Saturday, November 24, 2012

the clever, clever gift sack.........and the annual video message from Santa

On one hand, you are going to love me for showing this unique and original gift wrapping idea that is coming out of the UK from London-based Harrow & Green. On the other hand you are going to want to strangle me because this very, very clever gift sack is Sold Out for the moment but................. but the owners are hoping to catch up and fit in more orders in mid-December so some website stalking is in order this year. Seems too many clever gift-wrapping elves just loved this personalized idea and you know how popularity can hold up a production line this time of year, even the ones way up north.

Being that the gift sack is soooo popular, you should consider ordering now for next year, yes............. Christmas 2013. The only reason I am so unfairly mentioning this sold-out item from London-based Harrow & Green is because this is one of those festive keeper items that everyone is eventually going to want to order, parents and grandparents are crazy for personalization and rightfully so. They last for years so it might be worthwhile to bookmark or pre-order and plan ahead. Just keep this great idea under your little red furry hat.

Made of top-quality hessian know as burlap in North America, the gift sacks come in a variety of styles to suit any age and individual names are added in red letterpress. Sort of a stylish replacement for Christmas stockings though there is nothing to say you can't fill both! Perfect too for large gifts, the rustic gift sacks come complete with grosgrain ribbon and gift tag.............and a whole lot of gift fun. How fabulous would these look under those great big Christmas trees? With my name on it?

And speaking of the North Pole, it's time to pass along my annual holiday link to PNP, top secret code for Portable North Pole, that charming and magical free video message you can send to true Santa believers. Those little ones older ones too are downright mystified and enchanted when Santa actually says their name and seems to know some personal details like their dog's name or favorite car.........well, it is downright magical and very, very clever too. It is my favorite time of year.

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  1. How darling, Sande! I am keeping my eyes on them. I have ot have a few!
    Happy weekend.

  2. Yes, I think I need one...never mind the kids ;)

  3. Oh those are so cute! I love them. I think I will pre-order for next year.

    And thank you for the video link!

    Take care, Elizabeth

  4. These are too cool- I'm sure no kid is ever too old for a sack from Santa! Will have to camp outside their door I guess ;-) Have a lovely Sunday xo

  5. Thanks for that Santa Link I did one for my grandson in South Korea...........
    Blessings at Christmas and always.
    Love Jeanne

  6. So glad to have stumbled across your blog - I'll be saving this link for a less hectic time, and ordering some of these lovely sacs.

  7. Sande, what a treasure trove this is!! I love those sacks. And, my little grandchildren will adore the visit from Santa. I'm going to do this for sure. Thanks for the head's up. Love, Marsha

  8. Love those sacks....thank you for the wonderful Santa link...I just made one for my grandson and I'm sure he will love it....tfs

  9. Those sacks, I need one for myself + children. Adore the Santa link. thank you.

  10. OH how very very darling and clever!!
    Love you Sande!

  11. Now, this is an absolutely genius idea. What a great Christmas tradition it could be to bring out the personalized burlap bag each year, and then when the child marries, give her the bag for sitting under her own family tree.


  12. GrannyHannasCottage
    Vintage Swedish Housewares Linens and Home...

    There are lots of these charming sacks on ETSY. I bought mine earlier from the vendor above.
    Many thanks for your wonderful ideas!
    Happy Holidays !
    Rebecca R. Dyer

  13. You have shown us so many clever and ingenious ways to wrap our packages but this tops the list! So clever!


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