Thursday, November 29, 2012

Gift Guide............starting in Neutral

Adorable ceramic rubber poodle stamp from Anthropology. Can a gift get any cuter?

You know it and I know it...........every girl needs a beautiful bowl just for her.

Festooning Ribbon to add gorgeous texture to simple gift wrap materials such a pure white or ivory tissue paper.

A Quill & Scroll calligraphy set........everyone wants to try their hand at it.

Posh book gifting at it's most sublime.........just saying.

Posters online by the blogger superstar Garance Doré fab.
All the girls will want one.

Welcome to new Followers and dear loyal readers please let me know how you
like the new colourful blog header.
If you are an email subscriber I hope you will come and see the new look.
I still have some more work to do but I like the change.

One more thing........have you started your holiday shopping yet?

Photos via links have been photo-apped for this post by Sande Chase


  1. Love all of them - I have a real need for calming neutrals at the moment (you'll see it on tomorrow's blog photos) and these gifts are fabulous! Really like your new blog look - very sassy! ;-) xo

  2. Sande I love the new header. It is very striking and elegant!
    Lovely gifts and I have done very little shopping; although have done some holiday decorating!

    2012 Artists Feature and Giveaway from The House of Edward

  3. LOVE it, Sande! It looks like you!
    Love your gift choices here.
    Happy Holidays.

  4. These are very innovative ideas. I'm going to get my Sista the calligraphy set. Love your blog!

  5. Sande I love, love, love your new header, the colors are gorgeous together!! Brilliant!!

  6. Love these picks! I used to be quite talented at calligraphy and picked up a pen last month for the first time since graduating high school 25 years ago! My 12 year old was terribly impressed. The new header is tres chic!

  7. Love your new 'do'. Very elegant and classy.

  8. I haven't got started yet.... thinking, thinking and more thinking... Yes please to the Lanvin book.... :) xv

  9. Sande,

    Love the new look-the black, pink, white--very chic. The framing around each of your images is also quite sophisticated--like a Chanel showcase.

    Other than what I'm decorating in Amelia's room, this year, all of my Christmas decor (and most of my wrapping) will be in shades of white, ivory, and touches of silver and muted gold.

    Oh, and I think you should use the word "festooning" more often....sorry I just like that word.

    Hope you have a wonderful day!


  10. I love your new header, I'm always up for a change in our "looks." And, yes, I've begun the shopping, and do so all through the year when I see something wonderful. For me, it's easy with all the girls...they get jewelry and/or accessories. Come see me, Sande...

  11. Love the pop of color on the new header; just what we need for winter & the holidays!

  12. I like the new header very much, Sande ! Very, have not begun shopping yet, but must start this weekend....We don't do much, but I still have the requisite list for my few....I love Anthropology, always find special items there....Because I won't be back in our house for Christmas, I am hoping to make some gifts in the next few weeks, with the found time from decorating the house for the holidays, Enjoy the beginning of this beautiful season, N.xo

  13. Love your new header-"change is good" + I have begun the christmas shopping! This year it should be easy. What wonderful surprise picks from you.

  14. I am a neutral sort of girl when it comes to decorating so I love these posters. Your new header is great. I tend to wrap gifts for adults in black tissue paper and then have great fun dressing the gift up with beautiful ribbons. Bon week end

  15. I love all the pics ........They bring me to WINTER .. Very good blog... Stop by our blog sometime if you get a chance........Would love to have ya ......... Happy Holidays

  16. Sande!
    I loved your old blog header, though I know creative types can get bored and change is good. Still your old blog header was so unique and beautiful.

  17. Dear Sande,

    I have just "re-followed" your lovely blog having lost the thread after putting you "on hold" during a recent trip. I adore everything you post and your new header is gorgeous (loved the old one too, but a change is good).

    Have almost finished my Christmas list - now I can start to wrap and really get into the season.

  18. Though the old header was beautiful and unique, you obviously thought it was time for a change and it is after all, it's about how you feel - it's your blog. Having said that, I think it's FAB! Love your site. Happy Holidays!

  19. Hi Sande,I will miss your old banner (so romantic) but i love the new one too and yes change is good!
    In your beautiful neutral selection, i pick the Lanvin elegant! I'm just about to do my Christmas shopping...slowly but surely...
    Happy week end to you...xo

  20. I have been feeling so scroogey this year, but your romantic photos might change my attitude. x Katie


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