pagoda pattern on travel and ziploc bags. She must have been packing one day and filling regular ziplocs with travel-sized cosmetics and knew that certainly wasn't a civilized way to travel. The set of white cotton bags are 4 for $40.00 and the set of zilplocs are 25 for $25.00. These would keep your travel friend packed in style and I would love to see the expression on the face of the customs inspector.

A simple little bouquet just for you.
Photo by Andrea McClain ~ Flickr

A illustration of celebrity strip tease artist Dita Von Teese by David Downton.
No blushing , we're all big girls here.
The lovely girls over at the blog Frou-Frou Fashionista would love this drawing.
The queens of intimate apparel have a website Faire Frou Frou to keep you stylishly covered (or uncovered).
Either way, they do it beautifully and elegantly. Come on ladies, don't be shy......go take a peek.


  1. I adore all of these gray images- they make me happy-especially paired with the splashes of sunshiny yellow. That ring... Ohh~la~la, I wouldn't be able to lift my hand to draw! Gorgeous post for a bright, sunny day here. Hope yours is lovely too.

  2. The best greys ever Sande - I am grey lover though, xv.

  3. your post is the silver lining to my day!
    such lovely shades of gray....

  4. You have great taste, Sande! I esp. love the ring and Nicole Miller gown. Hope you have a great day!

  5. Love the gray and yellow and adore anything by Herve Leger. A stunning post.

  6. Sande,
    It's all to much, this post has me on the edge of my seat this morning! That gray Vera Wang dress, that mirrored dressing room, and those charlotte Moss bags, it's All over the top gorgeous! This is why You are an essay in glamour! Beautiful job!

  7. This post made me fell all happy! Thank you for showing such beautiful things...

  8. The greys make me so happy! So chic and classy. I could live forever in the grey room with the white painted trim and mouldings! Just gorgeous! A stunning post! Thank you.

  9. Thank you for the Frou Frou mention!!! How exciting! Plus, this is such a pretty post to be mentioned in - we love the shades of gray, and love all of the pictures you posted. Your taste is exquisite!!

  10. Oh My Gosh SANDE SANDE SANDE!! Catch me, I'm falling off my chair!! I'm glad I came back! I didn't see that image by Claire Richardson and that DRESS! UHhhh!!!

  11. Hello!
    I have just discovered your blog and LOVE it!! The image at the top of your blog is beautiful, I just love everything about the photo.
    I love grey too so I really liked today's post - my favourites are the ring (and yes, I would be staring at it all day too!) and the Vera Wang gown which is gorgeous.
    Best wishes,

  12. PS I love the SJP "SATC" dress too - and funnily enough posted it on my blog a few days ago! It's an incredible dress.

  13. Sande,
    Oh, I just love gray, and I always have to save a beautiful gray picture if I find one. Hmmm. I may have to come back and borrow one of these! I have to agree with Belle, statue gray walls with a cream or white trim and cake-like mouldings are to me the perfect combo!

  14. Eye candy all! The celadon gray dress is outstanding. Off to take a peak at Faire Frou Frou...we all need a feminine lift, no?

  15. I have been reading for a while, but this is my first comment.

    I've always thought that yellow is the best accent for grey (okay - maybe pink too - it's a tie, but yellow is less expected).

    And I LOVED that Carrie Bradshaw "when in Paris..." confection. While I always appreciated her fashion statements, I didn't always love them. That dress went on the love list. It ended up being a nest for her when she fell asleep waiting for the Russian artist to come home. And even when it should have been a rumpled mess, it still looked amazing. Okay - maybe the on-set designers had something to do with that...but I was still smitten.

  16. Another fabulously Glam Monday Sande!!! Beautiful!!! Brtavo my friend for bringing us so much elegance and beauty today. Thank You!!!!

  17. I do love those David Downtown designs. They are elegant yet still incredibly fabulous. I do love your blog, i am going to add it to my favourites list!

    Have a divine week.

  18. Gorgeous! I love all things gray, and that yellow & gray stationery set is absolutely perfect!

  19. Especially like the Lanvin earrings -- beautiful!

    {p.s.} just wanted to let you know that your blog list is set to show only 25 - not certain if you knew :)

  20. gray & yellow and gray & red are perfect colour combination! :)
    lovely blog you have!


  21. I think the Vera Wang that you posted is great! something that I have never seen before. Nice blog, keep posting! boy short


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