Monday, June 15, 2009

I Miss You Already

It's a week of meetings, calls, photo shoots and website design. Less talking (blogging) and more action that is. It's crunch time for the next few weeks as my Oooh la la Cadeau gift website changes to it's new name and look so you may see and hear a little bit less of me but I didn't want you to think I had forgot all about you. And I certainly don't want you to forget about me! I won't be posting my regular 5 days a week, in fact you might not even notice. But I will! I love my blogging friends and followers and you know how easy it is to pick blogging over any kind of other work, which is exactly what I have been doing. Just for a couple weeks, my posts will be on a random schedule as we get the new Wrap Room section up and running and change the website name to A Gift Wrapped I am re-gifting the whole website and you know how I like a re-gifting challenge. Back to work......we'll have lots to talk about when I get back. In the meantime, if you do miss me even a bit, spend some time going through my older posts, there's lots of fun stuff you may have missed. Random comments over the next few weeks ( if you think of it) would be really, really helpful!

Photo from House & Garden. Feb. 1950 photographer Herbert Matter.


  1. I do miss you already today too! I'v been wondering all day... Where is Sande? I will survive. I can't believe how dependent I have become. AND I can't wait to see what you are up to behind closed doors~ Can I do anything to help you?

  2. Sande-I miss you already, but will be excited to see your changes.

  3. I love your blog! I will look forward to your post!

  4. I can't wait to unwrap the new site & see whats hiding 'neath all the lovely layers!!!!

  5. Wish you were here....but I cannot wait to see what you have in store!
    I need to take a blog time out too, and get some work done....
    Good luck to you with everything.

  6. We'll miss your posts! Good LUCK with everything though- I know with your taste, the results will be stupendous. Can't wait to see them.
    To wit: the picture for this post - lovely!

  7. Hi Sande good luck with everythig carnt wait to see the new changes!
    Elaine ;)

  8. Sande! I miss you already!!! I sat down to read Glam Monday but instead I see this fantastic news! You sound super busy but I can't wait to see your new re~gifted site! I love the name change, I always thought it was such a clever name for the blog and more people will probably be able to find you! :) I am very excited to see what artistry and inspiration you bring. Let me know if there is anything you need, anything at all.
    Good luck and I'll miss you!

  9. Can't wait to see your new site Sande - see you when you are ready, xv.

  10. You are so dedicated!!! I'm so impressed with your comment "posting my regular 5 days a week" - I'm lucky if I get my random 2 times a week! You ROCK! You'll be missed in your absense, but do know we won't forget you!

  11. Sande,
    I have been wondering when your gift wrap section would be added to your online store! I cannot wait to see all of the goodies you have in store for us. And your new website sounds exciting! I hope you get everything just the way you want it!

  12. How exciting Sande!! Good luck on the redesign. I'm sure it will be beautiful as is everything you do. I will look forward to seeing what your new website will offer.
    I too feel the draw to sit in front of the computer blogging and checking in with my blogging friends. I'm trying to get myself on a stricter schedule so I actually get some work done, especially since I have all that beautiful fabric to take inspiration from.

  13. Here's wishing you every success on your new venture! Blessings!

  14. Oh Sande, I'm so excited for this new unveiling! The new website name is a perfect change, and I just know the new website will be phenomenal since it has you behind every scene! Enjoy your brief repreive, and we will all be patiently waiting for your return.


  15. I'll miss you too, but I wanted to let you know that you have been awarded the ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD!! I miss you already too, but wanted to let you know that you have been awarded the "One Lovely Blog Award"!

    You can go to to view the award and the details. You may not be able to pass it along until your project is completed, but that it o.k. as long as you keep it going! Congrats on your Lovely blog!! Heidi

  16. I just discovered your website from Delightful Blogs & I am so... "delighted" to say the least.

    I'm off to read some of your old posts as you suggested.

    Best of Luck in your endeavors!


  17. Good luck with everything, Sande. Here's hoping all goes well! Will miss your photos! Gives us something to look forward to.

  18. Gift wrapping is an art and you are truly gifted! ;o) I love it when the presentation is part of the gift itself. Happy to have found your blog and look forward to following you!

  19. Best wishes, Sande. Hope you get lots of work done. We'll still be here when you return!

  20. How exiting -- looking forward to your new site!

  21. Hi Sande,

    I DO notice when you don't post! You know I'm a fan of colors and of what you come up with. I can't hardly wait to see your new website and hope it comes together as you wish. I know it's a ton of work.. to market yourself, create, and stay fresh. I love oh la la but "A Gift Wrapped Life" makes perfect sense though!! I can't wait to see what your doing!!

    xoxo Noel

  22. we will be here and waiting happily when you return!!

  23. We hear you! I've been struggling with the same thing. Blogging is such a great diversion! Even a hello is great and we'll be here when you get back. Can't wait to see the new Wrap Room and ps you didn’t miss the giveaway, i have enough for everyone! just email me your address, for some reason it's bouncing back. xoc

  24. How are you doing?
    still missing you~~


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