Monday, June 1, 2009

Glam Monday ~ Juicy Cantaloupe & Sweet Peaches

I would consider this youthful glam, someone has a juicy vibe going on here in this little desk corner photo I found at Domino on Flickr. No source but whoever it is, they have a really good eye for combining vibrant and luscious colour. I think I adore this cosy spot. I must....... I keep staring at it.

Sweet peaches, is there anything more summertime juicy? As soon as peach season starts, I get out my mom's pie crust recipe. It was always one of the easiest pies to make. I used to sit in the driveway while my son was playing and peel quarts of peaches for pie-making while keeping an eye on his antics. My neighbor would come over and keep me company. Those were the good old days for a lot of reasons, mostly because I could bake a pie and actually enjoy a couple guilt-free slices. Slightly warm with vanilla ice cream.....OMG. Image from Foodland Ontario.

These Louboutoin Dillian Flower Pumps were what started me on this melon and peach colour post. Look at the colour of this leather with his signature red soles! Melon, what some would also call peach or apricot looks fabulous with touches of coral or red. It's not an easy colour to find in fashion or interiors. Why is that? It is certainly a most luscious colour. It should make a comeback. Photo by Daniel Farmer at Flickr.

Cantaloupe , also generally referred to as musk melon (not to go into the botany of it all) has only 53 calories per cup and your full daily requirement of vitamin C. It's also an excellent source of Vitamin A and beta carotene. I grew up eating musk melon every summer. Truthfully, I ignore the winter imports, bland and tasteless by the time they get here to us. But in the summer season, I love thick juicy slices wrapped in proscuitto, that delicious combination of musk and salt. Can't wait.

I found this melon coloured bedroom over at Style Redux where she always captures the best interiors. Note the coral accent (again), nature has a way of telling us what will work when it comes to design. The colbalt blue gives it a unexpected and sassy jolt.

A gorgeous petal image from Flickr

A pink or peach tint gives all women a lovely glow, it's an old designer trick. I always use pink lightbulbs in my vanity area, I like to think it makes me look younger, at least while I'm putting on my makeup. Some day soon I will tell you about Pink Glow, my pink lightbulb charity idea for Women's Mental Health that got stopped in it's well-intentioned tracks. It was a great idea until the Canadian goverment banned incandescent bulbs. I still have the pink light bulbs and their very pretty box covers I spent a fortune designing and printing. An idea just sitting there. And it's driving me crazy. Photo from My Vintage Paris via Paris Atelier.

Look how melon just makes this room so warm and inviting. Now, picture this room with ivory or white slouchy sofas. Which do you prefer? Sometimes a fabulous colour will make all the difference. Image from Domino Files on Flickr.

Doesn't this just take your breath away? This densely packed bouquet by Rosenow is one of the loveliest I have ever seen. Beautiful Things To Share opened my eyes to this talented floral designer and I can't get enough of her incredible style. Or Charamine's beautiful blog.

By now you know I always borrow a dress or two from Judith at Paris Atelier for Glam Mondays. It's a habit I just can't break. It's like having a hip sister with really good taste and the coolest clothes. And she lets me borrow them every weekend.

A Chevron gilded gift wrap paper in a gorgeous melon tone that I found over at Carolyne Roehm. One of the few papers left on her website. When I tried to order what was left, the shopping cart kept closing. I know she is gone on to bigger and better things and is closing her website, but boy will I miss her presentation style. She is the "wrap goddess" and the only reason I haven't posted about her in-depth is that I knew there was a transition going on and not sure where it was leading. I would like to find out what she is up to these days. That level of creativity just can't quit, so she must have something very clever up her stylish sleeve. I should call her and catch up. Dare me?

Remember this Carolyne Roehm giftwrap image? The first time I saw this years ago in her book Presentations, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. My heaven is obviously filled with ribbons, boxes, and bows. And couture, lots and lots of it, everywhere I look. I bet there is lots of gift-giving up there. Or at least I hope so.

If I was being really picky, I would call this gorgeous wall colour apricot.
The table and chairs aren't doing it for me, but look at that ceiling height and mouldings.

A table setting by Carolyn Roehme. No one does it better.

I think everyone should have an outdoor tent, especially when it has these melon coloured drapes blowing in the wind. I know everyone has already seen this Domino image, but it was too perfect not to include in this post about all things melon. Note those little touches of coral again. I really want this tent.

I would want to hang these Pom Pom somewhere in or around my outdoor tent.
They just make everybody party-mood happy, don't they?
Everyone is Pom Pom crazy these days, so pretty and fun.

~ Creamsicles made with Cantaloupe ~

I remembered "O' magazine had a melon feature a summer ago so I went online hunting. Not too often you find recipes with cantaloupe, why is that? Click here to see the recipe for these low-cal summer treats.

~ Linquine with Cantaloupe, Cherry tomatoes, and Mint ~

I really had to hunt online for a main course melon recipe, but look at the yummy dish I found for you. As soon as our local cantaloupe season starts, I will be in the kitchen making this. I have a feeling it will be an incredible taste combination.This looks so good, I might even have company over to share it. Click here for the creamy recipe.

~ Peach and Mascarpone Cheesecake with Balsamic Syrup ~

I think this might be a good one too. I found it at Bon Appetit.
Click here for the recipe and file it for peach season.
I think that Balsamic syrup will be heavenly with peaches.

All photo sources with images.


  1. all peaches and cream here!
    as a southern gal, peach was a must have color!

  2. Oh my goodness, what a post!! Absolutely beautiful, your eye for detail and elegance is really incredible....thank you!
    Simone :)

  3. Sande,
    This is a beautiful post! Ironically, I have a post that is "scheduled" to post just about right now which is about the food from Amelia's party--and, yes, there is a canteloupe pic!

  4. PS I hope you don't mind Sande - I mentioned you on my blog today :)

  5. This is absolutely delicious! The first Domino photo was a reader submission on the website, not from the magazine. Thanks for the sweet mention of Style Redux. I use pink 3 way light bulbs in every lamp in my house. You, my dear, are giving Carolyne Roehm a real run for the money in the gift wrap department. You both have a wonderful eye for color and design.

  6. Born and raised as a Georgia Peach, I couldn't peel my eyes away from this post! It's so beautiful, warm and cozy! Love it!

    Now I'm craving a warm peach pie...mmmmm!

  7. Drop dead gorgeous! I think Sande might have taken the lead in the gift wrap department! Sande you know I think you should write a book!

  8. I oved this post, Sande. You have a gift for putting posts together that have a way of making me feel happy. This color is so soothing, I just love it. Hope your week is off to a great start! XO

  9. O.K. Sande~~
    Now you've done it! Come over here RIGHT NOW and pick me up off the floor!! You my friend have blown me away with this post~~
    Have a Beautiful Monday!

  10. The color I long for in summer. I always buy a new lipstick in this shade for the summer months...looks so great with a tan. Beautiful post.

  11. I love orange in every shade. What a delightful bounty of images you posted today! I missed your beautiful posts while I was in Paris. I intend to work my way backwards to get caught up.

  12. I'm so glad you stopped by and introduced yourself. It is great to meet you and we do have a similar passion, don't we?! I enjoyed this is rare to hear someone else call it musk melon.

  13. Hi Sande,

    You've been "Kissed by a Rose" today because you always inspire me with such amazing and beautiful things like this post, that are a joy to behold. Please feel free to pick up your "ONE LOVELY BLOG" award and pass it along to ten lucky ladies who inspire you.


  14. Peachy keen. While I'm not a huge fan of the hues, the foods always delight me. Baked stuffed apricots with warmed orange blossom honey drizzled & pistachio flakes. An all time fave.

  15. hi Sande! this is just another one of your fabulous post. i love the peach and cantaloupe colors, just gorgeous! thank you so much for your nice comment, your so sweet! i hope you had a lovely weekend. well, have a blessed week!

    God Bless,

  16. I do love Carolyne Roehm"s, "Presentations". A beautiful book with inspiration on every page. Thanks for your lovely post today!

  17. Oh my goodness Sande!!! You've done it again!! I am not kidding when I say that I look forward to Monday's now!!! So inspiring and so beautiful as always. I am in LOVE with the Apricot room. It is stunning. You make a glum and dreary day (the weather is frightful today) Peachy and fresh! Thank you! Have a great week!

  18. Hi sande, what a lovely post & so much variety I to love the tent I know a company in India that sell them, if your interested for the address? I better go & find it now I said that :)

  19. You captured all my 5 senses in this post. And to be honest, almostin every post you find a way to do that! It is so fufilling and beautiful. I love what you do with color Sande! Brilliant!!

  20. This is your first post I've read...what a feast for the eyes! I love the domino picture room, too... the artwork reminds me of two paintings I have...must photograph and post soon...

    and cantaloupe popsicles....what a great summer treat! Much better than anything in my grocery freezer section

  21. i realize you wrote this ages ago, but i've just found it. what a gorgeous post! i love it! thanks - love, kitty.


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