Saturday, November 3, 2012

Peaceful Paris Walk...........

~ Square Georges Cain ~

Backing directly onto the Musée Carnavalet on Rue de Payenne is a peaceful square (park) in the 3rd arrondissement where Marais residents can remove themselves from the high energy of their busy streets. It is here where they go to collect their thoughts, enjoy a boxed lunch, or read a few chapters. The noise of the surrounding streets dims down, hovers above the trees and you find yourself talking in hushed tones so as not to disturb this peaceful oasis. Just minutes are needed, maybe only ten or fifteen to revive your tired feet and eyes but still you rise from the bench reluctantly.............

photos by Sande Chase


  1. I am loving this series, even though you are causing to say things like, "Let's go to Paris honey! When can we go to Paris?"


  2. Loving our walk so far. Keep the pics coming!


  3. I'm in Paris too!! I have taken almost 500 photos as I've traveled through St. Emilion, Bordeaux and Paris.. So beautiful! (Despite the clouds and rain!)
    Loved seeing your photos!!

  4. Perfect little rest stop ... so pretty and peaceful.xoxo

  5. I am loving our walks.

  6. There really should be more places like this for people to be at peace throughout their day. Renew and refresh how lovely!

  7. How lovely! thanks for sharing, Elle

  8. Me too, me too, me too. This is a wonderful idea, Sande. xx's

  9. Very pretty, love your series and thanks for sharing!


  10. I certainly wouldnt have a problem sitting on that bench for awhile! - Tonya

  11. Hello dear Sande, oh you make me feel nostalgic of my Parisian life! i lived very near this charming square...thank you for those sweet souvenirs...

    also, sorry to hear someone stole your iphone while in Paris...this is so annoying.

    after reading your post on Astier de Villatte, i wonder whether i'm not going to be a new fan of their superb diaries..Ma vie is a great title too !
    Wishing you a great week
    xo Lala

  12. Great posts on Paris ! Another favourite secret garden : at the Musée Rodin. Sit by the pond at the far end and let your dream meander...

    Fidji from IrresistibleParis


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