Saturday, December 1, 2012

Re-styling the wardrobe.........with cravats, scarves, and brooches

Old habits die hard and I always think I need something new to wear for the holidays. But truthfully, I already have everything I need and brought some great things home from Paris that I still want to wear. Sometimes, we just need to sit down in our closet and look around, see what we have, take a deep breath................and play, re-style, re-fashion, re-use, and re-invent. Indulge me while I re-style with the help of some fun photo apps. I love drawing arrows it seems. First up....... why have I waited so long to do a Cravat style scarf when I just love, love the look? Never mind that now........I will be re-styling my Anne Fontaine white shirt this way all winter long. Doesn't this more structured style look fabulous for a change? Really good with a vest too.

Remember all those sweater wraps we were all wearing a few years back? Add a faux-fur collar and a skinny belt and is cold and groovy outside. Check. Check. I have all three of these things.

I have a coat that is exactly like this vest, exactly. I never wear it because it is actually a bit too warm for me. I am going to have the suede arms taken off and guess what?.......I just acquired a Boho style vest. Actually, I have about 10 items I could re-fashion this way and I bet you do too

Plain t-shirt or simple shirt. Vintage silk scarf as a belt for your jeans. Perfect for those scarves in your collection that just never seem to look good, by colour or pattern, close to your face.......but they may look really, really groovy going through your belt loops as long as you keep the top real simple. Are you with me on this?

I am not sure but this sweater might be at Zara right now I couldn't find it and if it is, somebody should buy it real quick. If not, I think it has some fab DIY potential. I love this unexpected length of ribbon. Cardigans buttoned up the back in a 50"s retro way too, anything turned in a different direction is bound to be noticed.

This "un-tucked" look has been around for a bit now but darn it, it sure makes wearing a pair of jeans more comfortable and interesting. I am not about to give up this look any time soon not unless I get some kind of Brazilian Booty Lift. Shows off great looking belts too, maybe a glittery style for the casual holiday get together. Are you a 'tucked" or "untucked" kind of gal? Personally, I will never be tucked again.

Coloured shoelaces, pretty ribbon to change up the Oxfords.........or brogues.

Remember that past Paris post where I predicted huge scarves will be coming around? One scarf + second scarf = more volume, more interest, more drama. They don't have to be vintage but start there because I bet you could find some interesting patterns to work this look.

You know I love brooches especially for gift wrapping but sometimes I even wear them and I like the idea of using them in unexpected places, the waistband of a skirt, the center of a cravat, on a wide skirt cuff especially if it is white, and I can't help think one there is an unexpected spot this holiday season that we should consider placing a bit of sparkle. At the bottom hem of a pair of fancy pants, you know those silky Capri style in brocades and patterns, the ones we are all wearing this holiday season instead of party dresses. I think a brooch would look divine there near the bottom outside hem, a bit of sparkle every time you move your leg. I could be wrong but I will let you know.

                                    I would love to hear some of your re-styling ideas too! 

All photos from here  / photo enhancements and text by Sande Chase


  1. This is such a fabulous inspiring post my friend. It really is where we are at this season- re-evaluating what we have and how we can use it differently. Love it!

  2. I must confess that I am sad in the re-styling dept. I appreciate all your great tips as it's silly to keep buying when restyling and some imagination is what a gal really needs much of the time.

    I purchased a Cravat style blouse at Zara a few weeks ago and I love it. I need to break out my brooches too. You can be my stylist!!

    Have a terrific Sunday Sande xx

  3. Sande, Love the first image, the scarf tied around the waist, the brooch. all of them, you are such a fashonista. I love the glamor and drama of your style!! You gave me a few ideas to try, Thank you!

  4. I love all your ideas Sande!! And I love your new photo app as well - such fun!!

  5. Fabulous ideas, Sande, and I'm totally with you about the scarf tied around the waist. You have me thinking that I need to go "shopping" in my own closet this season and see what I can rediscover. Have I told you yet how much I love your new header! So fun and glamorous! xo Gigi

  6. I really like the look of the cravate-style scarf on your Anne Fontaine shirt. I may give this a try... Merci! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  7. Love your ideas Sandikins....yes, I'm an untucked girl myself ;) Love the scarf as a belt ..

  8. Wonderful tips! I love brooches, especially pretty vintage ones. I add them to a denim shirt or jacket, a center of a corsage, and attach them to multiple pearl strand necklaces and bracelets. I'm also addicted to scarves. I have a gazillion but never thought to layer them!
    xoxo, B

  9. Loving all these ideas Sande.... time to get into that closet and sort it out...:) xv

  10. Fabulous inspiration for 2 generations of women in our household. The first step is a review of the wardrobe............simple in theory, but always a lengthy task in practice. Warm wishes

  11. sometimes I wear a brooch on the back of my jacket by the shoulder blade
    or on the sleeve wear a patch would be. butterfly pins I like on my shoulder.

  12. Love the bows with the brogues! Really charming.

  13. Hi Sande, these are great ideas the fur collar and belt idea to add to sweater coats, and of course ribbons to our sister said they were all over Paris this fall....sometimes a little creative thinking is all we need to re invent our wardrobes....I took a more serious look at Zara just last week and found some very interesting looks, thx again for a fun post, N.xo

  14. Sande,really,fabulous!


  15. Great post love all the vintage ideas.Have lots of scarves and brooches to jazz up an outfit.We just need to do it.I like the blog design it is very smart. Love the brogues.I must start doing some organising of the wardrobe. Trish

  16. I have been known to replace the laces in my shoes with Hermes ribbon. Especially fun
    with a pair of Keds. Love the irony of it.

  17. What great styling ideas! I especially love the unexpected pop of color. Thanks for sharing!

    Love, Jamie Herzlinger

  18. Grand ideas! need to ferret in my closet

  19. Sande,

    Great post! That's the perks of being creative, have tailoring skills, confidence in you abilities, and feeling the potential in a closet full of items just waiting to be given a new purpose.

    May I suggest (what I have done) takes time however it's worth it. Use an empty wall so the focus is just on that item.

    ~ take a photo of everything in your closet (shoes, purses, scarfs, pants, blouses) etc.
    ~ create a folder on your computer with all the photos.
    ~ use this as your idea board to mix-match-tear-reinvent-change etc.
    ~ save fashion photo's as your guide for re-style plan.
    ~ map out, divide by colors, and conquer the changes.

    This keeps things organized and you "see" the items potential through the photos it's like fashion editing.
    Once completed share with us on your blog and enjoy the rewards of your fashion sense.

    This is how I approach re-style jobs with clients and on my own items. Currently, I have a long black leather jacket (thigh length) that I'll re-style. It's a straignt shape and I'll cut the side seams open, to the just below the waist (3"), finish off, this allows freedom in movement and brings a desire to wear it more this season.

    Season's Greetings...Happy Monday!


  20. Sande,

    This post is a great compilation of re-styling ideas. I'm going to have to pin it for future reference.
    Since we live on one income, I'm always having to reinvent my wardrobe, but truth be told, I get more satisfaction from a successful re-styled outfit than from wearing something I just bought at the store---maybe it's that feeling of accomplishment?

    Taking the sleeves off of that faux fur jacket and recreating that boho vest is a genius idea! (I also have that image pinned and love the look of everything.) Oh, and I love the bow on the back of the sweater. Why didn't I think of that??? Such a sweet look.
    I have never even seen or thought to put two scarves together...definitely going to copy that idea.

    Scarves around the waist are always a great unexpected accessory, and adding bows to shoes is just too fun!

    Thank you for putting these ideas together in one post!

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


  21. I love this post and the images are so beautiful! I have not done that half untucked look but I will now! thanks so much! x Maria

  22. Wow, fantastic post. So many good things to do here. I am inspired to go try all of these!

    I am with you on the half-tuck shirts and love the scarf belt. I used to do this a while ago and forgot how cute it can be.
    You have a fun blog. Just finding it today!



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