Friday, November 2, 2012

A nice, long Paris walk with me and you

There is a bit, more than a bit of background work to do to clean up my blog, give it a new, more fashionable look over the next few weeks. In the meantime I thought I would share some of my Paris photos, one or two a day for the next few weeks. From the streets, to the windows, through the Maison et Objet show and then on to the south of France...............I'm certainly not any photographer but there is some nice shots here to share and I will keep it nice and easy like we were out for a nice walk. I mean, how often do you see a pink truck with a musical mission and two presidential names? 

photos by Sande Chase


  1. How often do you see the American and French flags on ONE car/van?! I do like the message - "music saves the world" - can't be wrong ;-) Have a lovely weekend xo

  2. Looking forward to seeing more of your trip. Hope the blog cleanup goes well.

    Have a great weekend, Elizabeth

  3. ... How often do you see the name of the French and the American president on the same PINK van?! :-) Bon weekend! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  4. It's not often that you something truly ugly in Paris....... that is one sad looking truck. The globe looks like its held on by a baguette as the axes, and they got the point and made you look.

  5. Just happy to see you posting !! Are you joining us for BIO on Tuesday?

  6. Hi Sande,
    Well, you can't beat images of Paris EVER so, bring them on ...... and, I think your photographs are brilliant. XXXX

  7. How delightful to take a walk with you. I'm so curious to see the revamping of your blog. I'm all about learning how to do all of this stuff.

  8. That's not a typical Paris scene, is it? Interesting, though.

  9. Beautiful roofline behind!


  10. I, for one, loved our walk together in Paris. More Please

  11. Yes, I'd like a nice long walk with you in Paris ... Ooo exciting about the blog makeover, I'm thinking I should do the same, it's all too hard (bit lazy in other words). Have a fab weekend love D xxx

  12. A wonderful blogger once told me this ~
    "There are friends that will ride
    in a Limo with you.
    But a true friend rides on the bus
    with you when the Limo breaks down."
    Darlin, I'd ride in a Limo, on a bus,
    and take a walk with you anywhere.
    Always love your photos.
    xo Lisa

  13. I love Lisa's comment, Sande. Joining you on your Paris journey is wonderful!

    Art by Karena
    2012 Artists Series


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