Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Zest of Lemon

Something about this yellow and amber kitchen shot from House Beautiful (yes, this magazine is getting better and better) made me want to see if I could capture the sunny vibe in a little gift package. That gorgeous marble counter top reminded me of the marble-look wallpaper I found a few weeks back when I was cleaning that bountiful storage room of mine. Yellow is a uplifting colour, but too much and it can get too cute (maybe why it works so well with black) so I thought the taupe marble background toned down it's sunny disposition just a notch. I will do a full-powered all yellow one coming up in a future post.......just because I do like to prove myself wrong now and again (before someone else does it for me).

Look what else I found.....fake lemons and lemon leaves.
This is the one I started with but something was too-cute, maybe something to do with carnations. So off came the little flowers and one strip of the yellow grosgrain ribbon and in went the lemons. I like the green foliage with the top one much better. I've left this try-out shot in as it shows the marble-look wallpaper a bit better than the top photo. You will see lots of this cotton striped ribbon on the website, in lots of colours. I love the visual impact, the affordable price and the way it holds a bow, nice and crisp just like a cotton shirt.

If I had an all-white kitchen I would running out right now to add some exuberant doses of this sunny hue. So vibrant, so summer. I feel like making lemonade. Actually, my kitchen wallpaper is the colour of those tulips, it's a golden yellowand black toile pattern and I never get tired of it. No wonder this kitchen caught my eye.

Top and Bottom photo from House Beautiful/2nd and 3rd photo by Sande Chase ~ Oooh la la Cadeau


  1. Yellow has such a sunny - fresh - vibe!

  2. I love yellow because it is such a happy colour. I cannot wear it but love it in my home. It reminds me of sun-filled Provence.
    Both packages were beautiful, as always!

  3. I love how yellow can just cheer up a space effortlessly! I also adore anything citrus, so all in all, a fabulous fruit!

  4. Sande~
    So CRISP, FRESH & SUNNY! I can smell the lemon and my cheeks are puckering! Great photos and beautiful post! Come over and meet g.YOU will love her~

  5. Sande-House Beautiful does keep getting better, thankfully, as there are not a lot of shelter magazines left. Are there Canadian ones you like? The yellow in those kitchens is wonderful, and love your first wrap especially with the "faux" lemons-sounds better than fake!

  6. Love that kitchen!!
    You mentioned your wallpaper. I'm sure I'm not the only one who would love a peek into your home! Care to show us around?

  7. I love that lemon covered present...great idea, so pretty Sande. xv

  8. Wow, just beautiful....another succcess Sande!
    Simone :)

  9. Sande,
    A beautifully put together gift and post as always! I really like the green leaves on the top gift with the lemons-this is another idea that I would have never thought of!
    Oh, and my husband and I were just talking two days ago about our dreamhome (that we will build light years from now) and I told him that I wanted marble countertops (or faux marble) in the kitchen. I would like to borrow this pictures to put in my dream kitchen file so he can have a visual. He seemed a little skeptical about the idea, but I think he will understand why when he sees these pictures!

  10. Beautiful gift - and the lemons were the perfect addition! Would love to see a photo of your kitchen wallpaper - it sounds glorious!

  11. Beautiful yellow Sande. I like the one with the lemon much better too.

    I hope that your son is well now. Please let that be so.

    Love Renee xoxo

  12. This makes me feel like a kid at a darling lemonade stand breathing in all the sweetness of summer. So fresh, just bursting with beauty!

    xo Noel

  13. Lovely pictures Sande! I love the kitchen tiles in the brick affect I will definetly go for that look now once we start building. The giftting is gorgeous, I would have a field day in your wrapping room.
    Elaine :)

  14. Yellow is so summery and FRESH! Thanks for the reminder.

  15. Dera Exquisite accessories,
    I wasn't able to visit your website as the link wasn't working. You should check or it could be on my end if server is down temporily.
    Did enjoy my visit to your blog, lovely!

  16. Mel and Michelle,
    I knew someone would pick up on that mention of my favorite kitchen wallpaper. I will give some thought to posting my kitchen, we'll see if I can get over my shyness.
    As always, thanks for the comments ladies, all of you!

  17. Sande,
    I must agree, I like the wrapping with the lemons so much better. And the way you captured the image in a gift is truly amazing. No one can do it better!


  18. Hi Sande -
    The yellow is so refreshing. I love using lemons in decorating - big bowls full. Lovely as always.

  19. yep I have been enjoying house beautiful more and more

    love your giftwrapping, those lemons, lovely



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