Thursday, June 25, 2009

Vintage pink Rose with Zebra?

Here's another gift wrap ensemble prep that started one way and ended another. I was using the Vintage Pink Floral and I always suggest that a solid is added should you want to mix it up and make it more interesting. For the most part, the ensembles are being planned (planned being the operative word!) and then a little surprise sneaks in that captures my attention. I've already used the black polka dot and taffeta stripe, so that dramatic Zebra pattern seemed to add an interesting look, especially with the bright pink ribbon and that adorable Vintage Pink Floral. There's a few "pink products" ( this one from Cote Bastide in France) in this prep shot as we will be coordinating our small gifts to theme with the gift wrap ensemble. Then should you need a gift as well, you will have lots of options to add in to your order. We are keeping our fully-wrapped gift ensembles that can be shipped as gifts ( in fact it was a busy order week) but re-styling them as well. And some lovely new products.

The largest box in bottle middle is simply surrounded with a bold black with white polka dot ribbon. The effect of the soft floral with something more bold gives it a more fashionable look. It can be that simple. There's the 3 papers for this Vintage Pink Collection rolled and ready for their gorgeous presentation, which I am saving until the website reveal. You will have enough ribbon to change them all up into any variation of these samples. Feel free to tell me what you think of the Zebra addition?????

If you look in the top left you will see a close-up of one of the Ephemera decorative labels that you will be able to purchase separately. These come in so handy, I don't know how I lived without them! Not only are they fabulous on note cards, envelopes, they will be the staple in your gift wrapping corner. I had a very narrow strip of paper left so I did an open-ended wrap , folded the end into a envelope flap then sealed with a smaller Eiffel label. Good use for leftover paper strips (even the ones you think are so small they are useless).
I want to thank everyone who is offering comment support, you have no idea how it helps and keeps me going. It is a grueling (though creative) process with plenty of "Am I completely crazy" type moments. You do know I am 55 yr.old, don't you? And I miss my regular blogging and blogger ladies.
Also welcome, welcome to the followers who are joining in, rest assured it will be worth it soon when I get back to more regular posting(or I hope so!). And I will catch up to your blogs and comments as soon as possible. Back to work.......only 24 more collections to wrap and photograph, lots of web copy, ordering product, and ongoing website design.

All photos by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life


  1. To my very very cool & jazzy friend~~
    This is so magnifique! The zebra is perfect with rose pink!! It reminds me of Madeline Castings apartment in Paris~ Beautiful job!
    XOX's I

  2. I love the combination of the pale rose to the bold zebra. Gorgeous. What a beautiful wrapping!

  3. Pink and black are my favorite colors-love the zebra and love the black and white striped ribbon with the pink. This collection will be at the top of my wish list.

  4. you know 55 is the new 35!
    who is looking at age, when you wrap like that!

  5. Oooohhhh!!! I love this one too! The zebra is so fab with the Pink! :) This project is amazing Sande, thank you so much for sharing all of the process with us, it looks like a lot of work, but it is genius! I am so excited to see the total outcome.

  6. Wow, as always, your a creative genius!

  7. oh you busy bee, thank you so much for sharing your idears, you are an inspiration, and I am sure when you are 65 you will still be there with the best of them inspiring us all. Elaine :)

  8. Your energy and creativity amazes me, Sande. You are quite a force to be reckoned with - hope I am going so strong and looking so good at 55!

  9. Such a beautiful combination!

  10. A great mix today Sande, love the pink and zebra...Happy weekend, xv.

  11. vintage pink rose with zebra? Heck yes! That's not even a legit questions :) Very nice.

  12. Sande,

    All your wrapping efforts and ensembles are fantastic! I love the pink with zebra (anything zebra and pink makes me happy!).

    Beautiful weekend to you...


  13. Pink and black are just stunning together. Your gifts are almost too beautiful to open!!

  14. Gosh, your work is just so perfect. :)

    xoxo Noel

  15. Dear Santa. Please let it be for me!! It's my favorite color!

    Dream on little girl!!! (That's me....a woman of 63)

    Just LOVE it!


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