Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Birk's Box Re-Gift

You know how my wrapping inspiration goes by now........I love this room by designer Alison Caccoma who's gorgeous work I found one day browsing the House Beautiful website. I wanted to capture the sumptuous feel of that velvet pillow and colour scheme. For Canadians, the blue store box shown below is our version of a Tiffany box, or was, we do have Tiffany here in Canada now too. It's not the exact blue, a tad less lively but the same message......something lovely inside. A friend gave me a gorgeous sterling double photo frame for photos of my two "boys" and I thought I should try a re-gift on our Canadian blue box.

The silver Birks box logo is quite small so a 2" wide double face satin taped to the lid underside covers it nicely. I layered it with a turquoise grosgrain ribbon just to give this monochromatic colour scheme a bit of dimension. If a store box has a extended lid as seen here, it can be awkward wrapping in gift wrap paper. You just aren't going to get nice crisp corners, best to bypass the paper and just work with the box colour. If the box is a good colour, you don't always need gift wrap too. PS. I don't know why lately I am getting this peach tint on my photo background, but working on upgrading my skills. It's on the list.

There is actually two layers of thin velvet ribbon at the bow. Because velvet ribbon is one-sided, it sometimes needs a bit more to better show it's colour and texture. There is one bottom bow, then a length knotted over the bow to give it some extra presence. This re-gift shows a very simple gift wrap technique that even the ribbon-impaired (not that there is anything wrong with that!) can do. It's also a nice way to use any lengths of satin that might not be long enough to wrap a whole box.

I order ribbon spools in 50 or 100 yards rolls as I go through it quite quickly. Right now I am working on selecting and coordinating my gift wrap papers and coordinating ribbon to be available in the new Wrap room section of my website along with a collection of my embellishments. Though I use 100 yards rolls, I am going to offer the ribbon spools in smaller spools (10 yards) so you can build up a nice gift wrap signature look of your own. I am also going to be running custom gift wrap papers with a distinct designer look. I think some of them will surprise you!
One more try............just wanted to see what happened if I added a pattern in the way of a small
turquoise taffeta check beside the velvet.

Top photo from House Beautiful/Middle and Bottom photo by Sande Chase ~ Oooh la la Cadeau


  1. I adore how you are so beautifully inspired by that room. Gorgeous!!

  2. Love that colour blue Sande, xv.

  3. Are you sure we were not torn apart at birth...I have always had a thing for lovely wrappings, ribbons and incredible color in my life!

  4. That texture and those colors go so well together. Clever YOU!! :)

  5. The blue velvet ribbon is such a gorgeous color-I love this.

  6. Sande,
    Love this teal velvet! Your post reminds me of our deep blue sea~~
    You always have refreshing ideas!

  7. Sande,
    I love this color of blue - maybe because it matches my daughter's eyes!

    I'll anxiously await the ribbon room so I can dive in and choose some favorites!


  8. Sande,
    Thank you for the gift wrapping tips today.The extra length of ribbon tied to a bow is such an easy idea that I have never even tried!!
    And thanks for the advice on covering a box that has a larger lid. Your explanation was very easy to follow and you have a well of beautiful gift wrap ideas. I am anticipating the reveal of your paper,ribbon, and embellishments- I KNOW that they will be breath taking! Hope your day is a happy one!

  9. I love that simple blue on blue - there's just something about blue velvet.

  10. I just found your blog for the first time, and I am absolutely enthralled! What a gift you have! I have only been following blogs [didn't even know what they were] for about a month now, and am finding it addictive! I have bookmarked yours!

  11. Sande,
    I've got stacks of pretty boxes that I've never been able to throw away. You've inspired me to do something beautiful with them. Thanks so much.

  12. Boxes, ribbons & blue...what could better!!!!

  13. Sande,
    Being a fellow Canadian, I especially love this gorgeous post. We passed Birks every weekend going to the theatres on Granville Street. How wonderful to have that box celebrated. You did such an amazing job.

  14. What a lovely colour blue love the velvet bows classy!!!

  15. That blue box is gorgeous, Sande! Love what you did with it. That must be quite a store!


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