Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mix Those Colours

One blogger sent her other blogger friend a lovely little birthday surprise. Nice for me that I can do a bit of blogger research and "gather" the personality of the recipient before I wrap. I could see this artist blogger loved colour so the brighter the better. This is the photo that I send to the gifter so she can share in the fun of her long-distance gift and it got me thinking of something to think about the next time you wrap. Not every little gift has to match. In fact, the more you mix it up with paper patterns and ribbon, the more fun the presentation. I have four blue ribbons (turquoise, royal, and checks) and three different green ribbons (chartreuse, kelly, and forest green). I've used two different gift wrap papers that you wouldn't put side-by-side and think they match, but it distinquishes each gift. Even if you do use the same gift wrap paper, consider changing the ribbons around so that each gift has it's own presentation personality. Just makes it more fun to open.

A gorgeous soap gets ribbon-wrapped in two colours of hand-dyed silk.

I have come to love this Blue Bird gift wrap paper the more I work with it. That is often the case, like many things it just takes time to reveal it's better nature. This soft green background can handle any colour direction of ribbon and as I write this I see another colour I want to try..........right now. This is one of the Wrap Room papers you'll be able to buy. You'll have lovely ribbon choices and embellishments too. Like little bird nests.

I found a little teal bird all dressed up in velvet last weekend when I was cleaning my storage room and it chirped to my attention today. I had intended on trying a brown ribbon but it looked a bit dull to tell you the truth, so teal it became along with a teal sheer ribbon working as it's nest. I think this bird is a little overdressed for the paper, but this type of experimenting tells me that the embellishment will work, it just needs to dress down a bit...... perhaps a little brown bird sitting in a nest? Yes, that's it.

This lovely gift wrap paper image is also available as a File Folder Set and a Notebook.
Such a pretty pattern to make desk chores more uplifting.

All photos by Sande Chase ~ Oooh la la Cadeau


  1. what a lovely package ... I would just LOVE getting one like that ... actually I won't dare opening it :)

    I really love the bird pattern.

  2. i adore birds in decor...(i have a ton i use on my xmas tree)...using them in wrapping is a wonderful idea...your gift is beautiful.. so well coordinated, but not too matchy-matchy. the sheer ribbon you chose for the "nest" was absolutely perfect! love it!!

  3. Being the sender I couldn't be happier with how wonderful Sande made it.

    Thank you Sande it is truly beautiful and I know that my dear friend was over the moon.

    Love Renee xoxoxo

  4. Sande,
    You are amazing with color! I need you over to my house and play... I have no color going on.. I don't know how to do it! Great color combo's you chose as always!

  5. Sande,
    Your beautiful posts make everyday seem like Christmas!
    I love the birds and the color combinations.

  6. This is one of my faves-just lovely. I do have the bird file folders. I love pretty desk things.

  7. Oh Sande!!!! I am captivated! :) This is amazingly beautiful. How can one person have soooo much talent!?! You are fabulous. I am enraptured by that little bird. His color, his feathers, his coquettish little stance! He's gorgeous. I am a huge fan of birds and feathers (although I don't know if I would ever own one)and this takes the cake!!! Thanks for sharing! That's a lucky one to recieve this package!

  8. Sande,
    You are an artist in your ability to play with colour and texture! Your gifts are almost too pretty to open.

  9. The first photo gives me the same feeling I get when I look at a beautiful boquet of flowers! So lovely!!!!

  10. Hi Sande!

    Wow, such beauty in all these hand-dyed silk ribbons. Oooo...I love them, ALL!!! You must have so much fun mixing and matching everything.

    ~Miss Kris~

  11. Oh wow!Just gorgeous!Love the bluebird paper!

  12. I love the color combinations and how voluptuous the bows are. Who wouldn't want to get a present wrapped like that? Your packages say "you are special".

  13. BEAUTIFUL wrap... love all the colour in your oooooh la la cadeau!!!
    Bon week-end!

  14. Mmmmmm those are pretty! You are an artist!

  15. Love the gift wrap & the birds nest is devine, I could do with some of those, would love to know where they were purchased?
    Happy wrapping!!

  16. Oh how pretty! If it were sent to me, I would say ooh la la!

  17. oh I ADORE the little bird with the bird paper (and bird themed gift). So cute.

  18. LOVING these colours together and big satin bows... sigh. Lush.

  19. I love the mix of colors, Sande. Very festive.

  20. Love all those color ways, and I own this notebook! Very pretty in person.

  21. I love the bird on top of that bird wrapping paper... so clever and sweet. :)

    xox Noel

  22. In my opinion, birds are always a sign of good news and wrapping up your gift with this paper will always double positive emotions, associated with expecting the thing you want.

  23. I see you got a lot of experience in all these decoration colors and pictures. Are there any courses on decoration and colour matching?


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