Monday, June 8, 2009

Cheating on Glam Monday

This is so not me.

Instead of working on a Glam Monday post, I am walking a golf course in King City outside of Toronto where my husband is representing our local golf course in a tournament. Both my husband and son are exceptional golfers and athletes, our son played professional golf for a few years until he decided it was a exceptionally lonely life and he is an exceptionally social person. I often tell my husband he should have married an athletic woman, I am hopelessly uncoordinated and is has come to pass that people even apologize when talking about sports around me. Sad to say, but it is that physically obvious that I cannot partake of any sports activity or conversation (except cycling, but that was very late in life). But it could be that for a sport-lovin guy I would be the perfect wife. I am really, really good at keeping myself busy with all sorts of creative pursuits. This means I never even notice that he has watched golf/hockey/football/ for hours on end. Clever guy .......I think he knew this from the get-go.

While I am walking the course on what is supposed to be Glam Monday, I thought I should at least leave you some pretty things to look at for the beginning of the week. Hey, one thing I do know is that you can't wear kitten heels on the course, give me some credit! If you go over to House Beautiful, there is a little series {photos and video}about using everyday containers for this year's bounty of fresh-cut flowers by HB floral designer Robert Rufino. I actually have a container just like the trumpet shaped tole vase above but not these gorgeous Sweet Peas which I will surely plant this week. It's just a seasonal reminder to look around and use what is available. Point well taken. No Sweet Peas, but I do have pink and white Peonies blooming all over the place right now. Every year I forget to buy peony cages so they are abundantly leaning to the ground once again. Rufino recommends putting these extravagant bloom in a smaller mug. All those colours and pattern do enhance the vivid pink much better than a clear vase. I don't have a Coronation Mug (even though we do have a Queen) as I always thought they were tourist-tacky. Guess I was wrong again.

Rufino uses only four Hydrangeas in this footed bowl. He recommends you place three stems standing straight (in different stem lengths), then the fourth stem on an angle for height and dimension. I think he is making it sound easier then it is, but I am willing to try his method and see if mine will look like this.

Here is a simpler Coronation mug with softly-tinted Bridal Blush roses.
Gorgeous sitting on a desk.

I have a friend who is mad for Magnolias and their sweet fragrance. She does exactly this, floats the delicate beauties in a clear bath. Nothing more is needed.

Top photo from Vogue Archives/remaining photos from House Beautiful.


  1. Good Morning Sande,
    Have a great time on the golf course! I love this post, peonies have always been my favorite. Glamorous as always! Have a great week!

  2. Have fun-beautiful flower arrangements. I would be wearing stilettos in the club house though! ;)

  3. What a shame the weather isn't a little warmer and sunnier for your walk!
    Thanks for the lovely floral images. I adore flowers, especially peonies.

  4. Sande,
    I hope you're having fun at the gold course! I used to be a very atheletic person in highschool. It's funny how a person's tastes and goals change as she reaches different stages in her life. Now, I could care less about any playing sports (except for playing raquet ball or riding my bike) or watching them on TV. I would rather scrapbook, redecorate the house, or read a book. And sports's best for me to remain quiet so that I don't make a fool out of myself!!
    Lovely flower arrangements today. I especially like the hydrangeas in the footed vase.

  5. All the arrangements are beautiful, but I'd say my favorites are the pink roses. Does it get any better than that?

  6. For a non glam Monday this is a very glam post. I love the idea of you walking around the golf course without a golf club or golf ball by your side, Sande - you are just my kind of girl. As for the flowers, you had me at the sweet peas and I will forever return because of the hydrangeas. Happy days...xv

  7. Thank you for the array of Monday morning flowers to enjoy! Always something perfectly gorgeous to take in when visiting your site!
    Happy Monday!

  8. I own a coronation cup, and it never occurred to me to put flowers in it. I need to get it out of the pantry cabinet!

  9. Thanks for the hydrangea tip. I'll give that one a try. Good luck to the golfer!

  10. Sande,
    I love those blush roses in the mug! I am with you and the sports... I am the one dazing on the golf course looking at dragonflies and getting excited~ I love the smell of the grass too... I always look for the creativity whether it is in nature or in a stadium, i look at the old flags and what people are wearing. Those husbands love us because we are opposite:)

  11. My high school art teacher said it is good that we realize our own gifts-
    our own strengths and focus on the positive and not try to compete like an athlete. Gorgeous arrangements and your men must love coming home!

  12. Sande thanks for remembering us and having something pretty for us to look at.

    By the way, my other friends birthday is not until July.

    Love Renee xoxo

  13. The flowers in the cornoation mug - Oh My. Completely love at first sight!


  14. Sande,
    I completely understand the 'no athletic/sports inclination' - I cannot watch them or play them! In my girlish opinion, your talents far exceed most athletic abilities!
    Love the floral ideas - my favorite being the Hydrangeas in the footed bowl.
    Lovely week to you,

  15. I loved that layout of flowers and am in the middle of planting peonies because of those pics. HB has gotten so much better than it used to be. I love it! BTW I'm the most unathletic person I know. I hate sports! I know how you feel.

  16. Lovely pics! I'm not a golfer, but golf courses are such beautiful places. I think it would be wonderful just walking a golf course. Hope you have a great time.

  17. Thank you for this beautiful post. I have recently found your blog site and sad to say I'm addicted. What's a cage for peonies? Clever husband and I should think clever you for having a husband that loves watching sports which gives you the time to spend on your passion (and feeding my addiction). Again, what a beautiful site. Do you send gifts to Australia?


  18. lovely flower pictures Sande it makes me want to have them all, I love hydrangeas, they are not around at the moment in North Queensland but when they are I will deffinetly be getting some. Hope the golf tournament was enjoyable! :)

  19. Oh my Goodness - just happened aross your blog while in search of vintag wedding toppers. Now I have added you to my favorites. You have wonderful style my dear. I am going to enjoy your blog every morning.

  20. Well since your adeptness at sports is equal to mine I give you a brava!!! for participating. I have walked many a course to watch Tiger, Rocco, etc to spend time with my parents & was bored to death...again BRAVA!!!
    I have the Tiffany bowl he uses with the hydrangeas & it did work...but worse comes to worse an "in a pinch" trick I had to use when I forgot the floral tape...take scotch tape& place 2 strips across from either direction. They'll gain their balance & over the abundance of the one sees it.

  21. Just came in from the garden..whew! the humidity has arrived...I would love to find myself floating in a clear bath with those magnolias right about now.
    Your husband is a lucky man and you are so special.

  22. Sande those flowers are breathtakign and so beautiful. I am there with you... I think I have a clever guy as well. He LOVES golf, hockey, football.. you name it. The sports are always in the background of my creative life and we are perfectly content. You put a new thought in my mind.. haha.. love your story.

    xoxo Noel


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