Monday, November 5, 2012

Looking in all directions.........on our Paris walk

Sometimes while walking in Paris, it is good to look behind you even though you are always inclined to moving forward to see more, more. Visually turn back to say goodbye and gain another perspective, yet another view (it helps for future orientation too). And sometimes if you pause for just a minute and look sideways too, you will be rewarded with something you hadn't expected to ever see.........bird walking as only the Parisians can do.

That gorgeous feathered lady in bright green is originally from Brazil and her lovely name is My Love. She is carried each day in a custom cage to this park directly across from the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel by her gentle and friendly owner and then secured to the park bench with a fine chain. She has a bit of lunch, a bit of fresh air, some sunshine, some company the one in gray feathers, chatty conversation with her owner, and some time to observe the world at large while she scoots back and forth along the park bench in a highly-inquisitive manner. From her temporary perch she can look to her right and see the Le Grand Louvre and Le Pyramide, left to see the Jardin des Tuilleries or almost straight ahead to see the rear facade of the Musée des Arts Decoratifs. As I communicated with her french-speaking owner with my limited comprehension (of the language and the avian world) I couldn't help but think..........I wonder what My Lady thinks of  her Parisian lifestyle?

photos by Sande Chase


  1. The Louvre, what a horrible place to have to walk around, but I'd be happy to join you. Those birds are too cute. Love "My Love". -Tonya

  2. How have I missed this avian display when strolling through this area so many time? I will now look behind me more often! Bonne semaine.

  3. Love the birds + the stroll.

  4. How fabulous to spot this! The birds look so friendly and I like the idea of some feathered friends. Should definitely take more strolls and turn around more often :-) Have a lovely week xo

  5. Was there last year but missed out on the feathered friends :-)

  6. I love your blog.. I am your newest follower ... Please join me at mine as well @


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