Friday, June 12, 2009

Vintage Glam and a Wrapping Technique for Guy Gifts

I love how these rust and pink tones are used together in this Vintage Glam setting found at Southern Accents. I kept returning to this photo and wondered how I could combine these tones in a gift presentation. It intrigued me and you know how I love these gift wrap challenges I set up for myself. I don't have every paper and ribbon at my disposal so sometimes I do have to improvise. Perfection would have been a gold and matte silver flocked type of paper (which I do not have) but as I worked with this matte burnished gold gift wrap I saw that it needed a bit more glam and it worked into a good little gift wrap tip, something to do with those leftover paper strips left over from wrapping smaller boxes. Do not be throwing those away.

I often use my leftover gift wrap strips to do this layered effect. One I like to use them up wherever I can and in this case it added a bit more gilt. I also think layering paper adds some dimension to the presentation. Paper strip edges are neatly folded and then simply taped at the bottom with double sided tape. You don't have to be precise in measuring the strips, it could even work if they were of dissimilar width. This technique would also work well with bright colours such as Kelly green and hot pink, look around, bet you have some sheet paper and strips that can be used together.

While I was in the layering mood, I knew the only way I was going to get these two unlikely colour tones together was to layer the rust and pink ribbons and work within the existing paper strips. It was either going to work or look positively awful, I found I liked the combination and kept going. Again, ribbon is simply double-sided taped to the bottom, just keep all the edges lined up nice and neat. The gift could be complete at this point, it certainly could go out the door at this point. This is a great gift wrapping technique for a male-gender gift, minus the pink ribbon of course. Change the pink to a chocolate brown or black and it turns it's feminine direction real quick. Guys get funny when they open a gift with a bow, they actually blush if you ever noticed.

Ok, we're done with the guy wrapping (that was quick!) and there is a pale pink flower in the photo so on goes a silk peony. I have this crinkle ribbon that I have been wanting to play with so I wrapped a continuous length around the flower, almost making a ribboned nest. Again, just to give it a bit more dimension. Sometimes I go too far with my experimenting and have to remove something, today it was a large bow to the rear of the flower, it was simply too overdone with all those ribbon layers.

Here is another pale pink leaf ribbon that I adore. It doesn't take to tying well as the little leaves get tangled and break but it does look good laying flat or used as a dangling length. Check in next week......I'm actually going to do some "Guy Wrapping" for Father's Day. No promises, but I will try some blush-free techniques.

Top photo from Southern Accents/Remaining photos from Sande Chase ~ Oooh la la Cadeau


  1. I like how the band & ribbon goes in a two cross section would never have tried that, it is a good technic for a guys gift, thanks for sharing.
    Elaine :)

  2. Love the stripes of the ribbon on here. You just don't see packages like that! Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. What a cool trick, Sande! You have the cleverest ideas. Hope you have an awesome weekend. PS. Austin looks exactly like you! ;>)

  4. this is a great idea for men's gifts...i confess i never know how to present gifts to my dad of boyfriend...Thanks !!

    beautiful glass table in that 1st pic

  5. Sande-At first I thought you had taken leave of your senses and these were supposed to be done BY a guy! LOL The colors are gorgeous-gold and pink are my colors. Have a lovely weekend!

  6. Sande~
    Oh! So so Great!! Your gifts today are so festive but so subtle and quality. Perfect for that perfect man:) Thanks for the ideas and reminding me that he likes things pretty too even though it's not ever to be admitted over here...
    p.s. I better figure out what to buy so I can wrap it~

  7. Hello fellow bloggie, a quick hi and to let you know I presented you with an award, so visit tinkalicious to claim it, (or not)! I know some people are outawarded (is that even a word), and do not want to be bothered accepting any more, I get it and won't take offense (it can be time consuming to fulfill, I know). Anyway, hope you have a terrif weekend and see ya next week! tinks

  8. Love the subtlety of your contrasting
    layers ; great idea for using those little
    leftover strips!

  9. I've become such a fan of your gift designs! I have decided to gift wrap for my customers when they buy a piece of my jewelry. What a wonderful way to show my appreciation! Thanks for the endless inspiration!

  10. Thankyou for sharig this I will take more care i presentig from now on it has been so lacking!

  11. Excellent tip regarding the leftover paper strips! Gorgeous packages, yet again!

  12. Sande I am crazy for that box wrapped like that, minus the flower.

    Oh my God it is so beautiful. How the heck can anyone open what you send.


    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Love Renee xoxo

  13. I learn how to create beautiful gifts every time I visit. I really like your idea on how to wrap for a guy, which will be especially helpful for Father's Day.

  14. Hi Sande, awfully sorry to double up your award giving duties, but seriously, I would think you get a pass if you just do the one! and ven if you don't get the one done, so what? we all support each other in our own lovely, inspirational and supportive ways! The whole point is, stay inspired so that others remain inspired! Like I said, just visiting your site, for even a minute or two, makes my creative side flourish, and whenever you want to abdicate the crown of Queen of elegance in gift giving, I would be honored to be considered next in line! LOL! See you soon!

  15. Those Peonies in those trophys are so beautiful~ You just find the best of the best! I love the stripes you did with the ribbons~ Simple and makes quite the statement. Love it all~

    xoxo Noel

  16. Oh my, how I love that pale, pink leaf ribbon!! I've never been much into wrapping but you certainly make me want to try! I needed this pink inspiration of creativity!
    A lovely weekend to you!

  17. These colors work so well together. I love your inspiration picture. Isn't Southern Accents a gorgeous magazine? I had a subscription for years.

    Thanks for your warm comment, Sande. Your comments are like little gifts of their own, and that one was tied with beautiful ribbons.

    Enjoy what's left of the weekend,

  18. Your site is beautiful!
    Thank you!

  19. Thank you for your inspiration. ALways fabulous!. Kellie x

  20. Oh my...just found you amazing blog...i love giving special gifts that are wrapped to perfection...i have fallen in love with your blog...full of inspiration...found you via French i owe her a huge THANK YOU!

  21. I just love seeing what your inspirations are! Truly creative, always. The combination of gold and cinnamon here is beautiful.

  22. After looking at all your wrapped gifts.. I have VOWED to NEVER wrap another gift... I will find a professional to do it... no more ugly packages pour moi!


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